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[Evelyn is English. Exceptionally English, one might hazard to say, but by no means is the narration suggesting that everyone of her nationality takes umbrage with Americans and a waste of good tea, because it would be petty and unkind and who in their right mind doesn't enjoy food, drink, and sanctioned explosives?

Festivities are not, however, the subject of her transmission.

As I'm certain you are all abundantly aware, Wonderland plucks residents from a number of different times and places. While the vast majority are from the "modern" oh, I do loathe that word era - which I am choosing to classify as the year 1990 and the decades immediately following it - there are many others from time periods who have had considerably rougher transitions.

[Herself included. Radio and moving pictures were familiar to her at the time, which made it somewhat easier to comprehend the video function on her transmitter, although the "live" aspect was rather revolutionary. Others are not so lucky: hardships with privacy settings, sending and receiving missives, using outrageously complicated kitchen equipment...]

It has come to my attention that these particular individuals, current and future, could do with a technological and etymological guide. I am in the process of writing one for the benefit of those having trouble with foreign terms and contraptions.

There is no shame in personal edification, particularly if you're feeling overwhelmed. I once set a microwave aflame, so...I would encourage anyone who has had difficulties with aspects of "modern" life to contact me and contribute to the guide.

[A beat, with a smile:]

...and a very happy Independence Day to you all.

[With a new project introduced to assist others and occupy her time, Evelyn ends the feed.]

to Steve Rogers, 9:30 AM

Happy birthday, you old codger.

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[ As per usual, the young queen addresses the network with composure and a touch of agitation, dressed to impress and with Aeryn the tiny dragon at her side. While she sits still and upright, he fidgets, scratching at the hardwood of her seat, cawing into the air. ]

Months and months ago, I sent out a plea for a tutor in swordsmanship, archery, magic... to find a way to defend myself. Without my armies and Queensguard, I have no one but myself to ensure my safety. Many of those who volunteered their expertise are long gone and I do not feel prepared to face such things as we have seen of late.

[ She clears her throat lightly. ]

I know more of these... technologies, too, but not enough. There are yet devices in this mansion that seem incredible to me. Again, I will take instruction in weaponry or in the workings of the modern world as they were not seem to at my first request.

I may be young, but I am no fool. What we call "peace" in Wonderland is a mummer's farce.
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[The time for this announcement is long overdue, though Steve has also put a lot of thought into who should be on the Avengers roster here in Wonderland. Wanda's appearance only served as another reminder. Just because Natasha is gone doesn't meant that Steve gets to slack off in his duties as team leader.

With the kind of dangers that lurk around the mansion -- demons and ghouls and vampires -- people should know that there's a group of people who can help.

He decides to deliver the information in text form, figuring that it'll be easier for people to copy things down that way. It's a lot to remember.]

Hello, everyone. This is Steve Rogers. If you haven't met me, I'm head of a group called the Avengers. Our membership has shifted around depending on who Wonderland has decided to bring in, but I wanted to make an official announcement to explain what we are and how we can help.

Essentially, we're a group of super-powered people. Back home, we handled worldwide disasters, the sort of stuff that threatened the entire human race. We want to fulfill that role here too, so if you're ever in any kind of danger or in need of protection, you can contact any one of us.

This is our official member roster, along with each person's skillset:

Steve Rogers / Captain America: Enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: impenetrable shield.
Thor: Control of weather, thunder, lightning. Superhuman abilities. Weaponry: Hammer. (Don't try to lift it.)
Wanda Maximoff: Energy blasts, telekinesis, telepathy. Weaponry: N/A.
Bucky/James Barnes: Sniping, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and healing. Weaponry: Rifles and knives.
Rocket: Constructs and modifies weapons, enhanced agility and senses. Weaponry: Large guns, but anything under the sun.
Billy Kaplan: Magic, flight, teleportation, healing, more than I can probably list here. Weaponry: N/A.

We also have a non-combative science consultant by the name of Bruce Banner.

You can turn to any of us if you're in need of protection, or if you need to make use of one of our abilities. It's our job to help. Let me know if you have any questions, and stay safe out there.

[PRIVATE TEXT to the Avengers team:]
You all know what you signed up for, so hopefully this is okay. I know not all of you have met, so we should figure out schedules and make a time to do some team training. We won't be effective together if we don't know how to coordinate with each other in combat situations.
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Action )

[after a bit of wandering and a whole lot of information that made next-to-no-sense to her, Faith has made her way to--where else--the kitchen. A box of cereal has been salvaged from a cabinet, and her coveralls have been rolled down to her waist, so when she manages to get the network recording, the image only catches a frowning, brown-haired woman in a white tank top, rather than the glowing neon-orange. Might as well only get the prison questions from people she actually has to see face-to-face.]

