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[The first thing one sees is Jane's face, her mouth pursed, as she sets her little phone up to record, then walking away to a whiteboard, as pure as snow, before picking up a dry erase marker. Glancing over her shoulder, Jane smiles at the camera.]

So, hello, Wonderland, I'm Doctor Jane Foster. I'm an astrophysicist with training in particle physics. You've probably seen me outside at night studying the stars or in the library. I'm working on a map of the stars and attempting to figure out for certain if this place is really a pocket universe or else a shared illusion. I'm edging more to the pocket universe theory since it's a bit simpler, and more probable. But it could also be a shared point in all the multiple worlds we're from. That's a really interesting idea that somehow there is something in Wonderland's makeup that makes it a commonality to all worlds. [she lapses into science babble, drawing a lot of elegant equations in neat handwriting on the board, the marker squeaking, before she pulls herself back together to speak at the device still recording]

Okay, so my question is, has anyone else wondered about how the various worlds match up even with the differing time-points from each world? And of so, will anyone be interested in a group to discuss findings? I'm also interested in any research or observations on hos this place works, and not just depending on the library for that. I like first person observations, please and thank you.

[Jane leans over to click off the broadcast with a smile of SCIENCE]

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I'm not the only person who woke up this morning to a puppy invasion, am I? Found them in my drawers, my wardrobe. Even under my bed. They're everywh-NO! Not the shoes! Or that dress! Come here, you little bugger! Get away from there!

[The feed ends abruptly after that.]


[For anyone who happens to be on the eighth floor around midday, they'll get a glimpse of Bela shooing puppies out of her room into the hall. She's also picking them up from her floor and placing them gently down on the ground outside, praying that they don't decide to come sniffing into her room again and destroy more of her belongings. Suffice to say, Bela looks more than a little frazzled. Still, it doesn't stop her from the task at hand.

Feel free to stand and gawk. Or help if you're feeling particularly charitable.
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-nd he's probably that deranged killer. He'll have you bound in leather and stuck on his wall if he catches us. That's why I have to video it. It's like Paranormal Activity.

[ The feed opens on an artificially grainy, static-cam view of the third floor. And America, framed in an eye-bleeding progression of Dutch angles. The culprit is his tiny hipster boyfriend, who thinks he’s Jean Cocteau and whispers like they’re both attending a golf tournament. In the dead of night, in their pajamas.

Luke doesn’t intend to broadcast their schoolboy harassment detective work to everyone, but like in so many other things, Wonderland doesn’t give a fuck.

Dare you to knock.

I will! I’m just-- I’m preparin’.

[ And by preparing, America means bullshitting. Standing outside a perfectly ordinary door on the third floor in his onesie, frowning and juggling a variety of items in his arms. Luke may not approve of guns, but no one said anything about aerosol cans and lighters to make a prison-quality flamethrower. Yes this is exactly the sort of humane defense weaponry an unstable, recently traumatized (further) immortal should be armed with. ]

and he would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for these-. )
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[ One moment he’s conducting a very rudimentary examination of a strange plant found blooming on the sidewalk just outside of the Ralphs. And then within the span of a breath, Carlos is… well. He’s kneeling next to nothing but grass that hadn’t just been there, and the sun is shining, but this isn’t desert heat, and something is wrong.

It doesn’t take the scientist long to stand up, take in his surroundings, and find the device in his pocket. He even appears relatively unfazed as he looks into the camera. After all, he’s more used to strange anomalies than most might be. ]

Well, that was… an unexpected result.

[ He takes a quick look around again. He seems to be surrounded by nothing but walls of green leaves. A hedge maze? ]

It appears that I’ve been transported somewhere. Or sometime. Or some-dimension. Of course, unexpected transdimensional travel is always an occupational hazard for scientists. We all know that. But if I’d been a little more prepared, I could have at least brought something along to measure…

