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[Jo isn't exactly in full wedding planning mode yet, and truth be told, this kind of thing isn't really her strong suit-- as far as she knows, they're kind of winging it at the moment, but Castiel's recent departure has brought an important detail to her attention. She hadn't thought of it at first, she'd been too busy mourning the loss of a friend, but now? Now it occurs to her that the friend she'd meant to ask to officiate was no longer available to do so.


So, quick question, Wonderland. Just throwing this out there. Anyone here who's able or interested in officiating a wedding?
My top pick isn't in town any longer, but I'm open to talking to anyone interested in the position.
We've got some time, but I'd like to find someone sooner rather than later.

Private to Cami O'Connell )
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[ Private video message to Jo Harvelle, Simon Lauchlan, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Adam Milligan ]

[ Ellen's sitting at her kitchen table, a cup of coffee steaming in front of her. There are dark rings under her eyes and she looks more than a little tired, but otherwise she looks determined, her chin tilted up slightly as she speaks. ]

Listen, I know the last couple of weeks have been hell. As much as this place likes to screw with our heads, we're just lucky we haven't killed each other yet.

[ She wishes she was being less literal. The things she's said, the things she's done over the last couple of weeks are going to haunt her for a while. Everyone keeps telling her that's the way things go here, but she's not ready to accept that. She sighs, twisting her mouth slightly. ]

It's time to put all of that under the bridge. Whatever went on before. Whatever happened. It's time to put it to rest.

Look, we're family here. Maybe we don't always like one another, but we're connected in ways that are never going to go away. We need each other here maybe more than we did back home. We may not be able to control everything all the time, but we can sure as hell try to mend as much as we can when we're in our right minds so we can be ready for the next shit storm.

[ She tightens her jaw, cocking an eyebrow and silently challenging anyone to tell her differently.]

My place. Tomorrow. 7 o'clock. Dinner. Be there.
Bring your own alcohol. I'll take care of the rest.

[ OOC: There's a dinner thread below for anyone that wants to come for food or forgiveness or anything in between. This is either a great idea or a terrible one. ]
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[ it's been a long time, months and months, since sansa had addressed wonderland. many moon cycles came and gone and people has well. today finds her in silks the color of the bluest skies and her hair in an elaborated braid that might remind some of a departed queen whose hair was silver. ]

Good people of Wonderland, I hope today finds you well.

[ formal and perhaps distanced, too. sansa had kept to her chambers for days on end, had not traded words with anyone. the stings were perhaps a bit too much. she had given herself some time to collect herself again and when the need came.

well, there she is. ]

Many people came and gone from this Wonderland of ours and I am missing a companion of my own. A direwolf named Lyanne I have sent to search for some friends that I have found - have departed from among us and were sent free.

[ her voice doesn't quiver, she tidies her gown and speaks again ]

She is highly likely still searching yet I must request that if you happen upon her, you shall tell her to find me. She is a direwolf of the north, larger than a wolf and smaller than a bear, her eyes are golden and her coat is that of grey for.

[ a beat and ]

And I am Lady Sansa of House Stark.
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[Jo is in the bar when the video feed goes live; from what can be glimpsed over her shoulder, the place looks relatively normal-- maybe a little brighter than normal, but what really stands out is the long, long line of empty shot glasses lined up on the bar itself and an assortment of roughly two dozen bottles that have all been pulled down from the top shelf, whatever top shelf in Wonderland is actually worth.]

So this is a little overdue; there hasn’t really been a good time for it thanks to holes in the sky and then zombies, and it sounds like we’re due for something else soon, but--

But! [ And here Simon appears from behind her, leaning in to peer into the camera from where he perches with his chin on her shoulder, grinning cheerfully. ] But we meant to have a party up here like, a week ago, so we’re squeezing it in now before something worse happens, because such is our luck. Awesome, I know, right? But this time we have something to celebrate, so…

[Jo swats at him a little, ducking out from beneath his chin. although she’s grinning just as broadly as he is.]

A few people already know, but we got engaged last month and still haven’t had the chance to drink to it properly! We were hoping people would decide to come by the bar tonight and help us out with that part-- there’s way too much for just the two of us.

[There’s also food, for anyone who doesn’t feel like getting smashed is the best way to celebrate.]

So she keeps telling me. [ Simon rolls his eyes at that, but his grin is still lingering and cheeky. ] Anyway, there’s plenty, and it’s an open invitation to friends and strangers alike, so anyone who feels like stopping by for a little fun and food, you can find us at the bar on the fifth floor.

(OOC: Network responses will come from both Simon and Jo, feel free to specify if you want one of them in particular! Anyone who wants to come party, there’s a designated thread for mingling below!)


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[Mikan doesn't look so well - bags under her eyes, those eyes being red and puffy from crying, and she's shaking. So why is she smiling?]

Th-that was awful, it really was... this place can be cruel sometimes. It showed me that the one thing I'm good at... even that's useless. Can you imagine? Being the absolutely best at something, above everyone else, and when the time comes to use it, it's no help at all.

But you know what...? I'm still flesh and blood and muscle and bone, so that makes me able to do things! I can deliver things! I can be used as a step-stool! I can eat your garbage! When you're not in the mood to do something, I can still do it! Y-You can still use me!

