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[The feed opens to Sokka picking at his teeth with a machete. Nevermind that it's quite clearly a sai in the icon. It's a miracle how he hasn't cut his gums yet! Then again, what kind of warrior would he be if that happened? Come on, real men shave their faces and and the sides of their head with a machete! Speaking of which, yes, he has his wondrous wolf tail back, shaved sides and all. It was getting way, way too shaggy. He also apparently has the communicator propped up, otherwise it would be waving along with his free hand.]

...I can't believe I'm saying this after an event, but I really need something exciting to do.

[Maybe if Sokka weren't from a war ravaged world, he'd realize just how suspicious this sounds, but to him, it's just an ordinary question. Come on, who doesn't like being prepared? Plus, an event is kind of coming up soon, if his new schedule's right!]

And that brings me to this: how many swordbenders do we have here?

[That wasn't a nod to Dave, although, he does glance over to his space sword hanging on the wall. Ah, space sword, you miraculous meterority masterpiece, you might soon get your use in Wonderland.]

Because I was thinking, it'd be nice to have a good old-fashioned swordbending match. You know, slightly for training and slightly for fun. Is anybody in?
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[Aang is ready to try and barter with the vendors! He's armed with some of the smuppets that Bro was nice enough to give him, and is determined to at least get a flying lemur or some fabric to use for his glider.

[He steps outside the mansion, taking a deep breath of the warm spring air.]

Ah...This is nice.
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[The video turns on and, given the way John is sitting in the middle of an empty room, it's pretty clear he didn't want to be recorded. Behind him is a mirror that has been defaced with blue crayon.]

what did you do?!
what did you do?!

lame kid
what did you do?!

where is he?!

where did they go?!


what did you do?!

jade's room too!


you suck

you SUCK

[John isn't crying. But he isn't facing that mirror, either.

Both Daves are gone. Both Johns are upset.]


Mar. 24th, 2012 06:30 pm
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Drop whatever you're doing and listen! Unless you're holding something fragile. You should put that down gently or it'll break and then you might get hurt.

As a representative of Equestria, I am hosting an official conference to celebrate pony contact with aliens - I mean humans - and you're all invited!

[She drops her voice to a whisper.]

In case you don't know, a conference is like a serious business grown-up party. That means you've got to dress up in your fancy-pantsiest clothes and all the food will be teeny-tiny.

[Done with her aside, she raises her voice again.]

But this isn't just going to be a super official conference, oh no! Aang had a super idea to make it even better. It's also going to be an award ceremony! So if there's somepony or lots of someponies - though I guess you'd say somehumans, huh? Anyway, if there's somehuman or somehumans you think are absolutely awesome tell me what they deserve an award for and what their favourite colours are.


Mar. 24th, 2012 01:25 pm
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[There are a couple of reasons for this transmission. The first having to do with sheer curiosity (And don't try telling Evelyn that curiosity killed the cat, because she believes that satisfaction brought it back), and the second regarding the information-collecting that she's still doing with Sherlock.

There is a third reason, and it's not an afterthought so much as a request cloaked in academic research, but we'll get to that later.

I've been wondering...where exactly is everyone from around here?

[Evie looks put-together, trustworthy, and willing to hear replies because, heck, she is. She also has a notebook and pencil at the ready.]

I've been trying to compile a little data on the demographics of this place, and I suppose it would be easiest to reach out via communicator rather than going door-to-door.


..... )
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[Okay, so, Dave's comm thing goes off the moment he goes over to his closet. The scratching near the speaker indicates that it was probably Zelda the baby crocodile's fault. Anyway, Dave opens the door to his closet, not really expecting anything.


It's like that one scene from Aladdin where Jasmine RELEASES THE BIRDS as a closet full of parakeets SWARM him.

Miraculously, Dave's expression hasn't changed. Some of the parakeets are roosting on his head and shoulders, while the others make themselves at home everywhere else in his room. He glances over, notices the comm is on, and that Zelda is near it.]

Zel, they're not food, so don't get any ideas.

[He walks over, and turns off the comm device's video.]

well that was exciting
shit i didnt think the closet would fucking spew these feathery assholes at me all of a sudden
the hell did i do to deserve this
how do you take care of parakeets

Private to John Egbert )


Mar. 13th, 2012 02:34 pm
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[Aang flops onto his futon after turning on the communicator. Compared to last time, he's optimistic and cheerful.]

Well, thankfully my friends were able to explain this place to me. It's still pretty weird, but there's so many interesting and cool people and creatures that I've met! So I guess, in a weird way, Wonderland is kind of awesome! I haven't experienced the events yet, so I don't know how that's going to go, but I'm determined to help protect as many people as I possibly can!

Um, I do have a question though. I was wondering how the closets work, and what kind of currency the vendors might take? I don't have any money, but I do have my bending skills! I was thinking about getting a staff again, and maybe a lemur. I kind of miss Momo.

I could never replace Appa, so that's out of the question...and he's too big for this tiny room anyways!

Anyway, any advice would be really appreciated!

11; video

Mar. 7th, 2012 12:08 am
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[Souji's sitting on his couch with several books stacked beside him and origami cranes lining the window sill behind him. He's not looking directly at the camera when the feed comes on, but the way he sits back a little as it starts indicates that he turned it on intentionally.

He's quiet for a few seconds, as though he's listening to something. Then he looks at the device, pensive.]

How much should someone worry about the future? Or is the present more important?

[He isn't addressing anyone in particular, but he sounds like he needs a second (actually a seventh) opinion on this.]
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There are few pastimes a grown man in an estate manor filled with teenagers can partake in - even fewer that a Musketeer might indulge.

There is no one to impress; why bother using his know-how to put together a magnificent meal?

There is no one to fight; the last enemy died several times, and the thrill is gone.