Yo. 'Sup? This thing actually working?

[another frown, and then a shrug. Either it is, or she's talking to herself. Can't be much crazier than anything else she's heard today]

Name's Faith, and where I'm supposed to be is way-the-hell-not-here. And not to say it was all sunshine and kittens, but I did kinda make a promise and all, so props or thanks or whatev to whoever can point to the yellow brick road.

[There's a pause and some rather loud crunching as she digs into the cereal box (ever the picture of manners, this one), followed by an afterthought]

By the by...where's a girl gotta go to get a new set of clothes? [still roomless, she was figuring she wouldn't be above shoplifting some new threads for however long she was stuck here]

[ooc - I'm cool with action threads happening pretty much anywhere, since she'll be wandering until she gets to the kitchen. Pre-food, she's likely to lean towards the aggressive side, but it's okay. She's reformed, now. It's mostly all talk.]
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[ the video clicks on at a slight angle. Thor's face is visible in frame; behind him, occasionally visible, Darcy is moving around the room they're both in.

it is the room that previously belonged to Jane.

for a moment, Thor almost seems to be avoiding the video's "eyes", then he visibly forces himself to meet them. he gives a wan smile ]

For those who knew her, Jane Foster has-- [ there it is, a break in his voice; his eyes crinkle slightly at the corners, tension, and he continues ] ...gone home.

[ he glances back at Darcy over his shoulder, and his voice is lower but still audible ] Is there anything you want to...? [ say, goes unfinished. ]

[ Darcy comes closer to the video feed, and addresses it with a tight-lipped smile ]

If there were any projects you were working on with Jane, everything she had in the lab is gone but you might be able to talk to the vendors about getting some of it back...

[ she turns back to Thor, and her hand lands briefly on his arm; the gentleness of it surprises him, and he blinks at her uncertainly. they are both hurting. he knew that, but still... before he can think of a good enough response for that small but appreciated gesture, she's backing off again, her eyes sliding away. ]

I'm gonna take the dogs out for a walk.

[ she bends down, scoops up one of Jane's puppies, and makes for the door. a soft whine from the puppy follows their exit.

Thor tries to recover his equilibrium, and re-addresses the video. ]

I also -- wanted to make an offer. I know that we have many powerful people here, some who -- might feel they are unmatched. [ or, you know, dangerous. he had a whole speech prepared for this, actually, between his conversations with Bruce and Bucky... but the words have gone out of his head. ]

I wanted... to offer myself, as sparring partner. To anyone who has difficulty finding someone they can go... "all out" with, so to speak. Or... if for any reason, you would like assistance from someone with as much or more power as you have...

[ that'll have to do. his voice trails away, and he forces a final smile before clicking off the video. ]

(Action, Darcy) )

((ooc: Thor can also be found near Jane's room, on the seventh floor.))


May. 12th, 2015 09:48 pm
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[ She's been back a little over a day. Not long, just enough to get her bearings, to find out how much is the same and what is different. Having an entire year's worth of memories since her last stay here has made things... well. More than a little disorienting. And she's not happy about it.

Still, when she opens a video feed late this evening, none of that shows on her face, just a calm, composed expression as she gets right back to business as usual. ]

I apologize for my unexpected absence this past... however long it's been. I had an unscheduled trip home that interrupted pretty much everything. If I missed a session with you over the past several days or weeks, I apologize and hopefully we can make them up now that I'm back and getting sorted again.

For those of you who don't know me or who I haven't met, my name is Natasha Romanoff. I help run the Training Center down on the first floor, along with some teammates of mine back home, or some similar places.

[ Because she is not going into alternate universes right now, that's up to everyone else to puzzle through on their own time, she has a big enough headache as it is. ]

We offer a place to practice, enhance and hone skills in both offense and defense - something that can come in handy around here when things get a little less pleasant and boring. We offer classes and training to people interested in learning or improving these skills as well. If it's something you'd be interested, feel free to stop by any time, there's usually one or two of us around to talk to about it. You can come find me or look for the big guy in the red white and blue suit. He's a little hard to miss.

[ And with that, she flicks off the feed for the time being, letting the citizens of Wonderland do with that what they will. ]


May. 11th, 2015 01:40 pm
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[ The video comes on at the tail end of a sigh and Bruce purses his lips and removes his glasses. He's spent the better part of a day exploring the grounds and avoiding the people here as he read over the pamphlet and looked for some sort of catch or contradiction or escape hatch. ]

Wonderland, huh? This little pamphlet was very, uh, informative. It was nice of you to to put it together.