I'm still useful, right? You'll all use me, won't you?
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[ Waking up to the sight of an all-too familiar tent over his head instead of his room's ceiling is enough to spur Simon fully awake with a panic attack practically clawing its way up his throat, terrified thoughts of I'm back, I can't be back! nearly deafening him over the roar of adrenaline that instantly snaps him into the present.

The sight of Jo still stretched out beside him on the narrow army bed, pressed close and slowly waking up in response to his own abrupt jerk upwards, is both baffling and reassuring.

Not back, then. Not the end of the world. She wouldn't be here if it were.

But apparently Wonderland's trying its hand at it all the same. Shit.

After several moments to throw on his clothes and a step outside to get his bearings - and reassure himself that yup, he's really standing in the middle of Abel - Simon flips open a video feed to give the rest of the Network an idea of what they're in for. ]

Good moooorning, Wonderland.

Simon here, and if you're awake already, you've probably noticed that we're not in Kansas anymore. Or anything resembling anywhere you want to be. Yeah, me too. Sorry about that.

Welcome to Abel. If you value your lives, your brains, and your oh-so-pretty faces you'll keep yourself nice and comfy within the walls. Trust me, you really don't want to go out there unless you know what you're doing, and probably not even then. This is the Zombie Apocalypse, folks.

No, I'm not pulling your leg. Yes, I've been here before. So have Sam Yao and Doctor Maxine Myers, who I'm assuming will toss their two cents in presently. So if you have any questions or concerns, seek out one of us - Maxine will be in the clinic - that'll be over on the eastern side of the settlement - and Sam will most likely be in the Comms shack - you can't miss it, it's the tiny building that smells distinctly of marmite and looks like it has a spacecraft collection of radio towers atop it. As for me, you can find me either on the front porch of the Farmhouse to answer questions or keeping an eye on the walls, unless they need me outside for something.

Basic Zombie 101, for those of you who've never watched a horror movie - don't let them get anywhere near you. They've nearly wiped out humanity as we know it and they pass on the Grey Plague from either blood or saliva. Some of them are damned fast and nothing stops them from coming at you unless you destroy the brain or sever its connection to the spinal cord. Blunt trauma works best, so does a bullet, but those are extremely rare these days and gunshots tend to draw the attention of even more of them, so use those sparingly.

If you get bit, infected... [ He pauses, sighs and rakes a hand wearily over his face, because part of him suspects this is going to as bad if not worse than the days of the original outbreak. Some of these people have no idea what it takes to survive in a place like this. ] Don't get bit. There's no known cure. If the infection takes hold - and it almost always certainly will - you have minutes or hours before it kills you. After that, your corpse will get back up and go after the nearest living person, no matter what they meant to you alive. The dead don't recognize anything but food. If you've been infected - bit, scratched, anything - you need to let someone in authority know or you need to get yourself as damned far away from the settlement as you can. Entire cities were destroyed overnight from one infected let inside and within hours that's thousands of new zoms to wash over the next town. I know the term 'mercy killing' isn't something in most people's vocabulary, and that's not a bad thing, but if it's not something you're comfortable with, you find someone who is. That's harsh, but this is Wonderland. Don't forget this is an event. It's going to be over in a few days. Do your best to stay alive and keep as many of the people alive around you as you can.

The town has rations stored up and some meds, but I don't know how much yet, that's going to be something we'll all have to figure out, because I don't know how long Wonderland's going to keep us here. And since there's only the three of us that are familiar with how things work, we're happily going to be taking volunteers to help keep things running and keep the rest of you from dying. If you're interested, seek out one of us and we'll find you something to do. Believe me, there'll be plenty and most of it won't even be gross or dangerous, I promise.

If you have any questions, come find me, or leave me word here. I'll try to keep myself visible and available to anyone that needs me, and I'm sure the others will, too. If anyone does need to venture outside the walls, check in with Sam first. He'll get you set up with headsets and weapons and be your eyes and ears out there. He's got cameras and surveillance hacked in every direction for as far as you can go in a day or so - it's his job to keep people alive, let him do it.

Stay safe, Wonderland.


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[When Carl left, it hurt, but Michonne and Rick had each other, and she had the advantage of knowing more of the future, could assure Rick that Carl was safe. She comforted Rick, took to his bed, did something she shouldn't have because she knew it'd end like this. Here, it's disappearances, at home it's death. She'd told herself after Andrea and Hershel, no more getting close to people.

But then, it's never as simple as that.

When she wakes up alone, she just knows. She can feel it, and his things are gone, save for his shirt - the one she'd tossed on in the middle of the night when she got up for a drink.

She knows he knew a few people here, mostly the same ones she did, so she sends a message, not filtering it to be sure she leaves no one out:]

Rick Grimes left. His son did too, a while ago.

[Once it's sent, she goes to the bar, sits at the very end, and orders a glass of whisky, neat. But after the first sip, she's mostly staring off into space, just thinking, not really there for the drink so much as the atmosphere.]
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[When the camera turns on the screen is dark and indiscernible with the sound of rustling as if it's operator is holding it too close to their clothing. The camera is shifted, revealing first a dark jacket and then, suddenly, Ellen's face comes into view, worn and unsure.

