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[Loki is inside his own room when he starts to send his text messages. For some reason he is vaguely unware that the words that come out are not quite polite or kind, or anything close to that. He can't help it.]

There is something bloody gross that has come to my attention. Something very gross and very important. Very fucking important.

You are all frigging arse spunk-bubble lickers.

PS: I have no idea what that means.
PPS: What is arse spunk-bubble? Is it supposed to come out of the rectum?
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[Despite the fact that she had the Doctor here and now, the knowing that she lost him back home is starting to get to her. She wants to know how and why. What makes her leave the Doctor? No matter what she said to Clara- that she had entrusted the safety of him to her- she doesn't feel that it sits right. So what happened to convince her to leave? And what would life be like back home? How would she live with the knowledge that she had seen so much of time and space and go on living in boring little Leadworth? No one to believe her, no one to share her stories with. It would just be Amy Pond, on her own. As she always was.

So she's been stewing in these thoughts for ages, growing more and more unhappy with what lies back home. It still hasn't hit her that this is permanent. The Doctor's here, she has no doubt that if someone was going to figure out a way back, it'd be him.

Finally, at her wit's end, Amy decided that the best way to forget was to drink it away. She didn't often do it, but it felt right. She started off in the dining room, but wanted somewhere a bit more fitting and made her way to the bar.

So there she sits with a glass of wine, nicely plastered and ready to share her secrets and her woes. And to make sure she wasn't going to have a pity party for one, she decided to broadcast a little notice for people to join her.]

Oi, finally breaking in this bar stool. Figured it was time I made my way down here. After all, I am Scottish.

[She takes a clumsy drink.]

Come join me if you fancy a drink. I promise I don't bite.

[ooc: feel free to meet her at the bar or reply to her post!]

001 ; video

May. 6th, 2013 06:06 pm
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[All that's visible for a moment is empty space in what looks to be the library, before Clara pops up. Smiling, she eagerly waves, and holds up a book titled 10,000 Planets to See. When she speaks, she's a ball of excitement and energy, and talks faster than some people may be able to keep up with.]

Some of the books here, I thought I might find a way out in one of them. Makes sense, doesn't it?

[She shakes her head.]

Not so much. I know that now. Doctor might've said I'm cleverer than I give myself credit for but sometimes open my mouth before things have worked themselves out.

[She pulls a thoughtful face and hm's to herself, and pulls the book in close to her chest.]

That's awfully brave and incredibly stupid of him, don't you think?

[She looks away for a moment, seeming to be distracted by something. But then she perks right back up and holds up a finger.]

Right then! I'm looking for someone with a huge chin and a bowtie? He's probably gone off in his snogbox and gotten himself lost again. Looks like he's gotten me lost this time too.

[She now looks incredibly fed up with the world, and her little face crumples into near upset. When she speaks now, her voice is softer, slower.]

Why is that, exactly? Rule number one of time travel, never ditch your partner.

1. [text]

Apr. 27th, 2013 07:09 pm
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Attention denizens of the Land of Wonders!

I still possess the ability to communicate through colored texts!

To celebrate this feat and my grand return to this realm I propose a slumber party. Of course this means there will be the game of truth and dare and I am positive it is mandatory to spin a bottle around as well. Through the spin the bottle technique we are able to determine who will kiss who. Using the tongues is not mandatory.

Bringing a rich variety of snacks is mandatory.

No slumber parties without pleasant Midgardian refreshments, of course.

I reside in room number 111.


L. Laufeyson

PS: bring your own blankets, I believe my bed only has one blanket, you see?
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[Half-assed filtered to Jade, when your character is a remotely smart cookie, this is hackable.]

Dearest Twin,

According to the world of online I should meet you in person and hand you flowers, still I think I am not going to take its advice. Yet, I do think I am able to provide you with flowers through the engine of search called google. Here are some roses, they do represent the question I want to ask you.

We should go on this thing called a date. It is what Midgardians do to express their feelings for eachother.

I am currently full of these feelings.

I shall provide candle light dinners and movies and such.



PS: I even wrote this message in the appropriate color that fancies you.

