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[Half-assed filtered to Jade, when your character is a remotely smart cookie, this is hackable.]

Dearest Twin,

According to the world of online I should meet you in person and hand you flowers, still I think I am not going to take its advice. Yet, I do think I am able to provide you with flowers through the engine of search called google. Here are some roses, they do represent the question I want to ask you.

We should go on this thing called a date. It is what Midgardians do to express their feelings for eachother.

I am currently full of these feelings.

I shall provide candle light dinners and movies and such.



PS: I even wrote this message in the appropriate color that fancies you.

[Loki is just a bit affected by the event. But he's strong enough to fight further urges.

And to everyone:]

Why did this wretched house turn into a pimp's dwelling?
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[ She had walked into the fog completely by accident. There was a feeling of terror at first. The last time Wonderland had mysterious fog it didn't end too well. Jade is relieved after noticing she isn't a stone statue or anything like that. Maybe the fog didn't do anything other than make it hard to see? A short-lived notion. Things started getting strange after a while.

She started to hear and see things. Gurgled messages, off-tune singing, whispers, and what seemed like something sliding around. It was always off in the distance. Always at the corner of her eye. She knew what it was. That didn't mean she wanted to acknowledge it. On the list of things Jade would want to deal with, Horrorterrors were at the bottom.

It wasn't until something slimy touched the back of her leg that Jade ran off into whatever hallways. Nope, definitely not dealing with this. ]

i hate this!!!
why is this happening?

[ This is hella spooky. ]


Aug. 9th, 2012 12:28 pm
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[This is...technically half-assesly filtered to Jade and Jake, like he doesn't care but felt like he should make a cursorily effort at making Jake's humiliation not-public.]

Jade. You there?
I thought I should let you know that despite what your paradox grandson-slash-grandfather might claim,
He asked for his daily asskicking.
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[Magic baby clones? Murder? The Once-ler's only kind of vaguely been paying attention to any of that. Because a couple of weeks ago, he struck a deal with the vendors and returned to his room with about 47 Truffula tufts, an itchy forehead, and no memories of being in Kindergarden. But hey, whatever! They practically gave him the materials, so who cares? And now, he is on-screen to present his glorious invention. He doesn't have much space, so the Truffula tufts are piled up behind him against the wall.]

My fellow Wonderlandians, I am about to show you something that's going to rock all of your worlds at the same time. I present to you...The Thneed!

[He holds up a yellow one, so everyone can see the design of it, but he's also wearing a pink one as a scarf. For the unfamiliar, it looks a lot like a sweater with four arm holes, two of which are sewn together in a loop.]

You might be thinking "Ew, what the heck is that thing?" or "Oh, that's just a stupid scarf!"! But oh, my friends, it is so much more than that. It's a mop! It's a trampoline! It's a cloth that keeps your face clean! It's a slingshot and a jump rope and a stylish bag - it's everything you wish you had!

[The Once-ler is good at this when he gets on a roll. While he's doing his routine though, he doesn't notice a long green arm reach through his mirror and snatch one of the Truffula tufts right off the pile! Unsurprisingly, since he's been so distracted, this has been going on for a while.]

It's easily the single most useful item you could ever have in Wonderland, and it can be yours today! Now, normally it's just $3.98, but since the circumstances are really weird, I'm going to be much more flexible and open it up to bartering! I know a bunch of you got stuck here without money, or never had American money to begin with, so I'll take whatever you've got! Come haggle with me, and I'll make you a glorious Thneed that will not disappoint.

They come in red, purple, yellow, orange, and pink, and I am open for business from now until forever! And, exclusively to Wonderland, I have plaid models - [He gestures to the Red plaid, and Purple/Yellow plaid that Alex drunkenly preordered.] - and I'm experimenting with specialty colors - [He gestures in the opposite direction to Jade's which It's hanging out to dry, but all the blue dye appears to be dripping right out of it. He turns the camera away from that disaster.] Uh, those aren't ready for sale yet.

So! Any takers?
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Oh drat hold on while i fix this eye sore.
Here we are. A much more suitable color for my fancy i should say.
So on with the questions. I see this isnt exactly where i left off and i feel like there must be some sort of reason i was dragged so far from my home.
Would anyone care to give a new fella like myself the whole rundown of things?
Once ive figured out that much id be more than happy to save your princess or do away with your villains! I cant very well start my adventure until im educated in the ways of your people either.
Just give me my quest and im your man!