Her eyes are red from crying, but there's a strong bit of defiance in them as she stares the camera down.]

My name's Ellen. I'm looking for my daughter.

[She swallows, pursing her lips momentarily as the camera falls slightly, catching the woods up behind her. She squares her jaw and raises the camera to eye level again, her voice matter of fact and dangerous.]

I don't know what this place is and I don't care. I just need to find Jo. If you can help, I could use it. If you can't, stay the hell out of my way.
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[ This is probably not the time or the place for this kind of thing, but that doesn't seem to be stopping John from addressing the network. First, he holds up a drawing for the camera. ]

This is a baseball diamond—[ His face appears a moment later as he pulls away the drawing. ] —used to play baseball, which is a game for those that might not know. If it's not familiar, that's okay — I can teach you — but if it is familiar, I'd like to know that, too.

We're talkin' a ball, a bat, a big field, some players — two teams of nine's standard, but you could make due with five an' five — and an afternoon to play. That's all. [ He almost sounds like he's — hehe — making a pitch by the way it rolls off his tongue. John smiles, tipping his head a little. ] And some rules, of course.

[ He brings the picture back up as he continues his explanation, his voice hurried in such a way that he's certain to confuse anyone trying to follow along at home. ]

The goal is to hit the ball with the bat so it goes between these foul lines and then to make your way 'round this diamond, crossin' one of each of these "bases" — first, second, third, in that order, but not necessarily all at once — 'til you get to the last one, called home plate. Crossing home plate earns you a point.The team with the most points wins.

[ John's face appears again as the drawing disappears off-screen once more. ]

Simple, right?

So, if you're interested in playin' a game or two — even just watchin' one to take your mind offa things for a bit — lemme know.

Or, if you wanna toss the ball 'round for a bit, come out front. That's where I'll be 'til it gets too dark.

[[ OOC: Since we're probably not going to actually play out any baseball games, there's a sign up area in the comments if your character wants to be involved. You are absolutely welcome to sign up characters without tagging into this post — there is no obligation to thread here in order to be involved.  If I get enough characters signed up, then I'll do a mock game with a random outcome and post the results here, probably in the OOC community! ]]


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[ Bruce comes on the screen with the lab behind him. He looks like he's been working there for a while and only sort of managed to clean himself up afterwards. ]

Hi. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dr. Bruce Banner. I have a few, uh, science inquiries I wanted to bring to the greater population of Wonderland.

First, I have a personal safety project and I would consider it a personal favor if anyone with a background in science or engineering would be willing to talk with me and maybe lend me some of their time and knowledge.

More broadly, I'm really interested in trying to understand the science behind what a lot of us recognize as magic. If anyone who has magical knowledge or abilities would be interested in helping me out, all I want to do is ask some questions and maybe take a few readings while magic is performed or functioning or whatever you want to call it. If labs make you uncomfortable, we can do it somewhere else. Otherwise, please feel free to drop by the lab in the basement. I usually leave the door open unless I'm working with something sensitive.

[ He pulls a face, tight and a little irritated. ]

And on a personal note, if you knew me before I left Wonderland and came back without any memories of it, feel free to let me know... I don't now... Nowish. I'd love to just get the rest of that out of the way. Thanks.

[ OOC: The personal project is finding a safety measure for Hulk, in case anyone would like to get involved with that. We can handwave a conversation about that if you'd prefer. Just get in touch with me. ]

005 | video

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[ The feed opens with James looking a little different than usual. His usual mess of long hair has been trimmed short and neat, combed into place in a familiar style. For once, he's even clean-shaven. He doesn't look exactly the way some people might remember. Too much has changed for that. Most obviously, the metal of his left arm is visible just below the sleeve of the t-shirt that he wears. It's a constant reminder of who and what he is now, but there's a reason he isn't covering it up.

At the moment, he's all business. He leans his weight back in the chair and scrubs a hand over his face; this being in front of a camera and talking to a crowd stuff still feels ridiculous. There are about ten different alarms going off at the back of his mind telling him that he needs to hide his location, his face, his intentions better than this. He really isn't cut out for this kind of thing. He doesn't know how Steve does it. ]

In light of the last couple of events, I've got a couple of... Requests. I'd like to trade notes with anyone who's working on an index of threats we've faced, or might face from different worlds, and how to fight them. With the closets acting up like this on top of everything else, we're playing a risky game scrambling to meet things as they come. I realize memorizing an index isn't really a viable option for most people so... I had another idea.

[ He takes a breath. He probably hasn't said this many words in a row since he got back here. ]

A few weeks ago, Captain America posted a list with descriptions of the Avengers, their abilities, and how to contact them. I'd like to do something similar. I'm not talking about a team, just something like... pooling our resources. I want to make a list of people who are willing and able to take civilians in, and protect them when things get tough. That could be combat, or it could be something like warding a panic room, or rationing supplies if the closets keep acting up. I don't know if anyone is working on the welcome pamphlets since Pepper went home, but knowing who to contact in case of, I dunno, zombies -- might be the kind of thing that's worth including.

[ He rubs the side of his neck. ] Anyway, that's about it.