[Loki is just a bit affected by the event. But he's strong enough to fight further urges.

And to everyone:]

Why did this wretched house turn into a pimp's dwelling?

Mark III

Sep. 18th, 2012 12:53 pm
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 Alright, curious question.

What can people tell me about the Vorpal blade?
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[Since his brother isn't answering all the messages he is sending him Loki finally gets out of his bed to go to him. It is not that he is able to avoid the conversation he needs to have with him. He walks through the hallway and stops in front of Thor's quarters, knocking the door a couple of times.]

Brother? Are you inside? We need to speak.

[When there is no answer he contemplates to walk back to his own room but instead he opens the door to take a look inside.

It is empty, except for a closet and a bed. As if this room has never belonged to Thor in the first place.]


[Eventually Loki leans against the doorway and stares into the room, arms crossed. He knows very well its useless to start a frantic search. Or ask any other denizen of Wonderland for help.

He lets out a long sigh and turns around to walk off. But that walk turns into a run and eventually he is racing through the hallway, finding his way to the attic and up to the roof. He should not cry, Loki did not cry, but this might be one of those exceptions because once the tears start rolling he is not able to stop them anymore.

He runs to that far end where you can sit and look out over the forests, leaving his communicator a couple of feet away from him. It is on, but the only sound others can hear is the wind and very soft sobbing in the distance.

His brother killed him and left without a word.]

[[OOC: Feel free to encounter him in the hallways/the roof or laugh at the gross sobbing he's doing. He got himself killed during the event when Thor slammed him into a wall and Loki kind of broke his neck there.]]


Sep. 1st, 2012 10:42 pm
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[This is likely the calmest voice you've heard on the network all day. Jim is by the sound of it calm and collected, though he is not at all amused.]

A public service announcement, if you will.

If you value your safety, kindly grab a gasmask from your closet and stay in your room until this is over. Lock the door, do whatever it is you require to make yourself feel secure, but do not go outside under any circumstances.

[A sigh.] That would be all.

[There is some shuffling, and then audible breathing sounds as he takes his own advice before switching off the feed.
Someone got shot at.]

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[Actually, the fog catches him by surprise. He is expecting another of these 'events', since this is the accurate time for one of them. But the fog already hits him right in the face after he opens the door to the hallway to go and check out what Wonderland has in store for its inhabitants now.

And it isn't taking long before a voice starts booming in his ear, telling him about horrors in the past. He knows who that is, its his older self. And even though he has met the spirit of his older self before, this time it is not the same. Not before the shadows emerge from the fog.

He knows he has to go. It doesn't matter where, but away from this fog. Away from these nightmares. So he starts running, eyes closed and hoping that the he will not see anything. He isn't even noticing he's muttering to himself and apologizes to whoever, but especially his brother Thor...]
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[ She had walked into the fog completely by accident. There was a feeling of terror at first. The last time Wonderland had mysterious fog it didn't end too well. Jade is relieved after noticing she isn't a stone statue or anything like that. Maybe the fog didn't do anything other than make it hard to see? A short-lived notion. Things started getting strange after a while.

She started to hear and see things. Gurgled messages, off-tune singing, whispers, and what seemed like something sliding around. It was always off in the distance. Always at the corner of her eye. She knew what it was. That didn't mean she wanted to acknowledge it. On the list of things Jade would want to deal with, Horrorterrors were at the bottom.

It wasn't until something slimy touched the back of her leg that Jade ran off into whatever hallways. Nope, definitely not dealing with this. ]

i hate this!!!
why is this happening?

[ This is hella spooky. ]

04. [text]

Aug. 27th, 2012 04:50 pm
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Land of wonders! I am excruciatingly bored. Not the kind of bored that is a part of these scheduled situations called 'events'. But the one that involves being actually bored out of one's mind.

This is a link to the world of online. Is someone able to explain this melody to me? I am very curious why one should drop everything as if its hot because a pimp enters a dwelling.

[The next textmessages are filtered to Thor only, since Loki finally managed to figure that out.]

spam )

[The next text gets send to Thor, but also to everyone else. Just because Loki particulary likes this face of rage.]