[ He taps the messily refolded cardstock on his open palm, less-than-convinced. What little humor he has drains from his face. ]

Look, is this some kind of joke? Because it isn't funny. Tony?

[ The name is almost an afterthought, half-muttered as he waits for an answer that probably isn't coming. His brow furrows and he sighs again. ]

This is exactly the kind of stress I'm trying to avoid, but alright. Here I am. You've got me. Now what are you going to do with me?
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[Oh, he looks so enthused to do this when the feed opens, but his expression gently takes on a more welcoming and charismatic visage.]

I am Loki, no longer one-of-a-kind here in Wonderland. Many of you know me as the villain, monster, God of Lies, but you should all know by now that I possess a deal of magical ability. I specialise in illusions and deception, however I am not shy to offensive and defensive magics.

[He gives that a moment to sink in and decides to continue. Now was as good a time as any with Captain Criticism briefly out of the picture to cast his judgement on Loki's actions.]

I am also aware that there are some of you here with, at the very least, an inkling of magical ability. It got out some time ago that I was secretly training young Kaplan in the development of his abilities, and while I do not have the desire to extend such extensive treatment to others, I will however offer basic training to aid those of you with the gift in its development. Be it setting you down the right path to learning your abilities or providing a training target for you to cast more powerful spells without the fear of injuring others, I may as well assist you. This is not out of sheer kindness, for those of you fearing ulterior motives. I may as well admit that it is out of self preservation. The more able magic users we have here to defend ourselves against threats, the more likely we are to succeed should... certain creatures resurface.

We have many such residents offering combative training, but few offering magical aid and I thought it was high time we correct this err.

[He managed to give an entire speech without a single lie. Half truths were not, in fact, lies.]

Private to Kol )
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How would you train something that you didn't understand? An ability/power/magic. If you wanted to get better at using it where would you start?
The obvious answer would be practice but it isn't that simple. Or nice to think about what that would mean.
If you can't do it at will how do you get better?


May. 5th, 2015 10:21 pm
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[It’s the sort of announcement no one desires to make, even if it’s not the worst brand of broadcast to be sent out over the network. Still, Pepper has to take a moment even after she turns on the feed, showing her along with Bucky standing just behind her. There’s no avoiding it, in the same way that there are no right words to temper the impact of what she has to say, what it could potentially mean for those still in Wonderland.

She just has to hope that the circumstances themselves offer enough hope to make the wait less of a weary one.]

Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff both have gone back home, although their possessions are still here. [Meaning that in a week’s time, the two should return. She tries not to think of what they might be coming back from, since all of them tend to be drawn from around the time of some major catastrophe back home.] We know they had taken on some responsibilities around the mansion, so…

[Now she glances back at Bucky, shifting the phone so the focus switches to him. Yet she’s watchful, ready to continue her thought should he need her to; after all, she can’t remember him making an announcement over the network like this since he came back from his own trip home.]

[ James schools his expression into something neutral the moment she begins the broadcast. He isn’t going to broadcast any uncertainties he might have over the network. He takes the phone from her hand when she’s finished, so he doesn’t need to loom over her shoulder. ]

So we think they’d want to see those responsibilities fulfilled, at least partly, even while they’re gone.

[ They may be gone for as little as a week, but there’s no telling what kind of shape they’ll come back in, if they come back at all. He takes a breath. ]

My name is Bucky Barnes. If you were taking combat lessons from Steve or Natasha and you’d like to continue through the week, feel free to contact me. If you were taking lessons from me several months ago and you’d like to start again, we can talk about that too.

My skillset is pretty specific, but I’ll do what I can to help with anything else.

[ He glances briefly at Pepper, and the broadcast ends there. ]

{{ooc: replies will come from Pepper and Bucky both!}}
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[Some might say that this is the worst time for this; after the past few days, few weeks, it's clear just how present and real the danger in the mansion is. Too many of her friends have been torn apart, left broken, bloody, and dead, and the fatigue is clear in Cami's eyes even as she turns on the camera.

But that's the very reason that pushes her forward: she needs to do something to fix this, in whatever small way she can manage. She isn't a hunter or a witch or some supernatural, immortal hybrid. She's just a person who happens to be pretty good at listening. So that's what she has in mind, the phone propped up so she can step back and offer a smile.]

Hey, Wonderland. I don't know how many of you remember, but way back when I brought up the idea of starting a therapy practice here. Then things got crazy, which hasn't exactly stopped, but that's all the more reason to make good on that idea. So, here it is.