((And for the action, he's currently meandering around the gardens, carrying around his skulltop and checking things out.))
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[Enter Equius, trying very hard not to look distraught. Seeing as he's recovering from the realization that he just died and is somehow still around, he's not succeeding very well. His brow is furrowed slightly, a thin layer of sweat glistens on his forehead, and there's very evident confusion in his eyes. One thing's for sure: he's not happy.]

What is the meaning of this? I demand to know who. What. Is the cause of this impropriety.

[His hand rises to his neck, where he can recall being strangled not an hour before. If this is an afterlife, it's not any one he's ever heard of.]

I require answers. If anyone can provide them do so. I would be... [A pause, then a scowl.]

Do so immediately.
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[ There's a young boy that appears on the screen, looking very perplexed. Also he seems to be holding the device the wrong way as his face is quite upside down. He's also mumbling something about uselessly complex Midgardian gadgets under his breath. His lips twist down into an adorable pout and the view is momentarily obscured as he obviously pokes the camera a few times. ]

I'm... not sure if this is on...?

[ His brow furrows as he stares at it in utter bafflement before his eyes widen in surprise as he seems to realizes something. The screen blurs for a moment and he appears right-side up when it clears again. It was no small miracle that someone as technology inept as he even managed to notice he had it upside down.  He honestly would have preferred not using this... thingamabob at all.  But the fact that he had found it after finding himself here led him to believe that using it would probably be the best way to ascertain were in the nine realms he actually WAS. ]

Sorry, I have... a profound distaste for devices like these. Is there anyone out there who can let me know where I am so I can turn this off before it gives me a headache?

[ Because he honestly hadn't the foggiest idea of how he managed to get himself here.  He knew in this child's form that his magic occasionally did wonky things if he attempted something too advanced... but all he'd been doing minutes ago was a simple summoning spell.  However after the puff! of magic cleared he discovered that instead of a low level magical beast appearing before him... he had simply appeared somewhere else instead.  He of course suspected some sort of assassination attempt, but after discovering none of the usual annoyances he suspected something else entirely must be afoot. ]


Jul. 8th, 2012 08:05 pm
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[ So after trying (and failing) to get in touch with her pals, Jane takes the time to poke around the mansion a little.  Nosing around and wishing she had her detective gear along with her. It would make this Sleuthing a lot more fun! Still, though, this place wasn't her house, and it didn't really look...well, like she expected the game to look. ]

Aww shucks,

[ She would ask something along the lines of 'Why can't I seem to connect to pesterchum, and where are my friends?' but what a silly question that would be. Instead, she settles on the more general. After all, her first order of business is figuring out where she is! ] 

this isn't what I was expecting at all! :(
Has anyone, by chance, seen a house lying around?
I don't mean this rather lavish mansion, either.
Now, I do realize this isn’t all that conventional a question, but I’m certain it should be here!
Unless, of course, something went awry right before I entered the game.
I wouldn’t be all that surprised if something had, given how the day’s been...
Still, this is a rather peculiar predicament I've found myself in, isn't it?
It seems I can't get in touch with my pals, either!

[ 'Peculiar predicament' is the understatement of the century, but still. ]  

Hoo boy, if anything, this certainly requires some serious sleuthing.
So! If you'll give me a moment here to see if I can find a fedora, I’ll get this case underway.
In the meantime, does anyone have any clues?
And on that note,
is there anyone even here?


Jun. 30th, 2012 02:57 pm
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[The Once-ler had gone outside to investigate where ever this unruly garden...thing had come from, with the intention of chopping some of it away. Can you blame him? It was coming into his room and he's on like, the tenth floor! That's just ridiculous. Cutting them away from his windows didn't work, so he went outside with an ax to put a stop to this.

But, instead he wound up having a lengthy chat with some violets. They were absolutely charming and delightful! The Once-ler never imagined nature could be so witty! But, eventually he bids them adieu, and decides to head back inside.

Except, he can't. He hadn't even noticed until he got back to the mansion, but he's tall enough now to see into the second floor windows.

What the...

[He taps the glass and WOAH WAIT HIS HANDS ARE HUGE. At least as wide across as the window itself. He shrieks and staggers back.]

Oh my god. I-I'm a giant! How did that even...what?!

[Frantic, he drops down to his knees and pushes open the door. But, even though he can fit his head through (if he tries), his shoulders are too wide. He's trying any combination he can think of - head first, feet first, arm first - but he's far too tall to enter the mansion.

