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Okay, public service announcement, here: if you don't filter or lock your messages, we can all see them. And read and hear them. Which usually doesn't matter, but just... I mean, if it's quote-unquote sensitive information, you probably don't want it on the public network. And we don't, either. Usually. And even then... I mean, there're a handful of tech-savvy people in the mansion, so even if it's encrypted, it still could be, you know, decrypted. I'm just saying, it's almost always better to talk in person if you're making big plans or swapping secrets.

That said, does anyone know the network's origin? I mean, I never pegged the Queen of Hearts or the Duchess or whoever to be good with computers. It had to start somewhere, by someone who knew what they were doing. It's a pretty complicated system.

Just... don't tell me it was "magic." [ Sigh. ]


Dec. 1st, 2014 03:49 pm
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[Raj has his illusions up, so no hint of feline features or incongruously red hair here! Just a perfectly normal kid, newly arrived and trying to figure out the network. He smiles, perhaps showing a few too many teeth.]

Hi. I’m Raj. Arrived a day or so ago. I figured I’d explore this place a bit before I started asking stupid questions and stuff. This place doesn’t look very new, so I’ll bet I’m not the first person to arrive all unexpected and I’m sure those of you who’ve been here a while are sick of the same questions over and over. So I won’t ask those. Instead, I have two, very very important ones.

First question. [He holds up one finger] Are we allowed to raid the kitchen like, whenever?
Next question. [A second finger joins the first] Does anyone here have an XBox? Or a Playstation or whatever. It’s very important. To my health y’know. [He nods, trying to look serious.]

Oh, and if anyone runs across a dude who says he’s my uncle, let me know. I’m kinda sorta expecting him to show up at any moment.


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