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 (They have researched the chemical workings, and they have experienced existence as an organic. And yet, this knowledge is insufficient.)

What is the significance of emotion?

(Why do they have them? Why are they so different without them? Their time in Quor'toth weighs on them. They do not understand.)


Nov. 23rd, 2016 11:29 am
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Gotta ask - whatcha gonna say is the weirdest thing you've ever seen? Discountin' all the freaky shit that happens here, anyways.

[He clears his throat. Dan's seen some weird stuff and coming here wasn't needed to classify it as weird. Even in the wastes, the kinds of trouble he gets himself into isn't anywhere close to normal.]

Fer me, it's gotta be my own brain floatin' in a jar. But, y'no. Ain't a competition. Jus' curiosity.
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[ the feed shakes for a moment, before a sign comes into frame as cordelia's chipper forced-infomercial voice dictates: ]
Wonderland got you down?  Having a hard time coping with supernatural events that they definitely didn't have back home in Dullsville, USA, or whatever your dimensional zip code was before you got here?  

[ the card lowers to present cordelia's grinning face, where she sits in the offices of angel investigations, on the front desk cross legged. ]

Well, lucky for you, some of us are used to this kind of nonsense, and we're here to help you.  Whether you need protection or just someone to look into some kind of weirdness that you can't deal with alone, Angel Investigations can be the heroes you need.  Find us on the fourth floor, in room 10... especially after sundown.  

We help the helpless!  So help us help you.

[ she holds the sign back up and waves it a bit, before pushing it closer to the camera so that it zooms in on the logo one last time.

(replies can be over the network, or action replies at the office). ]

[oocly: also, don't forget you can
request a vision from cordelia at any time to foreshadow plot events! ]
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[That was no small comet that hit the checkerboard hills, that was an angel who was actually aiming for a car that was speeding down Highway 94. Talk about missing their target completely. In any case, should you check out the anomaly, whatever caused it is gone.

Around this time the network devices go a little haywire, glass starts to break. When a voice finally comes through, it’s not pleasant at all. But just as it becomes unbearable, it stops.]

My apologies. s...this... better?

[There’s a long pause as if the feed cut out.]

…Taken a wrong turn at the Grand Canyon. This does not appear to be Minnesota.



[And finally a face. Castiel tilts his head at the device, aware that it had to be used for some kind of communication, but whatever else it was capable was lost to him. Had he been properly warned about the candy, he wouldn't have politely consumed a proffered piece. He currently resembles what an angel should look like according to pop culture. Toga, harp, large black wings, and a sparkly halo to top it all off.]
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[Jo is in the bar when the video feed goes live; from what can be glimpsed over her shoulder, the place looks relatively normal-- maybe a little brighter than normal, but what really stands out is the long, long line of empty shot glasses lined up on the bar itself and an assortment of roughly two dozen bottles that have all been pulled down from the top shelf, whatever top shelf in Wonderland is actually worth.]

So this is a little overdue; there hasn’t really been a good time for it thanks to holes in the sky and then zombies, and it sounds like we’re due for something else soon, but--

But! [ And here Simon appears from behind her, leaning in to peer into the camera from where he perches with his chin on her shoulder, grinning cheerfully. ] But we meant to have a party up here like, a week ago, so we’re squeezing it in now before something worse happens, because such is our luck. Awesome, I know, right? But this time we have something to celebrate, so…

[Jo swats at him a little, ducking out from beneath his chin. although she’s grinning just as broadly as he is.]

A few people already know, but we got engaged last month and still haven’t had the chance to drink to it properly! We were hoping people would decide to come by the bar tonight and help us out with that part-- there’s way too much for just the two of us.

[There’s also food, for anyone who doesn’t feel like getting smashed is the best way to celebrate.]

So she keeps telling me. [ Simon rolls his eyes at that, but his grin is still lingering and cheeky. ] Anyway, there’s plenty, and it’s an open invitation to friends and strangers alike, so anyone who feels like stopping by for a little fun and food, you can find us at the bar on the fifth floor.

(OOC: Network responses will come from both Simon and Jo, feel free to specify if you want one of them in particular! Anyone who wants to come party, there’s a designated thread for mingling below!)


Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:58 am
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[Helena is honestly furious, but she knows no one on this side has done anything to wrong her. It was the other one. The one who looks like sestra Sarah but isn't. She knows others have things missing, but taking her scrapbook is a crime against humanity.]

I have question for those here longer than I have been.

If I kill one from other side, does it come back in the way people tell me happens on this side?

And how do I get one here, or go there? These are things I need to know.