But, that's not going to stop him from stupidly trying anyway.
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[ Like most days Jade went down to the gardens in the afternoon. Except today there happened to be a little more garden than usual. Which is cool because Jade is always up for more plants. Honestly, who wouldn't be? Obviously everyone will want to know about this, so she sends out a quick text. ]

all of you should come see this when you have time
there are talking flowers in the gardens!
and a lot of bugs!
i think the bugs talk too but i havent tried speaking with them yet
if this is what the mansion is doing this week then i am all aboard :D

[ And if anyone is already looking around they will see Jade enthusiastically looking over everything new. ]


Jun. 21st, 2012 07:40 pm
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[Blah blah blah, feed clicks on, blah blah blah, orange text. You know what? You know the drill, and it shall pierce the heavens. Let's skip the formalities and jump to the interesting parts.]


[How does one convey the feelings of what, followed by the fuck?]

I'm looking for a puppet. Seen him around? Dressed in purple, green eyes, wearing a hat. Goes by Lil' Cal. I was carrying him when I ended up in wherever the hell this place is.
Kinda was expecting Sburb, but hell, Smanse? I can make this work. Why the fuck not.

[Also, all of this is being typed as he's looking about, glancing at rooms (though he's not going to walk into a random bedroom, fuck, dude has some standards with the emphasis on some) and exploring the library and things of that nature, so if there's a preference for starting with something a bit more action oriented and a prompt along the lines of '...and that was when some strange blond guy walked into the room/glanced curiously towards the open door and saw you' why the hell not.]

1. [video]

Jun. 20th, 2012 12:52 pm
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[For a moment one does not see anything more then a pair of green eyes glued to the tiny screen of the palm pilot, obviously its owner is not aware of the fact he just turned on the button that gives access to a video connection. A finger finally taps against the screen.]

Ah! I see! This contraption is much like the phone of Stark I have in Asgard!

[Loki sounds overly enthusiastic about this. He likes Midgardian gadgets and its many options. Because this has to hail from Midgard…right?]

I have activated an ability to televise myself to other creatures. Is this the service of Skype perhaps?

[He's figuring out the workings of the palm pilot quite quickly, fingers pressing buttons and opening menu's. Loki wonders if he is able to connect to the Youtube as well. He mutters to himself while the device is making its connection.]

The Youtube tells me that Midgardians have a truly unusual taste in melody.
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[The camera is pointed at the top of a cauldron, brimming with a smooth, liquid gold concoction, above which a thin, sharp-looking wand circles, keeping the draught in motion without actually touching it. A wisp of steam rises from the surface, glitters in the air, and another hand enters the frame to adjust the heat quickly.]

Low heat. No simmering, no boiling.

[Anri's voice is absent, but calm, confident, as she rereads the instructions for perhaps the eightieth time from just off camera.]

Don't allow potion to congeal. Keep in motion until complete.

[There's the sound of a book closing and her wand circles a few more times before flicking upward, guiding the liquid from the cauldron into several glass bottles sitting to the side. Her motions are controlled and therefore so is the motion of the potion, never moving too fast or splashing against anything. When each of the bottles is full, she caps them tightly and sighs in relief.]

Felix Felicis. Done.

[Anri is set up in the Ravenclaw common room, leafing through a book of advanced potions.]
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[Karkat is SKIPPING CLASS! Scandalous!

He's sitting up top of a tower somewhere with a stack of books, leafing through them and grumbling obscenities to himself every so often.

This would all work out much better if his communication device weren't recording him doing so from its spot on top of his stack of books.

Meaning this is open to VIDEO or ACTION.

And also no human icons because I was too lazy to find them.]
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[Out behind the castle, half-hidden under some color-changing flowering vines and surrounded by an assortment of oddly-shaped plants, is Professor Morita's greenhouse. If you're taking Herbology, come on in; there's a large, unfinished wooden table in the center of it, set with enough chairs for everyone and ringed with rows of potted plants.]

[A word to the wise: Professor Morita will give you all the warnings you need, before you need them, but he'll only give them once. And if you're too stupid to listen...]

[Well, the only help he's going to give you will be healing whatever stupid thing you did to yourself. And quietly mocking you for the rest of your academic career, so you remember not to be a dumbass. Because he warned you, and it should've been enough.]

Lesson plans under the cut! )
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[Professor Gregson is, for the start of her classes today, anyway, mostly herself. She's a little frazzled, clearly, but that's just because T was out partying in the forest last night and, well, hopefully her students understand that that just isn't her, so...