There is only a member of His Majesty's Maison du Roi and his blade, performing a clever dance in the dining hall, having pushed the tables back against the walls. With or without an opponent, the fencing is mechanical, practiced, and skilled.

But admittedly, he could use an apprentice to pass the time, as it were.

He only realizes that his communicator is transmitting when he takes a moment to glance towards it, noticing the blinking light. Athos lowers his rapier.

"...I believe I took privacy for granted until this place."
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[The communicator beeps to life, followed by a yelp from Aang.]

Whoa! What...what is this thing?

[A rustling sound followed by a loud thumping can be heard as he taps the communicator in curiosity.]

I've never seen anything like this a new invention or something? Hmmm...

[A moment passes as Aang gets up and opens the door to his room, only to find the hallway of the mansion.]

What is this place...? Wait...where's Appa? And Momo? And...

[Another gasp as he realizes that his friends are no longer with him. His voice sounds desperate and concerned.]

Katara! Sokka! Toph! Suki! Where are you?!


[The sound of his voice grows fainter as Aang bolts out of the room to try and find his beloved friends.]
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[One plus side from the last event was that Sokka learned of the glorious invention, the post-it note. When the video starts, it's apparent that his room is now litterred with them. Even his maps have little post-it notes attached. In fact, on the table Sokka's sitting at, they're arranged in a rainbow. Take that, mansion! You give Sokka a horrible thing and he'll make it into something useful! THEY EVEN COME IN DIFFERENT COLORS AND SHAPES--

Er, Sokka is not here to gush over the awesomeness that is the post-it note, though. No, he actually has a purpose with this one.

Okay, so seeing as that last event was so wonderful, I think I have some questions for everybody. How many times have you guys died here? I'm trying to figure out some stuff, like if dying here actually means anything and all. I know, it sounds kinda weird, but trust me, I've got my reasons.

[He can wander around the library all he wants. Heck, he can even have all the maps in the world. But, the thing is, all those maps and books haven't explained a thing to him. He knows some little things, sure, but every time an event like the last one comes, the more clueless he becomes. Seriously, does anyone have a handle over this place?]
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[Yes, that is keysmash. Trembling hands slip over the buttons awkwardly. Eventually voice is triggered, and heavy, almost inhuman breathing can be heard on the other line. Video comes next, with a bright glowing lens. Yellow fills the screen, but eventually it shifts back to text.]


[No, try again, no one can read that shit.]


[Typing with gloves is hard to get a hang of. Hey, eventually he’ll get it!! But for now, enjoy drunken type. He goes back and fixes his words, though.]

Is anmon anyone there?

whaty What is this place? How did I evenms even get here?!

[Is he dead? Is he fucking dead? Maybe something blindsided him, instantly killed him. That’s the only rational explanation for appearing in a forest, with an actual sky. ]

is thjis this it?

..Am I dereadf dead?

[41: video]

Feb. 6th, 2012 09:34 pm
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OOC: Backdated to this morning!

"Listen. I have a favor to ask, of all of you. If you're planning something--anything at all, even if it seems like a good idea--stop it. Just. Think, for a minute."

He holds up a pair of sticky notes from earlier--Tara's and Jay's.

"I've seen two predicted deaths happen already, and I know there have been others. We've been told it's fate, and all right, maybe that's how it is--in the ordinary world. But this is Wonderland. We're being manipulated. This is what it wants."

He sets his jaw, glares at the camera.

"I have another note here. Another name, another place and time. I don't want to see it happen, all right? We're all better than this."
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[Jesus Christ, Dave, that is not the kind of thing you should be using in music! John hurries over as soon as the explosion sounds, only vaguely worried but mostly convinced that Dave's had some sort of specimen-preserving-incident.

But that's not the case.

No. Dave's up against a wall, slumped over and-- and he's not moving, not even breathing. John tries CPR, even special windy thing CPR but--



He flips on the video, not even trying to hide how upset and panicked he is.]

Guys, Dave's dead. Dave-- he died. There was a big bang and then-- I came in and--

Oh God, what do I do?! Does he even have a dreamself here or...

What do I do?


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm
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[This morning, George just happened to wake up to a yellow room. Except, no. There was just something stuck to her forehead. Something yellow.

A post-it.



George, after waking up enough to scream into her pillow in frustration, deduced that her assigned K. Hummel was that gay kid and, maybe, like, an hour later, she realized what this was. An event. A reaper event.

Shit. Shit fuck.

Better clue some people in. Carefully.]

So, uh. Anybody else find some weird post-it note this morning?
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[John's comm appears to be balanced on something precarious, if the gentle rocking from side to side is any indication. The camera is trained on an expanse of white-- apparently the area just in front of the mansion --where John is busy using his windy powers to form the shape of a giant salamander out of snow. It's going pretty well, all things considered, though this specific kind of salamander will only be recognizable to a select few within the mansion. He's even getting up close and personal with the eyes, floating up to do detail work about ten feet up.

Eventually John just hovers in midair, surveying his work. His hands land on his hips and he makes a satisfied noise. He is officially done! Time to clear out some space at the bottom. John raises his hands, sweeping the excess snow behind him aaaand knocking his comm to the ground.]

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Hey Sokka, where have you been? We need to talk.

[She addresses whoever might be listening.]

Does anyone have a good cure for idiocy? If you don't mind, could you share your ideas with me?
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[Hey, Wonderland, there is now a miffed flying pony on the screen.]

What the hay is going on around here? I mean, there wasn't a mansion the last time I checked! I almost crashed head-first into the wall!

[The pony crosses her arms and pretty much pouts.]

Not cool, whoever built it here, not cool. And I know cool!

[She pauses to rub her head a little awkwardly.]

So, like, where am I, now? It's definitely nowhere in Equestria that I'm familiar with.


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