This is not a gentleman.
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[ At first Thorfinn thought he was dreaming.  He was clearly in a building of some sort, though never had he been in so fine before in his life, nor one so large.  He already had walked around a little and all the doors he encountered thus far only led to more rooms and not a way out.  He eventually drew one of his knives and poked a finger.  No, he could definitely feel that.  He wasn't dreaming.  Somehow this was all real.  How, he had no idea. 

There was also the matter of the strange object he picked up shortly after finding himself here.  Small and flat with a glowing panel, it was unlike anything he'd ever set his eyes on before.  He wasn't sure what purpose it held, but poking at it seemed to change how some of the things on the glowing panel looked (he had, in the processes of prodding it, unknowingly turned the video function on).

He hadn't exactly believed in enchantments before now, but truly the only explanation he was that some sort of sorcery was afoot.

Well... there was one other explanation he could think of. ]

I've... died maybe? This doesn't look like how I had pictured Valhalla though.

[ The Viking teen pauses, biting his lip.  Nothing made sense. ]

No... sorcery.  That man was not skilled enough to kill me.

[ He needed to figure this situation out, and quickly.  There was still someone he needed to kill before he would allow anyone to slay him, and he had that idiot girly Prince to worry about now as well. ]

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Aug. 19th, 2012 06:35 pm
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Does anyone else feel really...well, odd?

[It's taken him a day or so of unsuccessful (and downright boring) bed rest to work up the nerve to admit that to the general public, but with everything that's going on outside, well. It's probably an event, isn't it? And if that's the case there's no point to wallowing around in bed.]

I don't think I'm sick or anything. I's like there's something missing, I suppose? It's hard to explain. Maybe I'm just a bit tired, but I don't think that's it either.

[He sounds tired though. And he looks a little worn out, but he's mostly frustrated that he doesn't know exactly what's wrong with him. Obviously an answer should have popped into his head as soon as he went to make this post.]

Anyhow, I was wondering if there's a virus going around? Maybe something to do with how grim it looks outside? I mean. I can't be the only one feeling like this, right?
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[That morning, Amaterasu's comm's camera is pointed at a window. Well, technically, it's up against the glass to give the residents a very clear look at what lays outside it.

Purple fog with red glints in it covers sizable portions of the grounds of the mansion. Whatever this stuff is, it doesn't look good. What's barely seen of the fountain is some sort of purple sludge instead of water.

Ammy growls lowly in her throat beside the comm, and then shifts it to train on her face. She looks grim.]

This is a curse. Something from my home world of Nippon. It's a plague caused by demons, though I have neither seen nor scented them so far in Wonderland.

The curse saps those with supernatural powers of their strength. If a mortal should so much as touch the fog or water, they will be turned to stone. An immortal touching the fog will start to grow weaker as it feeds off of their life force. Please, be extremely careful if you decide to venture out.

If you have questions about this, I will answer as best I can.
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D --> Greetings fellow trolls and inferior sentient beings
D --> Unless I am grossly mistaken this is my second public missive
D --> My name is Equius Zahhak
D --> I am a noble blueblood of the planet Alternia
D --> I apologize for any potential prior impropriety on my part
D --> Until recently I was de100ded as to the reality of the situation
D --> I have since come to a%cept the una%ceptable
D --> I have been taken captive by this
D --> Wonderland
D --> As such I have made it my goal to seek out allies
D --> Are there any amongst you who would consider themselves nobility
D --> I believe we have much in common


Aug. 6th, 2012 08:27 pm
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I am holding a private party and require entertainment.

Music is a must. Theatre would be nice but I have low expectations from you all. Performing arts in general, really. I want class and culture.

Sign up here.


Aug. 4th, 2012 11:15 pm
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[...and that was when you were assaulted (with 'assaulted' being broad in definition, myriad variations including being hit by, stalked by, turned around and seeing them waiting, I'd say attacked by but nobody comes to mind as a good target) by a smuppet. It was as if a really quick and deft puppeteer was really damn bored.]


Aug. 4th, 2012 09:19 pm
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[The feed flickers to life to reveal utter chaos in the form of a single blob of midnight blue and an army of loud furry creatures.]