[She motions to the room around her, one decorated with plush chairs and a not-so-traditional psychiatrists couch. Of course there are other unseen surprises, devil's traps near the door and under the rug in the seating area, water of both the holy and vervain-laced varieties hidden with easy reach, iron rods placed behind paintings and wherever else she can think of. As much as she wants the place to be a sanctuary, she also wants it to be escapable should things come to that point.]

Sixth floor, room twenty. During the day is probably best, but if you want to meet at another time, get in touch and we'll work something out. Everything is confidential, with the caveat that I'm not going to let people get hurt or killed if I can help it. I'll have a sign up if there's already a session going on, but other than that, feel free to knock.

[Since someone knows better than to give vampires blanket invitations to enter.]

Alternately, someone brought up the very good idea of support groups, in particular one for people who have died in some form or fashion. It's a pretty unique form of survivor's guilt, one that I doubt most people are prepared for. So maybe it might help just to meet with other people who have been through it, and are trying to figure out the best way to move forward.

[Hopefully, it catches. Cami wouldn't mind a chance to talk about some of her own problems.]

Anyway, if there's enough interest, we can figure out a time to meet. Again, everything would need to be kept confidential; the whole idea of this is to provide a safe place where people can talk about whatever they're going through, to work out issues and even try to resolve some things. So much about what's been terrible in Wonderland lately is what we've been doing to each other. In whatever way each person can, they have to fight against that--and sometimes that can be as simple as talking to someone after a tragedy, or before one happens.

So the offer's out there--and I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening.

[She'll be there, at least for a few hours following. Of course she's on guard, given that Dean is still wandering around, but she doesn't want to spend more time hiding than actually doing any good. Maybe it's just one of those stupidly prideful things, but Cami refuses to let all of the chaos take this part of her life from her.

But there's also something else she has to do in order to clean house; for a sake of a conversation that's long overdue, she sends a private message out to Davina Claire.]

Locked to Davina Claire )
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[ This one's... a long shot. He can virtually see the arrow disappearing on the horizon already, laughing at him as it vanishes. Still, he never thought to ask before, and that deserves a half-hearted effort at being remedied. ]

I've got a question for anyone who's lost one or more of their memories already, and left Wonderland at some point: While you were gone, did the memories you lost come back to you? What about afterwards?

It's a stretch, but let me know if you've got a minute to think about it.

PS.: I wasn't the only one who had some trouble getting back to his room for a while, right? Because I'd rather blame that on the banners last week than wonder if I mysteriously lost my ability to open unlocked doors.

[ People looking to meet Philip in the flesh will find him tending to his BEES near the forest, and catching up on a week's worth of BOOZE, now that the bar is finally letting him back in. ]
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[Darcy's chillin' in the hall that's been created on the 8th floor debating whether or not to get involved in the apparent ball pit scandal. She has no actual interest in said ball pit, but it's hard to not want something everyone else seems to want on the sheer principal of trolling. Flipping on the feed, Baratheon colors are proudly displayed behind her as she relaxes on a black couch. She's propped the phone so she doesn't have to hold it, leaving her hands free to toy with a pen. If anyone looks closely enough they might notice that it is, in fact, a ballpoint pen.]

So. All this ball talk got me thinking about how many balls there really are in people's lives. I mean, think about it. Most people learned the word ball when they were tiny and learning to read... A is for apple, b is for ball, c for cat and all that jazz. There's also a ridiculous amount of ball shaped food, including popcorn balls which are amazing if you haven't had them before. Do yourself a favor and fix that and if you don't know how, just let me know and I'll fix that for you.

Did you know almost any sweet can be made in ball form? Like cheesecake balls or truffles? Y'know what else is amaze balls? Popcorn shrimp. I mean it's not actually shaped like a ball - if it was that'd be weird, but they're addictive. Like tiny little breaded golden bites of heaven.

[Focus, let's get back on track.]

Sports! Sports use balls, usually just one unless you're playing like dodgeball - [Look! She didn't make the joke about getting hit in the face by balls when you're least expecting it. Someone be proud.] - or hockey where it's a puck instead of a ball. Everybody's got a sport they like, unless you've never heard of sports, which is cool too, I guess. Or maybe, the sheer mention of something sports gives you horrible flashbacks to high school and for that - I'm sorry. [Balls as a foe rather than friend, the struggle is real for some people.]

There tend to be sports-related parties, although I don't think I've ever heard of a sports ball - puppy bowl yes - but no dance-related sports balls. This is one of those moments when I wish we could access youtube because that is some class-a adorableness. Although I think we have enough puppies here that we could recreate it... Who doesn't love to play fetch on a tiny football field? Chasing after balls like a boss.

