Nov. 1st, 2013 10:21 pm
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Ah...hello. Is everyone okay?

[It's very dark in Tohru's video. She sounds a little quiet and uncertain, but otherwise seems to be herself. ...Well. Except for the voice in the back of her mind that sounds very much like her own. That loud voice that says Idiot. Of course they're not okay. You know that and everyone else knows that, so why even say it?.

She's been doing her best to ignore it, but...she has to admit that it stings a little. But, she presses on, even though she seems sort of uncomfortable.

I...I just wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately...

[Well. She gets up suddenly, and takes the camera. The view shakes for a moment, and Tohru turns it around and...the roots have overtaken the diner. They've completely destroyed the walls and even taken out the bright lights. Many of the booths and tables have been destroyed, and the kitchen has been totally torn apart.]

No one's been hurt, but I'm afraid we have to close the diner until this is over. It's not safe to bring people here.

[You really are stupid if you thought it was going to be safe when everything else was being ruined.]

U-Um. Hopefully...hopefully, this will be over soon. And once it's over, we can try to fix it. Please, stay safe everyone.

[And she shuts off the camera, as her Mirror scoffs - Are you kidding? It's a wreck in here! There's no way someone like you could fix any of this. And Tohru...Tohru goes back to ignoring her Mirror, or trying her hardest to.]


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