[A good educated guess would be that number of Guinea Pigs would be slipping past twenty soon if they had not already. Left largely unattended they run around and cause havoc in the room. In the middle of the mess with his legs crossed sits one Craig Tucker.]

[Off in the corner there is a crash as one of the critters head-butts a few things off of a table but Craig remains too preoccupied with the Guinea Pig in front of him to notice what the others are up to.]

Dude, say hello.

[Obediently the rodent stands onto its hind legs and wiggles its front arms around. Promptly it is rewarded with a carrot and a pat on the head.]

Now circle!

[This time the Guinea pig, in addition to a number of the others, run around in a circle.]

Good boy.

[Going by how genuinely happy he looks Craig really doesn’t know he has been recorded. Who knew boredom would be the cause of a positive reaction from this kid? Anyone who knows him]

((ooc: If anyone has trouble visualizing any of the tricks:

3. [action]

Aug. 5th, 2012 12:27 am
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[Wherever this boredom comes from, Loki wants to get rid of it. It constantly nags at him, treathening to do things to his mind that he really would not approve of. So Loki finally heads to the library, almost in somekind of panic.

The first thing he does when entering the library is climbing into one of the higher bookcases to get his hands on the two thick books on the left. After that he recklessly jumps down, both books under his arms and heads for a comfortable chair.

His stomach is growling but he really cannot care. Not right now, these books were of great importance.]


Aug. 2nd, 2012 08:40 am
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[Shiki stood out in the open in the hall, poised by one of the mirrors on the wall. The middle of his face, wrapped in red burial wrap except for one eye, was pointed towards his own. His eye darted around on the surface with an evaluating sort of glance before he went rigid.]

So, is it Purgatory or have I been trapped inside a horror movie? Really, what sort of dorky fun-house film have I been dropped into?

Either way-- [That was when Shiki went still. Without actually seeing it, he felt it. Shiki turned to face the mirror on the wall, which was filming him.]

...It's definitively weird.
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Goodness! It's been so very quiet lately. I know you've all been here and there and every-which-where, but there's been just so little to do, I suppose. That's awful, don't you think so? Why, if we never had anything to do, we would be staring at the walls all the time, waiting for the wall paper to start moving about on its own. I imagine we'd all go terribly mad.

Anyway, we can't have that, so we must keep busy! I rather like drawing, myself, so I drew a picture for everyone!

Right here! )

15; video

Jul. 29th, 2012 07:16 pm
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[The video feed is very brief. The frame starts out at an angle, since Souji hadn't really meant to record this, with a mirror at its center. The word "WELL?" is written in very precise handwriting.

The mirror gets closer as Souji walks over and as he kneels in front of it and sets the camera aside, the feed briefly shows a rather grisly image. A yellow parakeet is laid out on the floor in front of the mirror, positioned on its back with its wings outspread. There's no blood, but the bird has been cut open and the flesh and bones cut away entirely to reveal carefully displayed organs. It's hard to tell, given how briefly the camera shows it, but the bird's heart is still beating, and it's still breathing.

Then the camera's sitting to the side and Souji's in the frame now, just looking at the bird. His eyes are wider than normal, but otherwise, his expression is neutral. After a second, he moves, bringing both hands together in front of him, but rather than pick the bird up, there's just a very small snapping noise as he breaks its neck off screen.

At the very edge of the frame, a flurry of writing starts to appear on the mirror's surface, but the angle makes it impossible to make out any words.

omg I'm so sorry for the tl'dr]
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[Redglare looks confused and exceedingly irritated about the fact that the teal bug thing in front of her exists. It's easy for her to cope with the troll children in the mansion, because they simply looks like small versions of adults. Grubs, however, pose a new challenge that she never really prepared for.

It is small and weak and wriggling. It is pathetic in a completely negative way, and she picks it up by the face. In her grip, it wriggles and and makes small plaintive grub noises.]

This thing is pitiful, in the most negative sense of the word. How we come from these is almost astonishing.

[She seems to be fighting the desire to crush it skull, and comes to a compromise with her primal instincts by putting it down and pinching two of it's vestigial legs in-between her thumb and index fingers.]