[ He sighs, shakes his head, then slowly begins walking. ] Doesn’t help worrying about what we could have done, does it? Unless I’ve actually travelled back in time, in which case that is the only thing I should be worrying about. But in the meantime, if anyone can hear this, maybe you could tell me where I’ve ended up?
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Now I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this, but no matter how much this camera blows, you can't deny this view. [ booms the voice of some guy who still manages to find a great angle to showcase a particularly beautiful shot of the gardens that most residents are probably already familiar with. yes, residents. he's done his research. he's tech-savvy enough for that and smart enough not to run screaming, blabbing to the first person in his vicinity. he recovers what's left of his sanity and he waits; he learns. then he appears on his own terms. ]

It damn near takes your breath away. [ so does arriving face first in the pool. ] There are only a few things in life that have that kind of power. That kind of sway over you. [ hm? he shakes his head clear of it and steers the view away from the fountain ( far, far away ), cutting the feed and switching to text without ever revealing his face. ]

so, i wanted to pose a question to you, Land of Wonder. what would you describe as a sight for sore eyes, and why? is it something that can be physically found or does it exist strictly in the imagination?

and don't worry, i know all about how curiosity killed the cat. i'm more of a dog guy. on that note, if anyone's seen either one of mine, i'd really appreciate whatever information you have. one of them is like a wrecking ball. he's big, hairy, and he leaves a huge mess. he answers to Derek, and no, you never get used to the drool. the other one's kind of small, but he never stops trying to learn the same darn trick. Scott's just so predictable. you almost have to like him and feel sorry for him at the same time.
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Anyone know how to fight a dinosaur?

[Someone got out on the wrong side of the velociraptor-susceptible bed this morning. Shirtless and rumpled and bleeding all over the toilet cistern he's sitting on, Luke's having the worst sleepover ever.

But there is a moment of peace in which to make this whispered video, and so he tacks on a maudlin revelation.]

America's stuff's disappeared. That means he's really gone, doesn't it?

[He knows it does. Doesn't stop him hoping someone will tell him otherwise.

Something heavy slams into the bathroom door, and Luke jerks back, staring for one, two tense seconds as he waits to recreate the worst scene in Jurassic Park. Outside, that shit-stirring little reptile is hissing and screeching like the smug bastard he is. He knows what he does.]

But the dinosaur's free. And mad. The dinosaur's really mad. Help. Please.

[Someone. Before he has to start surviving off toothpaste and soap flakes.]
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[ When the video turns on to face only a ceiling, jarring slightly as though it's being pushed around on the floor, you may be thinking "oh it's just another technologically incompetent broadcast." True. But the main reason is that it's really hard to operate a touch-screen tablet with no body, no opposable thumbs, and one inch legs. ]

This on?

[ Even with the echoing of hollow armor it is no guess who this obnoxious voice belongs to. Except it's not a grinning blond idiot that peers down. It's a fucking metal terrier. Who makes full-body armor for Scottie dogs? Who painstakingly crafts their cute little whiskers out of metal? Why is it steampunk? So many questions but the most important one no one should be asking is "why America." We all know why. His life is an absurdist reality and now he's a metal suit of dog armor. ]

For the record, I ain't actually a dog under all this. What a jip! I don't get a super sniffer or acute hearing and this thing's mouth don't even open so I can't even herd things! Well, at least I can still see colors.

[ He noses the tablet a few times, trying to get it into position and failing. ]

Can someone come open my door? I don't got no thumbs and my legs are so short. I can't even jump on the bed. Oh, but I can wag my tail! Can't show ya though 'cause I'm havin' trouble propping up my devices.

[ Since he can't turn off the video, he just leaves it recording. Metal clangs while he trots around testing out the legs.

And then he starts experimenting with barking. It's really embarrassing actually. Well, for you, not for him, America actually doesn't think this is strange at all. Worst of all you don't even have to imagine it because he actually does this anyway and he's not even ashamed.


Jan. 16th, 2014 06:40 pm
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[The camera unfocuses for a moment before focusing back in on...Brittany. Of course. It’s her camera, so why wouldn’t it be her? But she’s not alone. There’s an adorable miniature pony at her side...with a horn on its head...and the sounds of a chirping squirrel can be heard coming from somewhere just off-screen.]