While I'm here, if you're training with me and you're still injured from the last event, report in. Otherwise, training resumes tomorrow morning on your usual schedule. Those of you who might want to take the holiday to slack on your conditioning: don't. [ He's looking at you, Billy. ]

Oh, and just in case anyone missed it, it's Steve Rogers' birthday today. Every joke you're gonna make is about 97 years old, but feel free to make 'em anyway. He's used to it.
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[ Something’s not right in Wonderland today--if you can call being dropped into the middle of the desert not right. The video flickers to life with a strange sense of urgency. Both Charlie and Michael can be seen somewhere in the entrance hall, breathing somewhat heavy. ]

Hey. [ Charlie speaks first, glancing at Michael and then back to the screen. ] I dunno if anyone’s noticed, but we kinda have a problem. They’re, um… [ She looks to the archangel for some help, still trying to catch her breath. ]

Wonderland is under attack. The lower angels of our world are here.

[ Charlie elbows him a little. ]

What he means is these things are angels, but there’s nothin’ fluffy about them. They’ll kill you if they get the chance, and it ain’t a walk in the park. [ She lifts up a dated cattle prod. ] Electricity can knock ‘em out, but bullets are sort of useless against them.

[ From off to the side, you can hear a muffled female voice that sounds like Claire. ]

Empyrean steel will kill them. [ Claire’s hand appears into the video to hand him something. ] Claire asked for a weapon and the closet gave her this. It is made of the steel, but the format is useless here.

Do not try to fight them. They may look like someone you know
- except the real ugly faces - but they are inhumanely strong and fast. There is another way to stop them, but it requires

What the--

[ Michael’s cut off by both Claire and Charlie’s raised voices, and there’s only a second before the video goes dark, the image of Charlie struggling as she’s dragged through the front door by her hair lingering to those that see the post. ]

[ ooc: Feel free to have your possessed character being the one who is attacking. If you want a specific person to tag back, place their name in the header. Otherwise, it’s a mystery who you’ll get.. ]
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Well. I guess I missed a hell of a party didn't I?

[And got his djinn theory kicked right in it's ass too, to boot. It figures, the hunter would miss all the action and get set back at square one when he came back.

And, unfortunately, that's why he;s making this announcement now. John hates showing his face in public, he's put it off so long. He’s never been very good at technology anyway, could never program his VCR without a child holding his hand the whole way. Just give him an old fashioned rotary, or a payphone. Something easy that won’t show his entire damn face to the world.]

I got a request for everyone here. [His face is sour then, like he’s mortified he has to stoop to this. He pauses to take a drag off of a previously unseen cigarette, deflating a little like a human balloon.] This library, it’s not really….it takes a while to get through. And you never know what’s gonna be relevant or not, or when you theory's gonna get ripped to shreds.

[Sorry Evie, your baby sucks.]

What are your homes like? The magic crap, the supernatural, everything. You have lizard people? Gravity backwards? Whatever. If you’ve found out it’s different from someone else’s world, I want to know about it. Just professional curiosity, promise.

[Unless you’re a monster. But no one needs to know that, don’t they?]
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[The time for this announcement is long overdue, though Steve has also put a lot of thought into who should be on the Avengers roster here in Wonderland. Wanda's appearance only served as another reminder. Just because Natasha is gone doesn't meant that Steve gets to slack off in his duties as team leader.

With the kind of dangers that lurk around the mansion -- demons and ghouls and vampires -- people should know that there's a group of people who can help.

He decides to deliver the information in text form, figuring that it'll be easier for people to copy things down that way. It's a lot to remember.]

Hello, everyone. This is Steve Rogers. If you haven't met me, I'm head of a group called the Avengers. Our membership has shifted around depending on who Wonderland has decided to bring in, but I wanted to make an official announcement to explain what we are and how we can help.

Essentially, we're a group of super-powered people. Back home, we handled worldwide disasters, the sort of stuff that threatened the entire human race. We want to fulfill that role here too, so if you're ever in any kind of danger or in need of protection, you can contact any one of us.

This is our official member roster, along with each person's skillset:

Steve Rogers / Captain America: Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: impenetrable shield.
Thor: Control of weather, thunder, lightning. Superhuman abilities. Weaponry: Hammer. (Don't try to lift it.)
Wanda Maximoff: Energy blasts, telekinesis, telepathy. Weaponry: N/A.
Bucky/James Barnes: Sniping, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: Rifles and knives.
Rocket: Constructs and modifies weapons, enhanced agility and senses. Weaponry: Large guns, but anything under the sun.
Billy Kaplan: Magic, flight, teleportation, healing, more than I can probably list here. Weaponry: N/A.

We also have a non-combative science consultant by the name of Bruce Banner.

You can turn to any of us if you're in need of protection, or if you need to make use of one of our abilities. It's our job to help. Let me know if you have any questions, and stay safe out there.

[PRIVATE TEXT to the Avengers team:]
You all know what you signed up for, so hopefully this is okay. I know not all of you have met, so we should figure out schedules and make a time to do some team training. We won't be effective together if we don't know how to coordinate with each other in combat situations.