[Darcy, no. No Wonderland puppy bowl as a competition between the houses. It takes all of her decorum (which isn't much to begin with) to not imply a bigger picture game of fetch with the ball pit. As far as she knows, she hasn't pissed off any Lannisters lately and she'd kinda like to keep it that way... Although this probs isn't helping. /kanyeshrug]

Back to the important theme of this message: balls and their overabundant presence.

[And yes, she's just gonna skim right over the most obvious reference she could make. She's trying to keep this pg, people.]

Some dances are called balls, although it's not like a college rager where you go balls to the wall and don't remember half the night. Usually thanks to beer pong, which you use a ping pong ball for. Or bar-hopping and playing with pool balls... Or a carnival to see a gypsy and take a peek at your future in a crystal ball. Maybe as a date with the ol' ball and chain unless staying in and watching Eliza Doolittle shove marbles into her mouth with great ease is more your idea of a great date night.

Never forget guys, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain and remember there are plenty of balls to go around. Balls can be your friend if you let them.

[And with that she's quick to shut off the feed, having struggled to maintain a somewhat straight face throughout that entire video. Although, she did manage to hit her goal of saying ball at least 25 times - everybody's gotta have something in life to work towards, right?]
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[Like almost any time that Steve is making a solo broadcast, he's seated at the desk in his room. He's got the neutral yet firm look of a leader, which tends to be how he handles addressing the network. In this particular case, there's another reason for it. He can hide what he's really going through behind all of that authority.]

For anyone who knew Bruce Banner, the younger Bucky Barnes, or Peggy Carter, they've gone home.

[Home, which should be a good thing. And maybe it is, except that Bruce and Natasha had been happy here. Bucky's headed back into the middle of a war, and to something so much worse after that. And Peggy? Well, Steve is just relieved his voice didn't crack when he said her name.

He moves on quickly.]
I also wanted to talk about what happened with the memories getting swapped around. I didn't go through it, but it sounds like a lot of other people did. Between that and those old events coming back in different areas, it kind of seems like Wonderland's running a little haywire.

[He hasn't forgotten about the closets malfunctioning for a while there, either.]

Is there any kind of precedence for that stuff?

[Because it seems to him that they should be worrying about it.]

Anyway, I think that's all.

[He ends the feed there, but he'll be spending some time out and about for the rest of the day, either eating at the diner or taking Dodger on a long walk throughout the grounds.]
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[Okay, Verity was... where? The whole place gave her a headache. It was a little like the entirety of her surroundings were a lie and the truth rolled into one big ball, tossed in a blender, and made into a milkshake. A very weird milkshake. How could it be both? She gives up that train of thought and decides to do something she should have done as soon as she found her Stark Phone was no longer her Stark Phone. She keys the phone she'd found in her pocket for the fifth time in as many minutes, but this time she goes through with it. The video feed opens to show the redhead's worried and confused face. She appears to be sitting in the garden if the scenery behind her was any indication.]

Um, hello? This thing's like Skype, right? I don't really know how I got here, or why I'm here, or where here really is, but can someone point me back to New York? The U.S. of A.? Earth...? Just point me in the right direction, you don't even have to take me there. Just give me a map and I'll be on my merry little way.

[She pauses to collect her thoughts, pursing her lips.]

The fancy little brochure said Wonderland, but I'm not really buying what it's selling. See, whoever wrote it apparently believed it was Wonderland, but I think they had to be loonier than a three dollar bill. So, anyone here who doesn't belong in a white padded cell want to tell me what's going on? Unless of course this is some kind of insane asylum retreat for the irreparably crazy... If that's the case, I can prove to you I'm not crazy, so can we please talk? I kind of need to find a friend of mine who's in trouble. Even... even though I don't know how to go about actually finding him or even helping him, but... but I can't give up on him, either. So, please?
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[ Jack doesn't know where he is.

This would be much more alarming if it didn't happen on a semi-regular basis.

Last he remembers, he was standing on a dock in Tortuga, watching Hector Barbossa sail away with his ship for the third time, that bastard. But between one blink and the other, he was suddenly standing in the middle of some hedge maze with no idea how he got here.

It doesn't take him long to navigate his way out of the maze and to begin taking a look at his surroundings. He spends some time walking along the boundaries of he mansion, from the gardens to the docks to the pool before navigating the mansion itself. He ends up in a kitchen -- more specifically, the kitchen cabinets.

When the feed starts, Jack is standing at counter, with around twenty or more bottles of rum piled up next to him. If you're assuming he opened the cabinet, took out a bottle of rum, closed it, opened it, found another bottle, over and over and over again, you would be correct.

This's some sorta witchcraft, aye? Magic. Voodoo. [ His eyes grow wide before he narrows them. ] It ain't gonna be poisoned if I drink it, is it?

