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Mar. 15th, 2016 08:21 pm
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[ Selina's absolutely not the type to turn to others for help. Especially not a whole open network of people. But sometimes, there are situations that occur that you just can't get out of on your own, and this is looking, very unfortunately, exactly like one of those.

Basically, she's had an accident with something she stole from someone back during Saturnalia. It had looked like an innocent little vial of liquid, and while she's smart enough to know not to trust the contents since there's no label, sometimes accidents happen. And that sometimes means... Well, basically, she broke the vial and it's had an interesting effect on her.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary when she starts up a video feed over the network, but she does look frustrated and gives a huff before getting to an explanation. ]

Hey. So. I've got a little problem and was hoping someone out there might have a solution.

[ With that, she lifts her left hand and reveals that it has been entirely trapped in crystal. ]

Yeah. Long story, but to put it shortly, I "borrowed" this vial of something from some guy back during Saturnalia. I haven't really touched it again since then, but when I picked it up today, it kind of...broke. And this happened.

[ A long, irritated glance is cast in the direction of her crystal-encased hand. ]

Normally I have no problem dealing with my own problems, but this is kind of new. As in, I have no idea how to fix my hand. So if anyone has any ideas or actually knows what to do? That'd be great.


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