Jun. 11th, 2015 08:38 am
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[ The feed opens up with Simon sitting at a familiar perch in the bar, nursing a glass of something that's most likely alcoholic. It's a little early in the day for a drink, but there's a purpose for it today, which is why he lifts the glass in a toast to the camera. ]

So according to my calendar, I've been here a year now, as of today. Which is... really weird to contemplate, let me tell you. I know some of you have been here a lot longer than that, but a year spent stationary in one place is actually a pretty big deal for me in recent years. Especially since most of it hasn't even been all that dangerous and life-threatening. It's actually been a pretty nice vacation.

...No, I swear I'm not crazy for thinking that. You'll just have to trust me.

Anyway, I'd throw a party or buy everyone a round of drinks or something, but that's no different from any other day here and way less impactful when the drinks are already free, so. Instead, I'll probably just spend the afternoon down here, if anyone wants to swing by and visit instead. I've sorta been failing on the socializing these past few weeks, after everything that happened, and I've been missing it. Figured this was as good an excuse as any to initiate some.

Either way. Cheers, Wonderland. [ He lifts the glass once more with a crooked grin and downs the liquid in a quick swallow before shutting off the video feed. ]


Jun. 6th, 2015 12:19 pm
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[ Suffice to say, things have been a mess lately, and Charlie's sort of been all over the place. This time, she has a reason to address Wonderland. It's not really a new one. ]

Hi, um. [ She frowns just a little. ] Some of you probably don't know me, so I guess I'll start with that first. I'm Charlie. Been here for a while now. [ Not nearly as long as some, but long enough for her. ] I wanted to ask about all the people who've been leavin' recently...

[ Trailing off, she looks away from the video for a second as she tries to figure out exactly what it was she was going to say. Losing people is never easy, and with the amount of things she's seen lately, it doesn't look like it gets any easier. She's still sore about Alex leaving, and it sits hard in her chest. She takes a breath. ]

I know it ain't easy, and I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what happens when those people leave Wonderland. I just keep thinking that, I dunno. Do they really go home, or do they send them somewhere else? How're we even supposed to know? I-- [ She looks down. ] I've lost a lot of people since comin' here. I guess it's easier to say that I wouldn't mind talking to anyone who's looking for a distraction.

Or maybe a drink or three. [ There's a soft laugh, and she shakes her head. ]

Maybe it doesn't mean much to some of you, but I could use some advice.

[ Is that all she wants to say? Probably not, though she can't get over the fact that everyone she has here is starting to thin out, and it's worrying her. It probably translates on her face despite the short smile she gives before cutting the video, leaving the rest of them with an expression that looks as if she might cry. ]
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[Dipper looks even more frazzled than usual. The stress lines that always surround his eyes are more pronounced than usual.]

So, you might have noticed a really strange transmission that went through? That... that's from my world. His name's Bill Cipher. He looks like a surprisingly well dressed triangle, and he's... some kind of demon, I guess. He can get into your head and mess with your dreams and just be creepy.

[He leans in closer to the camera.]

Whatever you do, don't trust him. Really, it's probably best to run as far away as you can if you see him. And let me know if he somehow gets into your head. I've gotten him out before, I can do it again.

[He sits back a bit.]

...that's about it. Any questions?
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[She doesn't want to drag this out. Not after losing Jane so soon. It had started when she went down to the training room to find Natasha, see if she was up for picking up the training where they left off. When she couldn't find her, it was followed by a text that didn't go through. Some slight panic and wandering later and... No Natasha. Her room was empty. So, she went to find Pepper since she and Bucky had made the announcement when Nat and Steve went home for a little bit. Try and check in to see if she'd seen any of the others - talk to the other person that wrangled.

Strike number two and another empty room.

She knew how this place worked, that if the stuff was gone then they were gone. It feels like it was just yesterday when Thor announced Jane leaving. Needing to take a few moments before even thinking about going back upstairs to check if everyone else was still here, she slips into a room on the 1st floor she'd claimed after Jane left. Something she kept to herself as an escape from everything and everyone - a safe place she could go to deal with everything. The room behind her when she starts the video is unrecognizable... Which is what she was going for. Something that isn't gonna remind her of everything and everyone or a little while. She has her glasses on, another rare sight, but it was hard to deal with contacts when there was crying. There's a distinct redness to her eyes and hoarseness to her voice. Enough to tip off that the switch to glasses might have happened after the initial out-pour of emotions - when it became a move of necessity rather than careful planning.]

Natasha and Pepper are gone. Their rooms are empty and - [/awkward cough. Time to keep this short and to the point.] The coffee shop's gonna be running on auto-pilot for a little while. Anything massive happens, I guess, let me know. But I need a few weeks away from... I just need a little time. I set it up so it could be pretty self-sufficient, so - yeah.

I guess if you were training with Natasha, let me know and I can try to hook you up with someone else to pick up where she left off. I know there's more than a few other people here who might be willing to jump in and help out. I... [That should be it, right? She didn't know if Pepper had any big projects happening right now, didn't want to rehash the same spiel she did when Jane left. She almost adds something else to the post, instead shaking her head and promptly ending the feed.]

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; video

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[Michonne doesn't even say anything in the broadcast, just stares into the camera for nearly a full thirty seconds before it shuts off. The person it's meant for will see it, and she has a feeling there will be a response.]