[Brittany, of course, sees nothing wrong with any of this, and is happily spinning in her chair, wearing her pajamas, despite the fact that her hair is has been expertly styled, and her makeup is impeccable. Beside her, the usual decorations of a youthful teen girl could be seen. Bright colors. Stuffed animals. And a particular picture seen hanging on the wall right over her bed.]

‘sup, Wonderland. I’m Brittany. And this is my new show, the Wonderland edition of Fondue for Two.

...well, four, if you count Lady Winny and Sir Squeakums over there.

[More chirping, as if the squirrel were responding to her. The unicorn remained silent. Content with just sitting there and looking fabulous. As she should. Santana, on the other hand, is sitting nearby but away from the furry creatures, she is doing this out of love. Being the first semi-guest was not on her to-do list, especially after her experience with the show back home. Again: for love.]

We’re here to bring you the latest and greatest of Wonderland’s cheezy news. [As she says this, she leans forward and reaches down to pick up...something speared onto a large toothpick and covered in Fondue goodness. She makes a show of eating it. Because cheezy fondue. Get it?] And, I guess, whatever else we feel like talking about at the moment.

So if you’ve got the goods, feel free to call in. After all, sharing is caring.

[And then, just before she lets it go to the phones...or Network, or whatever, Santana decides to speak up:]

Do it or Imma break some kneecaps.

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[Somewhere around mid-morning, Martha's face shows up on the network. She's seated at the desk in her room and while she has an air of business about her, she starts off with a smile.]

Hello, everyone. I had a few things I wanted to ask you all about. [She draws a hand through her hair.]

First of all, I was wondering about memory. We all know that it's a large part of why we're here, so I wanted to know what your experience was with losing memories. I don't mean like when someone leaves and comes back and remembers nothing, but... less noticeable things. Gaps, things that don't quite make sense... [Martha's guess is that there's a more subtle kind of memory siphoning going on here, and she'd like to know more about it.]

Or if you have any experience with selling a memory to a vendor, that would count too. [She knows a certain someone who would fit into that category, but there may be others too.]

The second thing is... [She lets out a sigh and straightens in her seat.]

I know we don't have much in the way of medical professionals around here these days, but with the jabberwocky in our future, I'm going to need all the help I can get. [She had Peter for a short while, but he's gone now, which means she's essentially been running the clinic on her own.]

If you have any experience or if you're willing to learn some basic first aid, then I'll do my best to teach you. I can't exactly be choosy with who I take on as help right now, so let me know if you're interested.

[This does not mean that America should volunteer, however. Martha's hoping he's too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice this. Fingers crossed.] And that's all for now. Thank you, everyone. [She reaches forward and the feed cuts off.]
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[ Sam looks to be in about the same situation as he usually is pre-broadcast; somewhere, like his room or the library, with a lot of papers and books in the area. His expression is one of both deep thought and piqued interest, as if he's thinking through one thing while broadcasting something entirely different. ]

Hey. [ And he clears his throat, brow creasing slightly. ] I'm not sure how many people knew this, but a friend of mine who was here before--Clara--had an idea to start up something like a school. That was a few months back. I know we've been through some major crap this past month, and I know it's only gonna get tougher from here on out, but... I thought it over, and I still think it's a good idea. Even if it's not a totally kosher set of classes, I bet we can get together a bunch of people who've got, uh... "specialized" skill sets to teach. Could even be helpful with this upcoming doom and gloom, if we make it that way.

Anyone interested, just lemme know so I can get a read on this. Teaching, participating, whatever.
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[On the stairs between the third and second floor, there's a... Thing that might look familiar to some people. We're not talking about the slinky flip-flopping down the steps, or the pretty, if old-fashioned looking doll seated at the top of the stairs, but the lanky, armoured... person sitting with them.

Granted, they're probably more familiar with her screaming and growling and making a lot of noise down by the docks, and not... However she's like now. Her light doesn't seem as bright and as red, but that could be from her being in the nice, well-lit decor of the mansion instead of the beach at night. Her armour isn't even as rusty - though it's obviously worn in places and tarnished in others - with the cleanest spot being a little round medal with #3 engraved on it, recently bolted to her shoulder-guard. The needle is even absent! (But not the rest of the apparatus, or the other, smaller spear on the other wrist.)