Or cursed? [ He frowns. He's had quite enough of curses for one lifetime. ] I don't like curses.

[ Or! Feel free to slam into him while he's wandering around the mansion. Anywhere and everywhere is free game. ]
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(Howard feels like he’s falling. Deeper and deeper, through time and space with nothing to clutch to no matter how hard he tries to hold on. He falls past events of his life, from his mother kissing him before he was sent to his first year of sponsored boarding school, past shaking his father’s hand after he graduated from MIT. He falls past the discovery of vibranium, past its presentation and past the assassination attempt. He falls past the faces of his friends, of Peggy Carter, of Steve Rogers, of Edwin Jarvis. He reaches for them, begging for them to grab hold of him, to catch him, to save him, but they all just watch on impassively. When he opens his mouth, no words come out, not a single sound slipping past. He’s just falling, and falling, into darkness with no sense of the depth. So he stops trying to claw for help. He closes his eyes, and suddenly he’s filled with a sense of peace. Of relaxation. If this is death, perhaps it’s just better to accept than fight. It may just be easier.

Howard awakes with a gasp, though instead of his lungs filling with air, they fill with water. He looks above himself to light, arms fighting towards it now, but instead of like in his dream, he makes progress. His fingers burst through the surface first, and then his whole body, and he’s choking, coughing, gasping to replenish his lungs with air instead of the water. He looks around, and sees that he’s alone, in a grand hall. He’s in the clothes he remembers falling asleep in, and he swims towards the edge, heavily pulling himself from the water.

The last thing he remembers from the night before is falling asleep on a small bed in his childhood home. It was where he had left after Peggy had told him to leave, and for once he had respected her desires. She had been furious with him, and because of that, he was furious with himself. She was his closest friend, his confidant, and someone to whom he had a deep amount of respect, but he had spoiled that, now. Ruined it , and for what? Maybe they wouldn’t even have found the vial of blood, and he could have just gotten it back when his name was cleared.

If his name was cleared, he supposed he could say now. That might not be likely after all, he would understand if she just stopped the work she had been doing. He had tricked her, after all, even if he had meant that he felt she deserved more than what the SSR was giving her. Maybe he had gone around it the wrong way, but then again, it seemed he did that often. He had a tendency to try to do the right thing, only to have it go terribly, terribly wrong. Adding ruining one of his closest friendships was just another notch on his bedpost.

Right now, though, he wasn’t thinking about that. He was shivering, and alone, and he needed to find out where this was. It didn’t seem like the kind of place he would be brought if they had come into grab him during the night, nor could he see them attempting to drown him. He made his to the door, expecting to find it locked, but instead it opened with ease. His frown deepened then as he stepped out, and called:)

Hello? Is anyone out there?

(of course, he doesn't notice that he's being recorded by a monitor hanging from the wall.)
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[ Private to: MCU!Loki ]

brother to brother about brother )

[ Private to: the Avengers. non-MCU Avengers Thor has CR with are also welcome. ]

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[ Public, but locked from 616!Loki to the best of Thor's (not so terrible) abilities ]

Any here who know Loki... May we speak?

((ooc: action is also totally acceptable. Thor can be found pacing out in the gardens. He's not going to conduct any of these conversations ANYWHERE near a mirror.))
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You are not my Stark phone.

[ The voice that speaks sounds extremely offended by that fact. Loki scoops the network device off the ground, struggling to keep it balanced in one hand. The shaky video feed that follows gives hint to why he is having such trouble: his left arm hangs limply at his side. In addition, his face is deeply bruised, and one of the horns has been knocked off of his headpiece.

Someone's arrival in Wonderland was almost fortunate. Loki considers the irony of a sudden kidnapping being a plus to his day as he sinks heavily into a chair, but the train of thought is lost as the action jars his ribs. Working through a deep wince, he manages to prop the device up against a stack of books and pokes at the screen with one finger.

All right, you. Let us see how you work.
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I seem to have awakened in some twisted nightmare. Someone has seen fit to dredge up ancient memories and I would very much appreciate it if they could be kindly laid to rest.

Are others experiencing past memories that seem to be completely unavoidable, despite any and all attempts to dispel them?

[The demigod sounds considerably distressed by this. And before the feed is cut, a woman's voice could be just barely heard calling Loki's name in a loving tone like a mother would her child.]


