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[ She waits to use the device found in her pocket for a few reasons. First, she needed to actually hunt around the mansion for herself for a while, get an idea of where things were and try and discover some answers for herself. Second, because everyone seemed to be panicking on first arrival, and it was far easier to listen to other peoples replies than actually ask any questions of her own. Lastly, it's because she's afraid. She's not forgotten that she's trying to hide - what if the people are still looking for her?

Eventually there comes a time where she has questions of her own though, and so it might take a while for her to muster up the courage to do it but eventually she has to.

When Anna first addresses the network it's quiet, even a little timid. There's a lot of hesitation and it means that she's probably a little hard to understand at first, just a quiet voice full of awkward pauses and a lot of confusion.

So, I know there's a lot of people around here who don't know what's going on, but I just...I had a question or two, if that's alright. [ And there's another pause where she waits for...well, anything. When nothing happens she just clears her throat before stammering forward once more. ] It's just that people are going to start to worry if I'm here too long, that's all. They're probably really stressed already, and I just want to tell them I'm alright.

[ She has about a million other questions, but for the life of her can't remember a single one of them right now. So she just sighs quietly, and wraps it up. That'll do for now. Hopefully someone can tell her how to get in touch with home, and then once she's got that weight off of her shoulders she can start worrying about everything else. ]

I think that's it. So if anyone can help with that, I'd...well, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks?

[ There's another few seconds of silence where she considers saying something else, and then the feed ends. ]
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["Don't forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother."

All he can taste is ash, and all he can feel is the weight of his brother's gaze. It's not just the older angel's gaze that burns, but the Grace spilling from the gaping wound in his body. And not simply his vessel — though his vessel is by no means intact — but his true body, the one coiled inside. He feels hot, too hot, gasping out air that he doesn't need — and then —

His back is to a wall. Inside a house that he's never seen before.]

[As the video feed flickers on, there's a great burst of white light and a high pitched noise that fries the communication device momentarily. To most creatures, it's just the worst audio overload in the world; to angels, on the other hand, it sounds an awful lot like an agonized yell. But then the device repairs itself, and the view of the hallway resumes. The sound stops. A short man, blood spreading to cover his shirt, frowns as he sits against the wall. Mostly, he frowns at himself. His true self, his Grace, is too injured to do much except do the bare minimum patch job on his vessel, prodding at himself with his fingers.

Even that job isn't terrific, at the moment. He picks up the device in a bloodied hand and peers at it, strained to his limits and yet very curious. This isn't Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory, and it isn't nothingness, either.]

I don't suppose someone would wanna fill a fella in about this place? Tell me you at least have cable. I'm missing my soaps. ...and my spleen, but you know what, I'm still not even sure what a spleen does. I think I'll be okay there. On the other hand, if you only have Lifetime here, I'm out.

[He sounds about as wrecked as he looks — but being flippant about it is, for the moment, important. Gabriel's so damaged he can't even pretend to be a trickster. He is what he is — an angel who just scraped by death. Or died. He's not really sure which it is.]
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[The stream turns on to show the back of a certain young Musketeer holding a biscuit in his hand, looking down, and speaking to someone or something unseen.]

Sit. Yes, good girl! [Let's hope it's not a woman he's speaking to.

He bends down, makes a few kissy noises and straightens up, moving out of the frame. As he disappears, a husky can be seen, sitting patiently. If you're familiar with Philip, you're probably familiar with his dog, Faraday. Except she's D'Artagnan's dog now, and he's trying his best to be good to her. Really. She tilts her head as D'Artagnan swears off screen, whines at him, and stands.

D'Artagnan appears again, offering her another treat. She takes it and he scratches behind her ears. He moves offscreen again, mumbles something the microphone doesn't pick up and Faraday whines at him again, jumps around for a moment and then bolts out the door.]

Hey, hey wait! [D'Artagnan runs to the door, holding a bright tennis ball, and then runs back into the room, grabbing his device.]

Hello, yes, if you see a dog, could you please let me know? She won't hurt you or anything, she's just friendly. Her name's Faraday, but only responds to that sometimes. Thank you.

[And the feed cuts off with a blur-- most likely D'Artagnan running out the door with it. How far has she gotten? D'Artagnan has no way of knowing.]
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[Jo looks unsure as she fiddles with the device’s video function, pressing her lips together before collecting herself and putting on her best resolve face, swallowing down that creeping feeling of uncertainty. Whatever this place is, it’s not what she’d first assumed – at least, she doesn’t think so. She’s positive she died, there’s no mistaking that, but she highly doubts that any afterlife would provide her with a gadget like this one. Which means that now she has questions – a lot of them.]


[Her voice is hoarse, but at least she’s not tasting blood when she talks anymore. A definite improvement over the position she was in less than an hour ago. Puzzling, sure, but an improvement nonetheless.]

I’m guessing there has to be someone out there who can hear me, right? They wouldn’t give me one of these things otherwise, I’m pretty sure, but… if there’s anyone out there who can answer some questions for me, I’d appreciate it. Feeling kind of disoriented. Is—

[She cuts herself off. Oh, this was going to sound all kinds of stupid, but she had to ask. She knows what happened to her. Maybe someone else out there is in the same boat.]

Is anyone else here dead?

[She wrinkles her nose even as she asks it.

Yep. Just like she thought. It sounded pretty ridiculous, asking outright like that. Well. Couldn’t be helped.]


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