And that's... all she's doing, watching her slinky go down the steps and then jumping down after it, picking it up, bounding back to the top of the stairs, and sending it down all again. The doll doesn't seem to be more than a spectator to this game.

Pretty harmless so far, even with the armour and reputation. Er- all the same, you might want to postpone whatever business you have on the second or third floor, if you don't want to get too close to her.]


Dec. 27th, 2013 02:45 pm
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[Do not adjust your screen, for yes, you are seeing exactly what you think you're seeing. Brittany, wearing nothing but a towel. And not just any towel:]

[Thanks, Luke.]

[In her hands--assuming one's eyes can make it past the deceptive pixilated image--she's holding a room key. #457 is carved into one side. A gift she received from
The Dutchess on Christmas Eve...although, given she found it in her stocking, she has a slightly different theory as to where it came from. And why.]

Umm...guys? I totally have a major problem here. Like, major-major.

...I think Santa tried to hit on me. How do I tell him 'no' without risking getting stuck on the Naughty List next year. And not the good Naughty list. The bad Naughty list.

Help. Please.

[She's about to hang up, though, when another thought occurs to her. One that actually eases her mind enough for form a faint smile]

Oh! And before I forget: Alice--if you can see this, I hope you like your present!  You said it was what you wanted, and...well...the magic closet and I worked hard to collect them all.

((ooc: Just as a side whoever it was that gifted Brittany with two months' paid time, THANK YOU!))
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[Amy realizes the device is a phone-type thing. But, being unable to reach the Doctor, she begins to use it like a walkie-talkie. She figures there's a chance that he'll catch the broadcast if she talks long enough. He's bound to be looking for her, right?]

Haha, Doctor, very funny. Next time you decide to push me out of the TARDIS or mess with the teleport system or whatever, a little warning would be nice.

[She pauses and her slightly cross, somewhat teasing tone brightens.]

But am I really in Wonderland? I mean, it looks right but is it really, truly a place? [She stops for a moment and the rustling of paper can be heard as she shoves a brochure into her pocket.] Are you even listening to this or am I rambling to myself again?

[Another pause.]

Rory, if you're still with him, you better be coming back right this instant to come get me. I'll be waiting in the gardens for you both. Just...don't take as long as last time, okay? I'm not sure how much more of time and space I can rip apart and put back together, okay?

[The audio cuts out and she heads over to the gardens. She marvels at the beauty of it all. Those curious enough to hunt her down will find her wandering around with a giant taser gun. She has enough trust in the Doctor that he'll find his way to her but she isn't sure what'll find her first.]

02 | Audio

Dec. 4th, 2013 08:46 am
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[When the feed starts up, Peter sounds tired, but other than that, there's nothing remarkable about this. He'd rather not use the network but he figures a short announcement won't hurt.]

I think some of you here are friends with Claire Bennet.

[He paused then, debating about inserting a description, in case anyone needed it. But "short with long blonde hair" wasn't that illuminating either. So he left that part out and continued.]

Well, this is just to let you all know that it looks like she's gone home.

[At least, that's what he took her empty room to mean. Unless, of course, she met her end during the zombie invasion, but that just didn't feel like a comforting alternative.]
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[There is a time, on a chilly evening in early November, when your average British person starts to feel the dark, autumnal urge to get pissed and set everything on fire. Wood. Bins. Shitty burgers. Even the sky. Nothing is safe.

As the night draws in, so begins the non-stop crack of fireworks. And, if you're paying attention to the network, the whooping of a teenage boy all hopped up on liquor and anti-Catholic sentiment.]

Okay, it's the fifth of November and all I have to say is: if you don't get out here and grab a sparkler, you might as well go and punch King James in the face.

[He jimmies his own sparkler at the camera in demonstration, before shoving his ugly mug back into frame with tipsy neglect for a wide zoom.]

Unless you're into that. Actually, I think a few people here would be into that. So in that case… fireworks! There's also those. Come see them. Bring some of your own! 'Cos I'm about to run out.