[Private to Neal Cassidy]

[Now, she takes a deep breath. The event is fresh over, and she's letting Regina deal with the fallout of whatever happened with the paranoia. She can do this part for her.]

Regina told me that Zelena's short a kid. A baby for her spell. So, I went to the library just to be sure my hunch was right. Everything she's taking is a totem of something. Babies represent innocence.

[She stops there, just to see if he'll come to the natural conclusion Regina did, or if she should explain more.]
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[Tohru appears on the camera in a simple blue yukata, with her hair tied back in princess braids and a wide smile on her face.]

This is really incredible! I never would have guessed we would be going to an inn this time! And it's a really good day for it too.

[There is a framed photo cradled in her arms, and she holds it out for everyone to see.]

You see...today is the anniversary of my Mom's death. Normally I would visit her grave with my friends, and we would have lunch together...since that isn't really possible, we usually have a picnic but...for once, I'm really happy this isn't possible. I think Mom would be really happy to spend the day this way! This is something really luxurious in my world, a trip we could have never afforded, so...I think it's really special that it's happening today! It's even more meaningful.

[She really is grateful, from the bottom of her heart. This is an occasion that would normally be much more somber, but she looks like she's never been so happy about an event before.]

Ah, this might be strange, since we can't really control when events happen but...but I just wanted to say to whoever this event belongs to, um...thank you! Thank you so much!

[And Tohru bows very politely and formally at the end of the message. She can also be found around the inn, and even in the hot springs - though, anyone who finds her there will see that Mom (or rather her picture) is also present, wrapped tight in plastic so she doesn't get wet. Otherwise she will be around and enjoying herself very much. It makes her miss the Sohmas, and the trip to their family's hot springs, but it isn't similar enough and she didn't feel strange the way she did with her own event. Still, it's hard not to feel like a pampered princess with an event like this one!]
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[It's rare to see Sam truly angry. He has a remarkable capacity to take things in stride. Maxine might have seen him like this, maybe Simon, but no-one else in Wonderland and even then back home, the anger had been cut with hurt and betrayal and loss. There's none of that this time. Just rage.

The camera is too close to give a view on where he is posting this message from, or whether there's anyone with him. He's not stupid. But nor is he locking this away from Dean. He knows what he's done.]

Dean Winchester, or whatever he is right now, murdered Jo Harvelle last night. He tried to kill Simon Lauchlan too, but that didn't stick, and he brutally injured Doctor Maxine Myers, just because she tried to help Jo.

He planned this. It was horrible and brutal and vicious and he'll do it again.

Stay together. Stay armed and ward your rooms if you can and don't think you can argue or bargain your way out of it. He's a monster and he's killing for fun. There's no talking to things like that.

Locked to Sam Winchester, Crowley and Castiel

I hope you have something planned soon. He's not going to stop. He's hurt some of the people closest to me and if you won't stop him, then I will.

[He isn't sure how, but he has ideas and none of them are pleasant.]
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[ Filtered from Jo Harvelle ]

[ The video starts up with Charlie looking pretty cheerful. She's got some plans, guys. ]

What's the haps, Wonderland nation? [ She's feeling especially silly today, but that's all due to the purpose of this video. ] So, one of our esteemed bartenders is having a birthday in a few days, and I thought we could surprise her with a little get together!

Nothing fancy - mostly beer and good food. Simple and fun, a bunch of pals getting together. Gonna happen tomorrow night, starting at 8 pm at the bar.

[ And here she shifts her weight a little, feeling kinda bad but knowing Jo wouldn't want people to come by willy nilly. ]

Invite is for friends only. Sorry, any enemies or demon types.

[ And there she ends the video with a happy little Vulcan salute. ]

[ Private text to Simon Lauchlan ]

Hey pal, wanna help plan a party for our girl?
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[All right. Martha has been gone long enough, and things have settled into at least a temporary lull, which means that Maxine has finally had the time to put the finishing touches on a few projects. The first – and largest – takes the form of a video that she records to post, phone propped carefully on her desk to provide a stationary camera with a good angle. She's groomed and professional, white coat in place, an expression of friendly neutrality on her face as she speaks.]

Hello, everyone. For those of you who haven't met me yet, I'm Dr. Maxine Myers, one of the doctor working out of the clinic on the first floor. Seeing as we're a community health center here, I thought I could take a minute to address a few community health concerns.

First, I'd encourage everyone to come in for an initial checkup and assessment at some point. Even if we all seem to be in a sort of limbo, it's probably best to err on the side of preventative health, and that includes yearly exams and appropriate screening. Besides that, if you need to come to the clinic in an emergency, you'll get better care if your medical history and individual needs are on record and accessible by the staff.

Next, seeing as we seem to have an emergency every other week, anyone who wants to learn even basic aid is welcome to schedule a lesson or two. If there's enough interest we can hold a few group classes, but I guess I'll need to see where the demand is first. Speaking for myself, I'd prefer to start with basic first aid and CPR courses, but if anyone who wants to move on from there to more advanced triage and trauma care is welcome.