[She pauses before adding, for context - whether or not it helps.]

She took my first scrapbook. I was making it with little Mabel.

Now I will kill the mirror.
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[When the camera turns on the screen is dark and indiscernible with the sound of rustling as if it's operator is holding it too close to their clothing. The camera is shifted, revealing first a dark jacket and then, suddenly, Ellen's face comes into view, worn and unsure.

Her eyes are red from crying, but there's a strong bit of defiance in them as she stares the camera down.]

My name's Ellen. I'm looking for my daughter.

[She swallows, pursing her lips momentarily as the camera falls slightly, catching the woods up behind her. She squares her jaw and raises the camera to eye level again, her voice matter of fact and dangerous.]

I don't know what this place is and I don't care. I just need to find Jo. If you can help, I could use it. If you can't, stay the hell out of my way.
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[ Something’s not right in Wonderland today--if you can call being dropped into the middle of the desert not right. The video flickers to life with a strange sense of urgency. Both Charlie and Michael can be seen somewhere in the entrance hall, breathing somewhat heavy. ]

Hey. [ Charlie speaks first, glancing at Michael and then back to the screen. ] I dunno if anyone’s noticed, but we kinda have a problem. They’re, um… [ She looks to the archangel for some help, still trying to catch her breath. ]

Wonderland is under attack. The lower angels of our world are here.

[ Charlie elbows him a little. ]

What he means is these things are angels, but there’s nothin’ fluffy about them. They’ll kill you if they get the chance, and it ain’t a walk in the park. [ She lifts up a dated cattle prod. ] Electricity can knock ‘em out, but bullets are sort of useless against them.

[ From off to the side, you can hear a muffled female voice that sounds like Claire. ]

Empyrean steel will kill them. [ Claire’s hand appears into the video to hand him something. ] Claire asked for a weapon and the closet gave her this. It is made of the steel, but the format is useless here.

Do not try to fight them. They may look like someone you know
- except the real ugly faces - but they are inhumanely strong and fast. There is another way to stop them, but it requires

What the--

[ Michael’s cut off by both Claire and Charlie’s raised voices, and there’s only a second before the video goes dark, the image of Charlie struggling as she’s dragged through the front door by her hair lingering to those that see the post. ]

[ ooc: Feel free to have your possessed character being the one who is attacking. If you want a specific person to tag back, place their name in the header. Otherwise, it’s a mystery who you’ll get.. ]
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Who caught the announcement for that one? Because in case you haven't had a chance to admire the view, we're in the middle of nowhere, and as far as I can tell this wasn't part of the schedule.


[ The Jabberwock's disappearance took everybody else's incentive with it, or so it feels to him these days. In the aftermath he worries more than people did before, but it doesn't seem like he'll have all that much company with his concerns this time around. How he can go about changing that is a question for another day. First it's time to investigate.

He goes where his message will be seen, inevitably by his side, but more importantly by the other. His distaste for the inquiry is palpable, but there are only so many options he's got on short notice. He lifts a black marker, and finds the letters ordering themselves effortlessly... as he suspected they would.


[ He pens down the message on the entrance hall mirror, and leaves shortly afterwards. He expects objections, follow-up questions, and unsolicited conversations to boot, but those can be held on the fifth floor, in the semi-privacy of his designated room. ]


[ Short of not feeling like standing around in the entrance hall Philip didn't exactly make a big secret of his location. He'll spend most of the day there, waiting. Inevitably available for visitors and contacts, should anybody from either side of the looking-glass be curious about the message. ]
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[When the video feed comes on, Castiel is actually in his room, which isn't a place that he's very often found. His face is drawn with weariness, and while he tends to have circles under his eyes, they seem to be even more prominent than usual. Strange, given that he's an angel and doesn't require sleep, but this is a different kind of fatigue.

He doesn't waste any time, simply gets right to the point of this announcement, facing his phone's screen head-on.]

Dean Winchester has been cured.

[No doubt there are those who won't take his word for it, and so he's quick to elaborate.] I have senses that go beyond the five that most of you are familiar with, and there is no trace of any demonic presence in him now. [Even then, he expects that some won't believe him, but when they see Dean for themselves, chances are that any of their doubts will drop away.

Now comes the hard part. Castiel draws a breath in and lets it out, girding himself.]

I know that there are many of you who want revenge, but Dean was not himself in the time since his return. He was tainted, and that taint has been removed. [And here, his expression shifts from weary to something harder. His jaw clenches and he stares, unblinking.] If you have complaints to air, you can take them up with me. Dean is in no state to hear them right now.

