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'Terrified of commitment and abandonment. Desperate attention-seeker.'

Scribbling at random, aren't we?

Watch me go! I can put anything down and pretend it's my deepest, darkest secret. Worth killing over. None of you excitable lot would know the difference. How about...

'Adroit lover. Bashful. Sprouts wings and breathes fire. Actually a dragon.'

[If it walks like bullshit, talks like bullshit, smells like bullshit. . .]
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Secrets aren't really my thing. I mean, okay, so-- we all have them. They're secrety. I get it. People on the whole are secret-having and that's why we have secrets.

Can't there just be an 'opt-out' switch? [ she holds up her envelope, eyebrows lifting. ] What if I just burn this, without ever reading what's inside?

[ buffy turns the paper over, a slightly pensive frown creasing her features. ]

Here's the deal. The real-deal. This deal is so real they won't even put it on TV, real. Really. Dealy. So ask me a question any question, Wonderland. Because I'm willing to bet I know what's in this stupid thing anyway.

Which brings me to the real meat of my little speech. Don't ask me how words are meaty, they just are, and it's less gross than saying 'fatty.' But all of us, especially the girl-types of this venture, could use a night in. That's right, stick people of the skirt variety, I am proposing a girl's night hosted by none other than me. Buffy.

[ for the first time in the post she smiles, her envelope coming into view again. ]

And if for some reason these little things end up in the fire? We can blame it on the wine.

Oh, and someone, please bring wine! Room 2 Floor 2!! Xander, you're invited too. Scratch that, your presence is required. And you totally have girl's night precedent so gender is no issue of question.

[ and later on that night, buffy sits in her room and waits for her guests, wearing bunny pajamas, only pretend they don't have feet because pedicures are a thing that are happening. anyone is welcome to respond to the post but if you have a penis and your name is not alexander harris you will get turned away from the room, sorry notsorry! ]


Sep. 7th, 2013 11:35 pm
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[Despite the announcements of death and perhaps more to come thanks to that bloody cat, this face remains as impassive as ever.]

So, it's killing each other then? Now, don't get me wrong, killing another is entirely all right if it's for a good reason, but keeping a secret hardly falls into that category. I'll let you all know right now, it's in the nature of discovering history that your secrets will be revealed. Perhaps long after you're dead and gone, granted, but one day others will likely know your deepest, darkest, twisted doings and perversions. So what difference does it make if you suffer the embarrassment now or in your chosen afterlife?

Also, as an afterthought, I have my guns on me. Always. And I'm a very, very good shot.
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[For whatever reason, the Mansion's most confident individual has chosen to not show her face on video. Maybe it was something emotional, or maybe it was a complete lack of understanding of this world's technological devices (even her own world's was beyond her comprehension), but her voice just barely veils a sort of ... resignation.]

It appears that I am st ... [Don't say the word don't say it, saying it makes it real] staying here longer than I had previously intended upon arrival. If that is the case then of course I am going to make the most of it. Any interesting spots to investigate, any impossible creatures needing to be killed, any history around to be learned, I would appreciate a nudge in the proper direction. Anything is better than sitting and twiddling my thumbs aimlessly.
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[Has anyone ever seen lips so pursed? So unamused? So unwilling to accept the fate thrown at them? The rest of this new woman's face also shows the same amount of disapproval at her new fate. Not surprise or unease, no, just simple disapproval. Like a disappointed parent.]

So this is it, then? Of all the realities that could exist, of all the existential answers of gods and lives beyond the veil it's bloody Wonderland? How lovely.

[Her tone of voice indicates it's the farthest thing from lovely possible.]

But I see that I'm not alone in this transportation, so I don't suppose anyone would be so kind to point me in the direction back home? I have matters to attend to.

Oh, and I have been quite rude not introducing myself outright, haven't I? My name is Lara Croft.


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