Feb. 13th, 2015 08:21 pm
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[ So, it's been well over a month since the network's last seen or heard anything from her besides the fact she had kicked Gabriel and run from him, but that's not really here nor there. Between all the weird things that have happened and the lull of what's supposed to be normal, she's actually been... kind of bored. The smile she gives reflects that too. ]

Hey. Uh-- [ Wow, way to start this off. ] In case anyone missed it, my name's Charlie. I haven't really been around all that long. Maybe a month and a half? [ She shrugs, looking down at her hands rather than the screen. ] Longer than some, less than others.

Anyway. I guess I wanted to... [ A shake of her head. ] This probably gets asked all the time, but what's there to do for fun? I mean, considering it's close to V-day and everything-- [ Oh god, that's a joke. ] Feels sort of wrong mentioning hearts since we're in Wonderland. [ She laughs then. ] Not that it's really a day of celebratin' for me since I'd be cleaning up if we were lucky enough to get some people passing through back home, but you know. As nice as all the weird stuff is, finding things to do hasn't been as exciting as I thought it might have been.

[ What's there to do besides wander the gardens or walk the beach or explore the mansion? Reading's not much of a thing for her, and trying to keep to herself just makes it worse in the long run. Charlie sighs, letting out a breath. ]

What I'm getting at is if anyone's free for a drink or some conversation, I wouldn't say no? Ain't got a whole lot to do right now, so... [ She frowns, reaching to try to stop the feed. Before she manages to end it, she adds: ] Startin' to sound a little desperate, huh? How's that gonna look?

[ Charlie realizes what she's just said, too late to take it back now, and she flushes, immediately ending the video. Never mind she's basically asked out almost all of Wonderland. Oops. ]
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[ hello, eway! were you looking for Thor? because this is certainly his communicator, pointing for some reason at the floor.

there's a glimpse of something in the distance -- a bundle of clothes? -- before the video feed turns off all together.

after a moment, Thor's voice issues from the darkness, unusually hesitant. ]

I appear to be in need of some -- assistance.

((ooc: action is okay too! Thor -- or rather, a tiny cartoon frog that speaks with Thor's voice for completely unknown reasons -- can be found in one of the basement corridors. he picked a fine time to leave Mjolnir and the armor off; the clothing bundle is Asgardian casual fare, cloaks and loose trousers and the like.

eta: time is a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing, and Thor will be grateful for however many rescues he gets :D and remember those of you who choose to laugh at him :| though I am also totally up for negative CR. ♥))
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[After spending an hour in a room so comfortable it actually set her on edge, Peggy Carter finally decided to test the network after covering the only mirror in the room with her jacket. She'd managed to read up a little on where she was, but there were still many answers she lacked. The little device could only look back so far and that left her in the dark about too much. She knew this was some alternate world - as insane as that sounded - and that it was called Wonderland. She had no idea that the American company had adapted Carroll's works, but alright, that was apparently a thing? She also didn't know who Michael Phelps was, but she assumed he was famous in one world or another. Recently, there had apparently been two "events," a bunch of cartoonish puppets were talking like real people, someone had died, someone else ate people, and Peggy kept her gun squarely in her lap. She didn't delve far, but she read enough. A young girl had shown a puppet show and Peggy was fairly certain she was either drugged or in an insane asylum.

Whatever the truth turned out to be, for now she needed allies, people who could help fill in the blanks. It was time to see who here was of the "helpful" variety. As it seemed others were also in her position, and many were panicking, she chose a different approach. Panicking seemed to be normal, but in asylums, no one spoke to the unstable ones. Her tone was sardonic as she addressed the network.

This will be the second time within a few weeks I've found myself homeless. It seems I'm making a rather disappointing habit of it despite my better intentions.

Now, do we simply choose any of the open rooms here, or is there somewhere I report for an assignment?

[She paused for a moment, looking at the irritating little pamphlet.]

And one more thing, by your reckoning, what year is it?
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[ Lana had felt constricted in the mansion today for some reason. So she'd decided to go out flying. She could only go so far, but it made her feel better all the same. She blasted herself up out over the beach, enjoying the way the wind blew through the long coat of her Bombshell costume.

Everything was fine until she headed back to the mansion. She lands on the roof and is about to head for the stairs when she steps in something and slips. Is that... blood?

She runs, following the trail of blood, then gasps when she sees a body. A body that she knows. She pulls her cell out from inside her costume and fumbles with it for a second, hands shaking, before finally recording a message. ]

This is L-- this is Bombshell. I'm on the roof, and I found a-a body. [ Deep breaths, Lana. ] Billy... Wiccan is dead.

Please, I don't know what to do!

[ She ends the recording and hits Send, then kneels, still shaking, by Billy's body to wait. ]

[Audio 003]

Jan. 6th, 2015 09:10 am
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[Private to Phil, Skye, and Jemma]

[Long time no talk, guys.]