It's so... weak. [The video cuts off, there is a snapping sound, a long cry and several curses in alternian before the feed ends completely.]
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[Dean is balancing a baby on his hip in view of his communicator.

Balancing a baby on his hip, and humming Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water.

Like one does.

He's doing quite well, actually, though he isn't exactly surprised considering the circumstances. As a kid, he was pretty well-behaved, always did what mom and dad told him to, only ran his Hot Wheels cars into the walls sometimes.

Currently, his toddler self is blowing spit-bubbles while Dean reaches for something on the top shelf in the kitchen, retrieving a bottle of liquid that looks like milk formula.

...this is the stuff, right?

[The baby squeals and claps his tiny, pudgy hands.]

Yeah, okay, okay. Hold your horses.

[Breakfast is served, little man, by the best babysitter these parts have to offer.]
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[Loki looks a bit desperate when he appears on the screen while he seems to be walking around with something wrapped up in blanket that is screeching horribly and really, he cannot make it stop.]

Land of wonders, I require your aid!

[He raises his voice.]

For reasons yet unknown I have been...entrusted with this infant! I will not stop wailing!

[Finally Loki stops walking and crouches down, placing the tiny Jotun-baby on the floor to look at it, placing the communicator next to him. His voice is still audible when he tells it to be quiet.]

Hush! Shhh!

[The baby is not listening.]

[OOC: baby!Loki is actually a tiny Jotun (Frost Giant). Their skin has a pale violet color with black curly marks around their heads and pointy ears. As seen in this fanart, the little guy way low on the right. Marvel!wiki did not provide me a clear picture U_U]
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[ It's been a while, Wonderland. Bartz has been meaning to make this post since about a week ago, but was distracted by loads of things. Namely, the mansion itself. It's huge, plus it has about a thousand interesting things inside it. Being very easily distracted doesn't help at all. That aside, the poster is currently lounging on his bed, fiddling with the journal idly with one hand, the other resting on his chin. Since he's not the type to lounge, this could only mean one thing: he's bored. And obviously, he's trying to relieve it. ]

Hey, does anyone wanna spar? It's been, I dunno, a month since I arrived here, and I haven't done that at all. I don't want my skills to get rusty, you know? That'd be suck, since I'm gonna kick Chaos's ass and all when I get back. Plus, I'd love to learn some new moves.

[ Short pause, as he realised that the people in Wonderland doesn't know about his crazy awesome mimicking ability yet. ]

Oh, right, about that, I can mimic your fighting skills right off the bat! And your weapons too. Magic also counts, so say yes, okay? [ He flashes a grin. ] I wouldn't mind teaching you my moves, either. I'm good with swords, lances, axes, you name it.

[ There's another pause as he switched hands. ]

If you don't wanna spar, just hanging out is okay. I'm kinda bored here.

( ooc; back-from-hiatus post! and the mimicking permission is here, if you have any objections / notes / haven't filled it. )
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[The woman staring at the video camera is surprisingly calm, for someone who has just woken up in a new, strange place and discovered herself far from home. It makes you wonder whether or not she’s had this happen to her before! In any case, it’s a few moments before she speaks, as if she’s doing something else off camera at the same time. Perhaps she’s just thinking, trying to get her mind together.]

My name .. is Natalie Rushman. I was brought here just over a day ago. I wasn’t sure if this was real, so I thought I would wait a while before saying anything, but it’s been a day and—

[She breaks off, as if pained, rubbing her eyes. The alias is a familiar one – any of the SHIELD operatives in the area would recognize it as the one she used with Stark, whereas enemies would probably not know it. Playing this part was safer, for the moment. It wasn’t hard to pretend to be distressed.]

There are some things .. I’m wondering about. Like when I get to go home. And why I’m here. Is there .. anyone out there who can help me?

[Natasha had never liked playing the ‘poor, confused woman’, but if that was what kept her alive, then so be it. She needed more information about this place – it was unwise to go out with all of her guns blazing. This way, she could gather information, keep everyone guessing and have none the wiser.]


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