[Working through the guilt of so many friends and family killed by his hands, even if he hadn't been in control of them at the time -- it's going to be a while before Dean will be able to face anyone. Until then, Castiel is willing to take the brunt of the righteous anger that might directed toward him.]

Believe me, he's already punishing himself enough. [There are those here who might not realize just how self-hating Dean Winchester can be. Whatever they might want to say to him, he's already said it to himself in a hundred different ways. If Castiel can spare him some of that, then he'll gladly do so.

His body language loosens slightly then, and he glances downward as he reaches for his phone.]
... That's all. [And the feed cuts.]
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[ When Simon opens the video feed, it shows just his face and very little of his surroundings. He's not taking any more risks than he has to at the moment. He looks tired and worn and unusually serious for anyone that knows him well. ]

Hey, all. Simon here.

I know Sam put out a message a day or so back, but I just wanted to give friends and such an update. Jo's back, and fine, but considering everything that's been going on, we're going to be taking a few vacation days. Which means the bar's gonna be self-serve for a few days. Please try not to wreck the place with all the wild parties, would ya? Oh, and I suppose that goes for the gym, too, but that's usually self-serve, so... carry on, I guess?

If anyone needs us, you can still get us here by phone.
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[Michael's never been the social type, he speaks to others when it is necessary, but he's not the shy sort either. He's just reserved, and he's kept to himself, observing Wonderland and all its ways. The archangel has noticed a few things, though it is nothing that Wonderland tries to hide, but he's noticed them anyways, and he's a little hung up on one of its most obvious quirks.

People come and they go. With no warning. There one moment, gone the next.

The appearances and disappearances happen at times that seem almost random, no method or reason, but if it were all part of some grand plan, what better way to hide it than a seeming lack of design and purpose. When he decides to address the network (via video), he's stern, as usual, but more resigned than is typical for him.]

This may come as no surprise, but more of us have gone home.

[At least that is where he assumes they have gone, as it is just as likely that they've gone from one Wonderland to another.]

Alex Lannon. [A short pause.] Gabriel and William before that.

[He sighs then, they'd all gone pretty quickly. Though Alex was the most recent person that he was aware of.]

It is also my belief that there aren't many angels left as well. [Heavenly intuition, he likened it to, but he could feel that most had gone home.] If anyone has any thoughts on the subject of the way everyone comes and goes, may they be hypothetical or otherwise, it does not matter. I would like to hear them.

[Michael lets the feed end there.]

[ooc: Video, action, text. Anything is welcome.]
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[It's rare to see Sam truly angry. He has a remarkable capacity to take things in stride. Maxine might have seen him like this, maybe Simon, but no-one else in Wonderland and even then back home, the anger had been cut with hurt and betrayal and loss. There's none of that this time. Just rage.

The camera is too close to give a view on where he is posting this message from, or whether there's anyone with him. He's not stupid. But nor is he locking this away from Dean. He knows what he's done.]

Dean Winchester, or whatever he is right now, murdered Jo Harvelle last night. He tried to kill Simon Lauchlan too, but that didn't stick, and he brutally injured Doctor Maxine Myers, just because she tried to help Jo.

He planned this. It was horrible and brutal and vicious and he'll do it again.

Stay together. Stay armed and ward your rooms if you can and don't think you can argue or bargain your way out of it. He's a monster and he's killing for fun. There's no talking to things like that.

Locked to Sam Winchester, Crowley and Castiel

I hope you have something planned soon. He's not going to stop. He's hurt some of the people closest to me and if you won't stop him, then I will.

[He isn't sure how, but he has ideas and none of them are pleasant.]
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[ a little while ago dean brutally murdered one demon king of hell, crowley, and hurt john blake in the process. before that, he murdered both his best friend and brother, and attacked a whole bunch of people once near and dear to him. today, thankfully, finds him doing something entirely different as dean addresses the network with a lazy smile on his face.

he’s looking way too pleased with himself, beer in hand and leaning against a familiar looking car... ]

This place is kinda morbid, right? Murders and fights and scheming going on left and right— leaves your head spinning even on a good day. So I figure I should try to shake things up a little, and offer something… uh, nicer to the public.

The female public, anyway. Here I’ve attached a collection of potential good times, so if you see your name and wanna have fun — which means get laid, for the less savvy people — then lem’me know. No strings attached, no flowers and chocolates bullshit. I’m easy like that.