Lastly, we are, as always, accepting volunteers. So anyone who has a few hours to kill a week, just stop by or give me a call. The clinic needs everything from people willing to clean and stock, to security, to expanded medical staff and allied health. As with most of the jobs here, there's no reimbursement, but if you're looking for something to do we'd love to have you.

Thanks, Wonderland. Take care.

[private to Adam Milligan]

That done, she picks up a neatly-sealed envelope on her desk, walks to Adam's room, and slides it under the door with a barely-supressed grin. The neatly handwritten form inside reads-


It is the pleasure of Wonderland School of Medicine to inform you that you have been accepted into the Class of Who Knows When It Is, Actually. We are, as I'm sure you are aware, an illustrious institution with a long history of things and also accomplishments.

Really. We are the only game in town a very legitimate medical school.

Class starts now, your textbooks and equipment are waiting for you in the clinic.

- Dr. Myers

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[As with all of Bigby's videos, the air appears smokey which obscures the picture slightly. However, to the observant person, they will note that Bigby is not in his room (even though there is a terrible similarity). He sits at a desk with a large corkboard behind him. Some of the papers have names and dates on them - approximations of arrivals and departures from Wonderland. A large cabinet is off to the side. In fact, the room looks well worn and a bit familiar to those used to Bigby's messy but organized style.

Yes, this is the Sheriff's office he has been promising.

Want more of a visual? It looks something like this.]

I know I've been meaning to open up this office for some time now. Many things have happened in the meantime and it's either now or never. So, without further ado, welcome to the Wonderland Sheriff office. I'm Sheriff Bigby and until the time comes when we're organized enough to choose our own sheriff, I'll be heading this office.

If you want my resume - tough. You'll just have to trust me on this. I'm the man for the job.

I invite all of you to come by and check this place out. I know some of you expressed interest in lending a hand and I'll be more than happy to sign you up. There are a couple assignments I'd like to work out but I won't take up anymore of your time right now than I have to.

If you are in need of assistance, come by. Cases will be handled on a first come, first serve basis with some degree of importance considered.

Anything else, drop by. Office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, investigations (and Wonderland chaos) permitting.

First floor - third office down.

[Bigby takes a long drag of his cigarette before reaching out and turning off the feed. The Sheriff is IN.]
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Where’s my son? [ There’s no preamble, because his son was just with him, and now he’s somewhere far from the house they’d barricaded themselves in. ] I’m gonna say this once so you understand, so you know why I’ll take you out, whoever you are. [ Despite his words, his voice is calm, his tone just barely elevated. ]

I don’t know what you did to him or Michonne, but they’re all I’ve got now. You take them away, there’s nothin’ that’s gonna stop me anymore. Nothin’ left. You gave me this device, so you can call me back when you’re ready to talk, and tell me where the hell I am. I’ll give you one chance to make it right.

[ He's pretty confused by how they got a device like this to even work. He also looks pretty beaten up, cuts on his face, still healing from a nasty fight with the Governor, but he'll manage. Carl and Michonne are his biggest concerns right now, then finding the rest of his people. ]
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[It's been a long, long time since Angel has made an appearance of any kind over the network. Normally, that's just down to the fact that he's not a social person; certain aspects of the network devices still frustrate and elude him and it's not often that he has much to say to the mansion at large, but what he has to share now has a lot to do with the other reason he's been scarce. It's been months since he's been himself, and in the week that he's had his soul back -- or was it longer, now? -- he's been withdrawn, hidden away in a room that isn't even his own, drinking animal blood far, far away from any of the resident humans, doing what he can to wean himself back off the taste that Angelus had re-awakened in his absence.

When the feed first opens, early on Tuesday morning, it's only voice, and he sounds even grimmer than he usually has in the past. It's certainly a far cry from the biting, tongue-in-cheek cheer that Angelus had displayed.]

I know there are a lot of people here who probably don't want to hear from me anytime soon.

[It feels strange, to be preparing to apologize for something almost exactly a year after he'd played a part in bringing Tom Hanniger's rampage to an end, but he had always known that this was a possibility. Here or anywhere else, there was always a chance Angelus would get out, and it might even be worse that he had waited months to hurt anyone, that he had replaced Angel for months and done damage simply by demoralizing the people Angel himself cared about.]

And I know an apology isn't enough to make up for what's been done. The last few months, the last weeks-- [He lets out a muted noise of frustration. He's not good at this, at articulating himself, at trying to express that he wants to make things right.] I can't undo anything Angelus did. I don't expect forgiveness, or anyone's trust. It's not that simple. But I wanted people to know-- I am sorry, for what he did. I'm willing to keep my distance, stay away from anyone he might have hurt, but I also--

[He sighs.]

From here on out, I also want to offer my protection. That might not be worth anything to some of you, and that's fine, but making amends for Angelus-- [That's all he has. For a long time, now, it's seemed like that's all he ever has.] I don't know if I ever truly can, but it's my job to try and atone for what he's done, regardless. What I've done.

[But that's not the only thing he has to address the network about.]

The other thing is...

[He sighs heavily, slowly, and suddenly the video feed goes live, revealing that instead of a six-foot-plus vampire, the phone is being operated by what is most definitely a puppet. A frowning, poofy-haired, caveman-foreheaded puppet.]