[ooc: Mingling log for Bonfire Night party shenanigans. Whether you want to take your revenge on the Wonderland plant life, complain about this newfangled Catholic reformation, or just burn your enemies in effigy, it's time to start a thread and mingle.]
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[Claire's kept to herself after that last event, not exactly pleased with the way things went. But it's been a day or so and she's feeling restless. Restless and angsty. So she's taken to the rooftop, and before she takes to jumping she sends a filtered message, making sure to keep things short and to the point.]

You guys better be okay after everything that happened. I'm up on the roof, if you need something to do.

[There's a pause, and she smirks a little.]

Or you can wait down on the lawn. I just want to see you guys, okay?
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[With the Doctor's arrival and a new companion, Amy feels that it's finally time to do something that's been long overdue: A companion slumber party. It's mostly an excuse for gossip on the Doctor but also a chance to get to know the others better as well. She's spent all morning getting things set up and making space in her room to host everyone.]

Right, since it looks like there's another of us here and a Doctor as well, I say we have ourselves a little get together and get to know each other better. We can help her get settled in and learn a thing or two about the Doctor. I'm sure there's plenty of things we all have to say about him. So whenever you're ready, head on over to room 207. I've got a few things set up but feel free to bring anything with you or we can always pull it out of the closet. See you soon.

[Her room will be set up with soft fairy lights that twinkle like stars against her blue walls. A vase of sunflowers sits on her bedside table. Various bits of arts and crafts projects resembling her Doctor sit about on a table. But there are also snacks and drinks sitting about and plenty of blankets and pillows.]

[ooc: feel free to set up your own threads! Everyone can mingle and chat and dish about the Doctor and paint their nails or braid hair or chat about adventures or what have you.]

( video )

Oct. 22nd, 2013 05:43 pm
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[ Rose Tyler is no stranger to portal jumping, accustomed to blinking and finding herself in another world, another universe, another plane of existence. Home, or her surrogate home, as she's come to think of it, is only a place to dust off her shoes before the next jump. Parallel Earths and alien fields and unfamiliar constellations up above are old hat now.

But Wonderland? The incredulous expression on her face is nearly amused, brown eyes warm and curious as she blinks into the camera, fingers raking lightly through dyed golden hair. Headquarters is going to get an earful about jumbled up cannon coordinates when she gets back. Still, she can't help but be a little fascinated by it all, despite the kink in all of her grand plans, her search for that someone she'll never be able to let go of, not ever. ]

's real, then? The Queen of Hearts and all that. I mean, it's a bit brilliant, really and I'm all about a good cuppa with a mad man every now and then but this isn't exactly what I was aiming for, y'know? The way out... still through the rabbit hole, or is that too easy?

[ There's a brief, uncertain pause, her teeth edging into her lower lip thoughtfully before she carries on, giving in to the other nagging question nearly always on her mind. ]

While I have you... does anyone here know the Doctor?


Oct. 21st, 2013 05:11 pm
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Oh- Oh Really? That's unexpected.

[There's a man on the screen, his thick brown hair sticking up in all directions like he's been worrying it with his fingers, and the location is definitely near the fountain, where he sits on the edge and grins at the camera, curiosity glinting in his eyes and his face incredibly animated.]

Hello! Aren't you brilliant? Never  thought that the afterlife would come with wifi! Well, never expected there was an afterlife at all, actually, but wifi is probably the last expectation I'd have if I did.  Learn something new every day!

I'm The Doctor, by the way. [There's a bit of a flinch to that, and he tilts his head side to side as if weighing his next word.] Thouugh, if one of my theories are correct I may not be the only one. Fantastic gardening here by the way, bit Alice in Wonderland. You know I took Charles with me on a short trip to  Mimsy, a planet in the Mirror Galaxy that's around, oh say ninety percent gardens? Bit of a squabble going on at the time. He claims not to remember a bit of it but honestly I think he just wanted all the credit. Definitely not Mimsy though...Smells wrong. 

[He clicks his tongue and takes a breath, looking over the camera and around at his surroundings again. Then after a moment he looks back, a charming smile on his lips.]

Anyone want to catch me up on the goings on here? Always liked a bit of gossip. Ta.

