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[ there had been a large vacancy in his life during that event, one that continued through when memories were returned and everyone was back in Wonderland.


she hadn't been in Storybrooke, and her room looked as though she had just- disappeared. he'd gone to find Frank, to find if he'd seen her, but that had come up fruitless as well. they'd both been absent during the event, continued to be following it.

(her things were still in her room, which was the only part of this keeping him together. the fact that her belongings were right where she left them meant that she wasn't gone, wasn't sent him, just- missing. missing could be found again. ]

If you know them, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang are missing. Their belongings are still in their rooms, but they weren't present during the recent event, and Hazel hasn't been seen since everyone returned.

[ the video flicks on briefly, but only so that Nico can hold up a sketch from Hazel's sketchbook; an incredible likeness of his sister and her boyfriend. before long, the feed cuts again so he can return to text. ]

That's what they look like. If you happen to see them- [ what? do what? Nico isn't exactly known for sticking around, either. but he'd never been gone for the entire duration of an event and stay disappeared once things returned to normal. ]

Do people often go missing like this, as opposed to being sent back to their own worlds?
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[ the girl on the feed seems pretty out of place from the moment she shows up, looking frankly surprised at this new feature the device has shown. she stares at it curiously for a moment, her discomfort with the recording device being fairly obvious as she looks into the lens with a confused stare. after that moment of having it filmed the right way, calypso flips it upside down, solidifying the move with a frown creased in her eyebrows.

it's recording? she's going to run under the assumption that it's recording.

Is that better? I spent ages trying to figure out how to work this... [ she fumbles around again, the camera shaking in a motion sickness inducing way. right. she's supposed to be blending in at least a little bit better than this, probably.

side view!

Maybe that, instead? I must have forgotten how to work my... [ thing, right. they definitely didn't have these three thousand years ago, which means the technology is all new and strange to her. ] Nevertheless. If someone could please direct me to a Manhattan, I would be grateful.

[ she thinks to end it there, but after a second she just grins, a little giddily, ducking her head in like she's embarrassed. ]

I'm going to plant a garden!

[ that seems enough. with a pretty smile, the feed films her fumble around with the device for a solid minute, turning it this way and that, before she does, finally, get it to stop recording. ]
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[ so getting kidnapped, in all honesty, isn't the weirdest thing that could have happened to leo valdez. sure, he was in kind of a time crunch to save percy and annabeth back home, and the Argo II just might die without him steering it (probably overexaggerating, but still) but getting snatched up off the ship and dropped in some freaky-deaky mansion?

sounds like just another normal day in the life of a demigod.

leo's spent most of his time upon arrival exploring the little device he now had. this is the first time he's ever had a cellphone--literally ever--but with enough tinkering (screwing around) and messing with it, he found the network function. and the scrolling function.

is that percy?

his face pops up on the screen; tan skin, a mass of curly, dark hair, little bit of an oil smudge on his cheek. ]

So what kinda God-slash-Goddess-slash-enemy-of-demigods-everywhere kidnaps your friends and makes them start singing their feelings? Cause, uh...that's a new one. [ guys u ok. ] Whoever you are, I'm like...not a musical guy, so you're gonna have to just come out and let me blast you to bits or beat you up or whatever and give me back my friends so we can go back to saving the world and stuff, before I bust out in the boleros. Nobody wants to see that. Cool? Cool.

[ a beat--aw, you know, he realizes that the device might have been a demigod weapon. leo pales a little, stares at it, and mutters ] I'm putting this down before it bites me. [ and click, off goes the video. ]
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[ Sitting in the view of the camera is a sign, written in red crayon.


Hey. [ And the sign gets moved for a second, to reveal a tanned face, a ridiculous shock of curly, dark hair, and bright eyes. That all belongs to Leo Valdez, who you are going to regret listening to in about two seconds. ] The name's Leo, local ship pilot-captain-repair-boy, dragon-fixer, and champion food-eater. I'm from, uhh... that's not really important, but I'm a totally nice guy! I like pretty much anything with a mechanical center, really bad--which really means really awesome--jokes, and trying really hard not to die.

Which, you like too, right? [ Leo gives a grin to the feed, runs a hand through his dark hair, and it's a little more sheepish than he meant for it to come off. ] The not dying part, since that's a problem here, I guess.

[ He rolls his gaze up and off screen for a second, rocks back and forth from his seated position, then returns to actually looking at the camera. ] So on the path of this not dying thing, we should not-die together, and maybe hang out. I mean, if I'm gonna get out of here at some point, I might as well try to do it with a prom date, right?

Right? [ Leo is this a joke. ] So, you know, if you're single and--[ finger guns ] ready to mingle with a...semi-human, hit me up on...

On my not phone. Man, I can't remember the last time I used a phone. That's kinda messed up.

[ There's a brief second of silence before he snaps back to attention and nods at the feed, knocking off a fake salute. ] Right! Okay, well, let me know. See ya!

[ ...click. ]
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[Mumbled as the video feeds starts up, showing a girl with electric blue eyes, freckles across her nose, and black hair. There’s a circlet around her head- a tiara if one will that doesn't quite go with the first impression that she gives- and her silver jacket, somewhat ill-suited for the current climate, is partially open, revealing a white t-shirt.

She appears determined and annoyed, as she gives what can only be described as an evil glare to the thing she is holding, and when she finally speaks, her voice holds her impatience, but also an authoritative tone.]

As if there isn't enough to do, that I need some other nonsense thrown on my plate.

[So… Her eyes narrow.]

Listen. I’m not sure if this is some joke, or if something has happened, again… Or who is really behind this or what they want. But I need to know where I supposedly am and what’s supposedly going on. For anyone listening- [Putting emphasis on that] this is Thalia, Lieutenant of Artemis. Can any other Hunters hear me? I need you to check in as soon as possible. Time is running out… And I swear, if Hera so much as had any role in this- what a loose cannon.
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[ One minute, you're minding your own business in camp, enjoying your victories, and ignoring the impending doom that is becoming a constant cloud over your head, and the next, you're appearing in a mansion.

At first, Leo's ninety percent sure he's getting some weird dream vision from his dad again. Supposedly Zeus put a stop to those, so he's a little impressed with Hephaestus' tenacity, but after a hard pinch to the arm, he's sort of figuring out he's actually awake right now, and someone just transported him out of nowhere to somewhere else. Was it Gaea, or was it something else entirely? No one had ever been able to do this before, and there's something on his person that wasn't there before, like a little phone, so maybe it was his dad--

His mind is racing, to the point where his body is hot to the touch, and then there's no warning and he just lights up, flaring wild orange and red in the middle of the hallway. It's that that brings him back to the present, and Leo swears, loudly, and tries to calm himself down--by the time his fire's been put out, he's standing, butt naked, in the middle of the entrance hall.


The little device he found himself with, however, is unharmed. The demigod pretty much scrambles across the room to find a tapestry to duck behind, covering the important bits, then squints at the device, just laying there, innocently.

There's a moment of indecision before he dashes across the room, grabs it, and runs back. A little curious tinkering reveals the capabilities of the device, and Leo clicks record on the video setting. He looks a little singed, and is holding the device far enough away from his face so that you can just see the tapestry and part of his naked chest.]

So... Am I posting to some kind of kidnapee network? Uh, hi, my name's Leo, and I think I just got kidnapped too, and, uh...

[ He winces, and tries for a smile that might be sheepish. ] Can anybody bring me some clothes?


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