This event is, uh-- it's my fault. These are my memories. [And they're really, really stupid.] I'm sorry, they're-- look, just try not to touch or look directly at any television sets. That's probably safest for everyone.

(OOC: Responses will be coming from [personal profile] smiletime! If you want action anywhere within the mansion or grounds as opposed to talking over the network, Angel can bump into your character wherever and whenever you like, just include the time and place in the header!)
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[It had been a long while since Bela made a public address to Wonderland, and it taken some time for her to prepare for. Not because she was anxious or nervous, but she was working on something prior to her video message going out.]

Long time, no see. [A rueful smile. She knows that she hasn't been around a lot recently.]

But I digress- I'm not here to discuss my absence. That's not the point of this video.

[The video pans away from Bela's face and shows a rather comfortable looking room, with couches and beanbags, the decoration warm and inviting. The kind of room where a person could relax in. There are tables scattered around, and there's a stereo in the corner with the option to hook up to speakers. Bela moves the camera to show the room in its full glory before she appears on the feed again.]

This room was put together a long time ago by someone close to me. Jesse Pinkman is his name and he was sent back home a few months back and this room sort of..well, no one really looked after it. He had the idea that people should be able to relax and be themselves in their downtime, as well as creating something for himself. Something which reflected his personality and his interests.

[Bela smiles fondly, thinking about him. She's quiet for a moment.]

So I decided to give it a sprucing up and return to its former glory for everyone to enjoy. I think Jesse would want it to be used as it should be. The room is on the eighth floor.

Oh, and there were hookahs in the room, but I stored them away in a cupboard- I don't know if people even want to use them, but they are there.

[The feed ends.]


[Bela is hanging around the room for a while, ready to greet people and show them around if they like.]
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[The feed begins with a little shuffle as she props herself up on the exceedingly high table, an assortment of cookies in front of her. It was a bit of an effort, but she'd figured out how to use the device adjusting it a little further so her tiny face is in full view.]

Ummmm... 'Scuse me. I am stuck and I can't - [She looks down from her perch on the seat at the high table before letting her face return to the frame.] Can someone come help me, pwease?

[She puts on her best puppy dog eyes before trying to end the feed. The first two attempts to turn it off fail horribly, resulting in her banging it against the table instead to make it stop doing the thing.

Once she's had help getting down, she'll eventually slip out of the coffee shop to continue her exploration. Feel free to run into her allllllllll over the mansion since she is in full adventure mode, trailing stray tinsel as she goes. She may or may not also periodically get stuck on counters or that one time she caught herself on a hook while climbing and got stranded for a little bit, or even playing chopsticks on the piano. At some point she'll make her way back up to the 7th floor to grab her partner in crime puppy to add to the mayhem.]

[ooc: responses will come from [personal profile] tinytaser - feel free to go action and pick a spot to run into her.]
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[It's been over a week since Simon had spectacularly screwed himself over here in Wonderland, at least in regards to his closest friend, who was still not talking to him. Or otherwise acknowledging he exists. Which is probably still better than shooting him in the head, but either way Simon's still ended up with more time on his hands than is ever considered safe or wise, in his case.

Still not feeling overly social, his time at the bar's been a little sporadic. Instead, he's thrown himself into a project he's been mulling over in the back of his mind now for months. Which is what prompts this afternoon's unexpected broadcast.

The feed opens up in a bright room somewhere in the mansion with Simon dressed in simple workout clothes. Which are hard to miss since that combination of neon orange and lime green are rather... eye-catching. ]

So, the training center we have here in the mansion is pretty awesome and epic and a great place to ogle some really hot people beating the crap out of each other at any hour of the day and night. But not all of us are superheroes and can fly or punch holes in mountains or some shit, so I figured I'd use some of my experience back home to make somewhere a little less... extreme for some of us normal people.

[Which is when he lets the video feed pan around to the room he's currently in. It's a bright gym set up with a variety of fitness equipment and weights, surprisingly neat and orderly and obviously something he's poured a lot of hours into over the past week or so.]

It's not much, but it's right across the hall from the training room, down on the first floor and it'll be open all the time so anyone can feel free to use it whenever. I'll be around randomly to show people how to use the machines, if they want. Wasn't sure if we'd start getting winter weather soon, but if we do, I figured someplace not covered in snow might be useful for when I want to run. So yeah. I'll... let you get back to your regularly scheduled madness now. See ya, Wonderland.


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[ Ding, dong, sketchy teenager alert! What was obviously a fumble causes a video broadcast - it's dark out, at first all that can be seen is the night sky and the tops of trees - someone is out in the forest. And then suddenly a familiar face comes into view; Isaac looks tired and just a little too unfazed by life in general. But despite the look, he mutters a minor obscenity under his breath before reaching down to grab his phone.

As he stands back up the moonlight catches in the reflection of his night-vision - causing his eyes to look a bright yellow for a moment, blinking it away as if he doesn't even notice he offers the network an unwavering stare.

Has anyone else been feeling - different lately?

[ Maybe Wonderland's up to something, he's not sure, either way, the freaky glow-y eye thing is definitely not normal but apparently something he didn't notice. ]


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