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[While looking for his cell phone, Akihiko finds a different electronic device instead. He wonders who it belongs to, and his first thought is to turn it in at the campus police station.

It doesn’t take him long to realize that he isn’t at the university anymore. He doesn’t even recognize the area itself, which is strange. There is a brief instance of hesitation before he decides to try out the device, since he can’t locate his cell phone at the moment.

When Mitsuru’s number doesn’t register on the device, he frowns with confusion. Well… maybe it isn’t meant to be used as a phone.

Akihiko accesses the network and starts posting a message.]

Hey, whoever this thing belongs to, just let me know, and I’ll keep it safe for ya.

[He pauses for a moment to glance around, still feeling confused. There’s no harm in asking, even if he doubts his teammates or friends are really nearby.] And if anyone here’s heard of the Kirijo Group… or SEES… I’d like to get some info. Thanks.
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Since my last message, it has come to my notice that there are more people investigating this mansion and its various elements than I was aware of. I realise that some of us perhaps work better on our own but it strikes me that we are missing an opportunity if we do not coordinate and cooperate on what we find. Perhaps if those of us actively working on solving the mysteries of this place could come to work together, to share what we know, we will stand a better chance of finding some answers.

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[It's a little snowy outside today, Wonderland. But that's okay because right now? This particular camera is seemingly submerged underwater since the world is blurred and, well, watery, and occasionally a blue and white fish would swim by or glimpes of its tail would appear on screen. If one looks carefully, the fish is actually in something like this aquarium.

There are other smaller fish bowls lined up along the desk with several fish that look like this and this, and a few of these. One other like this which looked a little out of place swam by too.

There is a theme of sorts with these fish. They seem to all be or have shades of blue. Sometimes another swirl of blue appeared in the camera's range, but that was just this teenager's blue hair and bangs as Minato looked and inspected all of the fish before the camera feed turned off.]
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Mark is camping out in one of the library's tall windows, the better to watch the snowstorm. Not that it's doing him much good--the view outside is solid white. But he's convinced that something's going on out there, so he'll be there for most of the day, keeping watch just in case.

Around noon, he sends out a formal transmission:

"Hey everyone. Good afternoon. Since we're all stuck inside anyway, and we've had some departures and arrivals, I'd like to take another census. Name, date, where you're from, special powers, if you've got them. If we haven't met before, my name's Mark. I'm not out to hurt anyone with this information. Just looking for answers. You can ask around, anyone will tell you so. I'm down in the library if you'd rather talk in person. And...I guess that's it. Thanks."


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