Sorry. For know.

Going quiet.

[Everything that had been going on had been a whirlwind for Fitz and it had taken him some time to deal with all of it. Plus, he wouldn't have been all that valuable in a fight anyway.

The whole little kid thing and all and then his general..uselessness that he constantly felt.]

I hope you all are okay.

[Open to all | Still Audio]

...I hope everyone came out on the other side of that whole mess alright. I...I wish...

[There's a pause and when he does speak again, the engineer sounds sad and frustrated with himself.]

I'm sorry I didn't do much of anything to help.
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[The video clicks on, and one can see a familiar face to some, not so familiar to others, but she looks well, if a bit disgruntled, and mayhaps a bit confused.]

So, hi, I think I got sent back home? Anyways, I lost days, and I'm thinking it was a week or three. Um, I have so many questions to ask, but that'll be later, I think. Thor, Darcy, I hope neither one of you got sent back home? Because I hope it was just me and not a hole between dimensions, because if that's true, that could explain a few things, and I doubt it's time for the Convergence again. My last experience left much to be desired. Being host to an Infinity Stone is not something I want to repeat.
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Cut for introspection. )

This is a message to those of you that were stuck on the mirror side for this past week and a half. If you saw a big green monster wrecking up the place, that was me. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I'm sorry if I put you in danger. I'm not sure if I seriously injured anyone, I can't remember everything that happened while I was like that.

[ Yes, he's aware of the irony in that. ]

I have him under control, usually. I don't change unless I want to. [ Mostly anyway, but no point in scaring anyone. ] But the Jabberwocky changed things. I couldn't control myself because I couldn't remember how to do it.

So, I'm sorry. You don't need to be worried about him, not anymore.

I hope everyone's alright.

(( ooc; all replies will be in either anon, private or both. and if your character was on the mirror side, feel free to assume they saw the Hulk at some point! ))
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[Gabriel is sitting pretty in an arm chair in his room, one leg crossed over the other at the knee as he addresses Wonderland. It's almost as if he hadn't gone on a murderous rampage, but really, we're not talking about that. It was the Event after all! It wasn't his fault. No need to bring it up right? He's comfortable and there's a glint of adoration, kind of in the way an adult would look at a child who's said something stupid but they're too nice to correct them. He'll just nod and smile, yes, you're right little ones, all is well and right in the world again.]

You humans are so amusing at times with your odd coping mechanisms, no one grieves or heals quite the same. I must say, for many of you the show must go on, but to fall from one horrific event into a large feast? Now that must take some strong stomachs. Tell me, did your celebration of the enslavement of a native race and theft of land go off without a hitch? I'm just dying to know.

[A look of mock embarrassment as he covers his mouth as if he's said a bad word. He seems almost honestly apologetic but the little quirk at the corner of his mouth tells you he's trying hard not to laugh.]

Sorry. Right, I forgot it was commercialized and made into a day of thanks and brotherhood long before the War. I suppose most of you can give thanks for being alive after recent events. Though, humor me won't you? What are you truly thankful for??

Private to Alex, Michael and William )
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--swear if this is some flarkin' alternate universe stuff again I'm going to murder that mutt.

[Rocket hadn't meant for his communicator to come on when it did but he'd been fiddling with it while he ranted and suddenly, there was video. The raccoon is less than pleased looking, ears pressed flat to his head as his tail snaps about in annoyance as he eyes the device he'd just turned on before looking at another that he held in the other hand.]

Groot? Mantis? Can either of you hear me?

[A pause before he growls softly.]

Mr. Cosmo? I'll even take hearing your d'ast voice at this point.

[There was no response out of the passport device, hardly surprising, and Rocket tucked it away into one of the pouches on his belt before focusing on the other device; the new one he'd found himself with.]

Whatever's going on here, answers would be appreciated, mates, and in a timely manner. I need to figure out how to get home before some other world shattering event happens.
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[ when the video comes on, at first all you can see is trees and darkness. then, a distant roar, and the sky lights up, everything illuminated in the lightning crash.

it's not a deliberate video; the phone is on the ground, at an angle, discarded or lost, and Thor is visible in the distance, on his knees, his head thrown back.

another roar, and this time it's clearly not just thunder: it's him. he's crying out, his voice raw and ruined by the pain in it. and the lightning?

the lightning comes out of his mouth. ]

((ooc: action is good, as are responses to the video! Thor made his way to the forest as soon as he realized what was happening to him. given the nature of his powers, he's also... going to be easy to find, with extremely localized clouds overhead. rain. lightning striking... it's not subtle!

this is also a CATCHALL post, and other dates can be handled with subject lines. c: ))


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