So they'll understand if T decides to party in the middle of class, too.]

Lesson plans under here )
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[Well, Amaterasu has everything set up for her little ducklings students.

Second Years are going over to the lake for their lesson! She's already spoken to the Merfolk and gained permission to include some of them into the plan today.

As for the Third Years....]

This way, please!

[She shepherds them to a corral, where a few Hippogriffs are dotted here and there inside. Ammy turns to the students and gives them all a stern look.]

Now, Hippogriffs are proud and polite creatures. Do not insult one or they will likely rip you to shreds. Just be polite and flatter them. Make sure you bow first, and once they bow back you may approach the Hippogriff.

[Now, as for the Fourth Years...Ammy is standing in the usual spot, but she has a guest. This guest is a Sphinx. She beams happily at them.

Fifth Years are being led to a tree near her hut. At this tree is a unicorn and its foal.

Sixth Years are going to meet a centaur!

Finally, the Seventh Years are going to be getting a hands-on experience with a gryphon.

Of course, any professors with free time are welcome to take a look at what their eccentric, motherly colleague is putting into these kids' heads.]
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[It's Divination time and the classroom - if an attic room, heavy with an eclectic mix of incense smoke (cinnamon bun, buttercream and vanilla) and filled with beanbags could really be called that - is a little noisier than usual. There's a clucking sound not often associated with schoolwork. It's coming from the chickens congregated around Professor Pie.]

Isn't it the meaniest mean thing that people cut up these sweeties for their entrails, just to see if their Quidditch team is going to catch one measly little shiny ball? I mean, it is really shiny. I can see why they want it. But the chickens want stuff too. Like to not be dead.

[She claps her hands together. Yes, she has a point and she's getting to it.]

So! Let's bring Divination into a new century of fantasticness by doing a little research experiment! Everyone's going to take a chicken and a diary. You've got to monitor your chicken - watch how it moves, how loud it is - and record what happens to you at all times. Every little thing could be a pirouette forward in the science of Divination! Next week, we'll gather all the records together and look for any correlation! Remember to keep your chicken with you at all times. I'll know if you don't and you'll lose...say, twenty-seven house points per minute not spent with the chicken.

[OOC: threads for the different year groups will be below! Feel free to ask Professor Pie questions or bond with your new feathery life partner.]
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[Right, so this place was obviously not New Meridian. Peacock growls and kicks at a near-by pumpkin in irritation as she casually lights up a cigar and takes a few over exaggerated drags before flicking it onto some of the lettuce below.

Veggies suck anyway.] I'm seriously two seconds from blowin' this joint, and I don't mean exiting stage right.

[She'd tried that. Didn't work. Just ended up popping out of the forest right back where she started. She had to give this place props for the cartoon effect it had going there. Too bad her patience is growing thin. So she casually pulls a bomb from her skirt and rolls it in her hands.] Hmm...
[personal profile] forevercapslock





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[ The Queen of Hearts returning is, to say the least, very alarming! And while the mansion hasn't seen her since she defeated the Jabberwocky (which makes her even more dangerous in Jade's mind), the mirror side is probably not as lucky.

Jade, worried about the mirrorselves, is going around leaving messages on different mirrors in the mansion. ]

how are things going on your side?
is everything ok?

[ Feel free to bump into her. ]
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[The video feed turns on, showing one Noah Puckerman, who doesn't look all that different. For one thing, he's really confused and very pissed off, because it took him all of two seconds to realize that he's not in McKinley anymore. That can mean only one thing: he's been dragged back to Wonderland.]

What the hell? I thought I was done with this place for good!

[He looks around him just to be sure that he hasn't wandered off to some random part of Lima. That has happened before, but nope. He's definitely back in the mansion.

And that pisses him off, because things were pretty chill back at McKinley. Okay, things were weird, but whatever, he was used to that. Puck turns back to glare at the camera.

He's starting to remember all too clearly just why he hates this place so much.]

Well, look what we have here. I guess you guys just can't get rid of me that easily.
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[Alice is quite positive this place is just the dreariest it has ever been, and frankly she cannot take it a moment longer!]

Good morning, everyone! I'm just terribly sorry to hear about all the horrible ickiness that happened while I was away, but isn't everyone just pleased as punch that it's over now?

[She certainly is!]

So we should all just cheer on up, I think! I'm making some sweets and treats in the kitchen if anyone wants to join! [Conspiratorially:] I'll even let you lick the bowl!

[With that, she beams a smile and turns the comm off once again.]
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[This will be short and sweet. of those, anyway.]