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[When Henry turns the video on, he actually looks excited, even enthusiastic about this post to the network. He is kneeling in the grass of the gardens, trying to balance the phone on a little bench, resting it against a backpack. He adjusts the setting, biting his lower lip in concentration, before smiling and moving back and out of the way. In the grass, a little behind him, a dalmatian puppy is rolling around on its back in the grass, snapping at blades of grass and wagging his whole body with excitement.

Henry 'attacks' the puppy, tickling and rubbing its belly to the sound of laughter from Henry and and soft, excited barks from the puppy. Sitting back on his knees, he pulls the dog into his arms and 'waves' at the video with Lucky's paw.

Normally, Henry really isn't big on broadcasting to strangers, but, well, puppies are fun and exciting and it's hard not to want to show off, when he's so excited about this.]

This is Lucky! He's my dog. He just learned a really cool trick and I wanted to show you guys. Are you ready, Lucky?

[Setting the puppy down, Henry shifts on his knees until he and Lucky are facing each other. He places a treat carefully on Lucky's nose and leans back again. Lucky watches him, tail wagging hesitantly. Eyes focused on the boy. The treat wobbling on his nose as he tries to hold still.]

Catch, Lucky!

[Flipping his head back, Lucky knocks the treat into the air and catches it, chowing down on the biscuit and jumping on Henry as soon as it's gone. Laughing, Henry falls over, grabbing for his phone as Lucky tries to shower him with affection. The video clicks off but Henry is still around to answer it. He'll be in the Gardens for a while with his dog, the pair of them practicing tricks and staying active. He needs to stay in shape in case he has to defend himself. He might also be found, practicing his sword fighting with the wooden sword he got a little while ago. Even without a sparring partner, he can practice his swings and steps.

Grandpa would be so proud. Right?]

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[Cecil took a few days to recover emotionally from legit actual death, but now he's back in full form, whatever that means. He also had to go make sure Carlos was okay before he could get to a usual broadcast.]

The rabbit hole is within your own mind. Wonderland.

Have you ever thought about death? It's weird, right? )
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[He spent five days living like a regular human, albeit a regular human stuck in a haunted mineshaft, and now a week as his normal, synthetically-enhanced self. Except Luke isn't aware Wonderland can turn them all into average humans, and he can't figure out what that last event actually did to him.

Because he doesn't have obvious flashy powers to lose, the only explanation he has is he got sick. But Luke isn't supposed to get sick, and no one else has been complaining about being ill, which is what usually happens when things go bad for all of them.

So, given a choice between going for a medical check up at a clinic staffed by UNIT, Torchwood and Victor Frankenstein, or asking a vague question that's going to sound really stupid to everyone, Luke's opted for the latter.]

That last week with the mines, did anyone feel weird? Not just 'trapped in the dark eating mine food' weird. Like sick, or really tired, or kinda... gooey?

[Phlegm and bile and oily skin, ugh. Surely that's not normal for a bunch of terrified people starving together in a cave.]

Like you couldn't think properly, because your brain was all messed up. But it only lasted for the event. Like the mansion made it happen. Am I just crazy?
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[Carlos has been having a very...emotional week so far. First he kills Cecil by opening a door due to his blasted curiosity, which is probably karma biting him in the ass for when Carlos almost got killed. Second, he finds out via dubious sources (aka Crowley the snake demon) that there's a chance Cecil will come back to life hale and hearty. He's still not sure if he believes that this is possible for even Wonderland to do.

He is, however, willing to give it a chance. He'll shelve his grief and sorrow for a few days, and if it turns out the information is false...well. Carlos decides to cross that bridge if he gets there.

Maybe it's not the most healthy reaction, but Carlos isn't in the mood to care at the moment. He throws himself into his work, starting with doing some research in the mansion's library. After a couple of hours, he thinks he's stable enough to pester Wonderland with more questions.]

A question for the people who have been to Wonderland the longest. Has there ever been any experiments conducted here? I'd like to see the notes, if any have been taken, and perhaps recreate the experiment to see the results myself.

[He pauses for a moment to think.]

Also, I'd like to compile a scientific journal, if you would, on any experiments conducted in the past and the ones that may pop up in the future. At least this way we could have the information all in one place, and I wouldn't mind making paper or digital copies for anyone interested in reading up on it. If there are any other scientists in Wonderland, I'm hoping we can collaborate on this...project, I guess.

