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[Scott tumbles back into Wonderland disoriented and in full Lacrosse gear. He even still has the burns on his neck and hand from the attempted assassination, though they’re rapidly healing. His mind is a jumble, processing how he went from the locker room to the middle of a… garden?

He pulls out his phone and thinks he hits the call-back button because Stiles should be the most recent call on his list.]

Stiles? What the heck happened? Where am…? [But his voice trails off as memories hit him like a freight train. The network audio hangs there a while as he sorts through them in his head. Then it ends and is flipped over to a video feed.

The dark eyed teen looks a little dishevelled, but he seems to look less startled than his voice had been moments ago.]
Wonderland, right. Sorry about that, um… disregard?

Private Video filtered to Allison and Isaac )

Action for Stiles )

Private Text filtered to Natasha )
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I. mirror writing;

    [Today a certain someone's left a message for the Mirrors. Several messages, actually. Copies appear on all sorts of mirrors in all sorts of places, spread out around the mansion for maximum coverage.

    To Mirror eyes, it reads:]

    When does her royal highness plan to let you back over?
    Good company is scarce and some of you are more likeable than your other selves.

    Good allies are also hard to find.
    I want something you can do.
    Maybe you want something an ally on this side can do.
    We could help each other across the great divide.

    [Characters on the Real side see something different, however. Peter has cloaked his writing so that when Reals look at the words, they'll see nothing but gibberish, configurations of random letters, lines, and doodles as if a graffiti artist or a very bored person has gone around defacing mansion property. No matter how hard a person tries, though, the writing won't come off.]

II. action; )
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(( ooc: If you'd like you can bump into him in the halls before or after the transmission. I'm up for all your mirror shenanigan needs, someone to attack/bully/hurt/befriend/whatever or your normal people shenanigans. ))

[ The video feed shows a teenager with a faded bruise, the bruise is healing a lot faster than his actual jawbone, which hurts like hell. When he talks it's obvious that he's slightly disgruntled by it. Attack Of The Wolfman hadn't ended too well for him. He'd spent an hour poking at the bruise when he'd first gotten it, making him even more insecure about his dumb face. He is however walking around the mansion hallways. ]

So, uh, is there anything that's working for getting people back to normal? Because I'm starting to think this couldn't get much worse. [ Isaac, you've watched enough horror movies to know not to say that. There's a moment when he chews on his lip in thought, eyes only flickering away from the feed for seconds at a time. ]

Why does it always have to be evil or weird stuff? Just once couldn't it just be like... a swarm of playful kittens or something? [ Puppies, kittens and ranbows for everyone? ]

Or y'know, a tropical vacation? ... Minus mosquitoes.

[ After the video ends he shoots off a Private Text to Santana
Private to Santana: ]

Hey you okay? if you havent noticed a lot of weird crap is going on.


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