Has anyone seen Puck since that whole... monster deal?

[She's trying to sound casual about it. She doesn't think Puck would really go off to face monsters on his own because let's be real, here--he's mostly talk. But maybe he came across it accidentally and was killed but now he's nowhere to be found, so.....]

Mohawk, bad attitude. The guy with the spray paint?

[...Okay, this is awkward, so.]


Apr. 15th, 2012 11:54 pm
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[On the screen is a tall, lanky young man peering at the screen curiously. He has a stylish hat and strapped to his back is an electric guitar.]

Huh. This thing’s kind of neat. Like some kind of video phone?

[Yeah, that sounds about right. So he steps back, coughs, and introduces himself.]

Right. Okay. So, uh. Hi. I’m the Once-ler. [He waves!] And while this place is pretty amazing looking, I really need to get back to Greenville. I’m kind of an important guy there now, so...

[Hm. This is kind of boring. So he flips the guitar in front of him and he strums it, hums a few notes to make up a tune, and-]

I’ve reallyreallyreally gotta get back to Greenville please
Back to that valley with that lovely breeze
And all of those beautiful Truffula tree-heeees!

[And he gives himself a pretty nice little guitar solo. Not bad, for an unplugged electric guitar!]

Anyway, any help getting home would be great. Thanks!

[He waves again, and shuts off his journal.]
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[Kyle has the pale, hollow look of someone who's been holed up in their room for the past few days. He's also got the girly looks and hair of a girl. Because now he is one.]

Oh, my God. I want - no, I need - to offer my most sincere apologies to anyone who encountered me a few days back. I was being a complete and utter ass because I truly believed I was the world's absolute biggest ass. Figuratively and literally. I would never, ever normally act like that and...yeah, believe me, you'll never really know how much I hate that I behaved like that and that said ass-hole exists in my world.

I would especially like to apologise to the woman who, quite understandably, threatened to kill me for acting like such a douche. I totally admire your tough stance and if the guy who I thought I was turns up, I really, really hope you carry out your threat. Trust me, he deserves it.

[He fidgets awkwardly.]

Sorry that this apology is late, too. I got kind of distracted with...things. Including being turned into a girl.
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[The comm clatters to the floor, giving everyone a good look of taloned, crow-like feet, but more suited to a human's body. There's indistinct muttering as more talons close around the device, and when they're out of the way...well, it's surprisingly Dave. But instead of his usual cleaner look, he's much more unkempt and without his usual Ben Stiller sunglasses. Also, his face is a little more bird-like. Enjoy seeing his red eyes all the time!

Another huge difference is also the black crow wings that are attached to his back.

Yes, please welcome Runawaystuck AU Dave!]

Can't they make these easier to handle for people with fuckin' claws and shit? [He snorted.] Nah, that'd be too nice of 'em.

Anyway, it's been almost two weeks of back-to-back bullshit, and now the smell of death is comin' from the mirror-side, which is pretty balled up from where I'm standin'. What is this, the end of the world, Wonderland style? Might've just jinxed us with that one. Oh, well.

[He's kind of feeling awkward after the whole...Shadow Dave thing.]

So, any of you older "veterans" know what the hell's goin' on? Or are we all just poor little bunnies in this?
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[There is a Shadow Dave on the loose after his mirror crossed over to the real and got affected by the bullshit mansion event stuff. He' a mood. He wants some fun, and that means tormenting everyone with what Dave/Mirror Dave really thinks of them deep inside.]

well hello real side.
looks like the mirrors have been having fun with recent events.
probably a good thing in the long run considering whats going on with the rabbit and the monster hiding in the dark over there.
but hey! what can you do?

but thats not the point of this.
the point is actually coming up right now in the form of making a few specific shout outs to certain people.
well start with whatever comes to my mind first! that sounds like much more fun than doing it in any sort of list with some sort of "order" to it.

Cut for length )

i hope i made a good enough impression on those who dont know me.
dave strider, resident douchebag of a loser, at your fucking service!
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[There is a young man with a ridiculous haircut looking angrily around him. He hasn't noticed the camera yet because he's from the eighties and cameras can't possibly be that small.]

So what the hell is this supposed to be? Another game? Do you really think you can make me believe in you by turning me into a ghost? There's no such thing as ghosts. It's just another trick.

[He tries to punch the wall, but his hand just goes through it. He shakes his head, clicking his tongue in frustration.]

Beatrice? Are you even listening?


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