[Another pause and Carlos decides that this is about all he needs at the moment.]

Thank you for your time.

[And he cuts the connection.]
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[What's this? Why, it's a new radio broadcast from everyone's favorite, plucky, superhero conspiracy theorist, Cecil Baldwin! That guy who asks the tough questions, like, "Is the government using superheroes to control us? Are supervillains representative of the economic crisis and class warfare? What do superheroes eat for breakfast?" He's eccentric, but you can't help but listen to him. Really. You can't help it. Don't try to help it. It's better for everyone if you don't.]

A hero is only as good as their backstory. Their backstory is only as good as their motto. Their motto is only as good as their Spandex underpants. Beyond the Cape with Cecil Baldwin, coming to you live in Wonderland City, right now.

alligator man: can he kill your children? yes. )
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[apparently he's given up pretense. He's wearing his old lab coat and gloves]

Gold has never been my favorite person, but at least he keeps the deals you make with him. This place doesn't follow any rules. So fine, here it is.

I haven't always been Doctor Whale. That is a name I bore because I forgot my real self. And that self is Victor Frankenstein. I dug up graves, watched my family die before my eyes, and reanimated the dead. And if you want to avoid or fear me... Go ahead.

[private to Regina]
Heard what you did to Alphonse.
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[Crowley is only mildly exasperated now that the event is passed.]

There, you see? That whole event was one big, pathetic bluff. I never revealed my secret and never had to kill any poor blighter to keep it. Yet here I am, secret intact, and past the deadline now, yes? I imagine it's the same for many of you as well.

Seems like a fair few people here became killers for no real reason.

[But that's humanity for you. Weirdos, the lot of 'em.]

But all's well that ends well. I say we all hit the pub, or have some kind of "we have escaped high school" celebration. I've seen other people on the network who have about the same idea. Party, then?

...And just out of curiosity, how many of you managed to keep your secrets without resorting to murder?
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[It takes a while to fathom out the device, it's a strange object that both frightens and intrigues him. But in the end, it's just like any other object he has stumbled upon in his short life. It takes careful study and observation, an ability to master what was in front of him and use it as an aid. And as much as he wants to remain hidden in the shadows, he has to reach out or else he will never find what he's looking for. He was alone here. The world around him had changed entirely and this was his last chance to make some sense of it.

And this seemed strangely how everyone communicated here, some odd magical device that allowed communication by distance. It was -- useful. At least he didn't have to show his face.]

I am looking for Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I have been searching all day and have not seen him once. I do not know if he is out there, if he is capable of hearing this. If he is then... then I am here.

[He speaks with a sort of lisp, somewhat mumbled and unsure. He pauses, his hands fumble with the device nervously, unsure what to say. Unsure how many could hear him.]

This is a strange place but very beautiful, I have never been somewhere so grand. The snow is gone, everything is much brighter and nicer. And these machines? I don't yet entirely understand them. [How they worked were beyond him. Magic perhaps? Or more science he can't understand.] But I am curious to know more.
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[ Here, mansion, have a wistful-sounding voice. ]

If... If you could make a wish, a wish for anything, [ There's a pause, as if the girl is shifting her stance, or wringing her hands. ] what would it be? Anything you can think of. But-- But there might be a cost, a really big one. Something dangerous.

Would you do it? What would you want?
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Wonderland, huh?

[There's a snort from the man on the screen, a handsome face that may be very familiar to some of those watching. Not that he's aware of that yet; having just arrived, he hasn't had time to comb through the network of posts available, to realize exactly who's here. What he has had time to realize is exactly what this place is supposed to resemble, and to realize that if he's ended up here, then he might not be the only one of his team.]

Can't say I was ever a big fan of the book, and the Disney movie was a bit too out there for my tastes. I commend the workmanship of the place, though, looks great- dead on to what I'd imagine it'd actually look like if Wonderland were a real. I'd commend it even more if someone could tell me exactly where we are, and how I got here, since I can't seem to recall actually getting here. Any takers?


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