[ he is a gift from god. and he promises no one will get murdered. unless they try something stupid. ]

attachment: dean's handy-dandy do list )

[ he never did say he hadn’t put down a few notes along with the names. ]

Now if you’re worried ‘cause your pretty little name ain’t on the list, fret not. If you’re easy enough on the eyes and old enough to know what fun is, get in contact.

[ s m i l e! and dean cuts the feed. ]

( ooc: note that some threads in this post might include heavy violence and/or dub-con/non-con type elements! read at your own risk. )


Apr. 4th, 2015 06:07 pm
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[ Filtered to everyone but Dean Winchester ]

For anyone keeping a running tally of Dean Winchester's kills, I'm now among them.

He has a blade that can kill just about anything, so I would recommend staying out of his way, even if you think you're above the reach of a mere demon. That means you, archangels.


[ Filtered to Sam Winchester, John Blake, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Yao, Jo Harvelle, and Castiel. ]

We have to do something. Two ideas.

1. I cut off his arm and see if it makes a difference.
2. I have a brain slug in a jar that would incapacitate him as long as it remained on his head.

I suspect you'll all prefer #2, won't you?

[ Filtered to John Blake ]

Call me when you revive. I can't find the dog.
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[Castiel isn't one to make use of the network unless he has good reason for it, but this falls squarely into that category. When the feed starts up, he's seated in the music room, which is one of the only areas in the mansion he could find that has an empty seat and isn't affected by one of the residual events.

He clearly isn't there to play the piano, though. He's got his phone pointed at his face and his expression is nothing short of grim. It's been a trying past few days.]

I've conferred with someone else about this and it looks to be a plague that's affected a number of us. I have memories that don't belong to me.

[There's already been some yelling about it over the network, whereas Castiel is much more controlled. He wants this fixed, if that's even possible.]

I may be able to put them back where they belong, if I can find their owner.

[At that point, he lifts up a piece of paper where he's sketched out some patterns from memory.] Does anyone here have tattoos that look like this, along their chest, arms, and back? [There's so much more he could say -- about being the Chosen One, or knowing the archangels Michael and Gabriel, but he would rather not air this mystery person's dirty laundry on the network for everyone to hear. Hopefully the mention of tattoos will be enough to grab someone's attention.

He lowers the paper.]
And... if anyone has memories of being an angel, we may need to talk. [He would also rather not go into any further detail about what he's missing. It's hard to, when he only knows the very basics of what he's lost.]

One last warning: stay out of Dean Winchester's way. He's still dangerous.

[Castiel reaches forward for his phone and the feed cuts.]
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[ Boom. And just like that, as if he'd been asleep the whole time, Sam wakes up. It's a startling moment from death to life, though it's happened so many times now that he should be used to it. The younger Winchester takes a full twenty minutes to gather his bearings, flex his fingers, put a hand to his head where he feels a dull throbbing. Then, once he can get to his feet, he realizes he's been lying on his own bed, covered in blood (his own, probably) for some time. So he'd like to shower, get on fresh clothes, take another long period of staring at himself in the mirror, only faintly able to recall what it felt like to have his head beaten in by his own brother.

All he does, though, is slip the devil's trap handcuffs into his pockets, does a few stretches for the sake of doing something with his (living) body, and then pull up the network. ]

What the hell happened to my room?

[ It's a friggin' nightmare. It matched his corpse well enough, he guesses, but Sam isn't exactly in the mood for that kind of humor at the moment. ]

Oh, yeah. I'm alive. In one piece and everything. [ Tone: flat. Tired. ] And if you haven't figured it out yet, Dean's a demon, and he's probably trying to either kill or sleep with you, if you're talking to him. Or both. So don't do that.

[ Tone: flat. Tired. Very tired. ]

My room's, uh. Not my room, so I'll be mobile, but I've got holy water for people who want to piss him off. Generally I'd advise against, though, since he's pretty damn strong and is really into bashing people's heads in. Normal weapons don't do anything against demons, so, again, just avoid him like the plague. Which he basically is, right now.

[ ... ]

... Uh. Sorry to anyone who had to see me the other day. Like that.
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[Kaneki got one look at the "happy" memory playing out in his room and he wants nothing to do with it, to be quite honest. Sure, the content of the memory was happy at the time--mostly--but right now, it's just making him homesick.

He's fled to Darcy's coffee shop on the first floor, near the training/danger room. He helps out there pretty regularly, so it seemed like the next-best place to be. He's behind the coffee bar in his apron, leaning forward on it, his crossed arms resting on the surface, as he addresses the network.]

Some event, right. [Yes. Some event.] I'm not really sure if anyone had the same reaction to it as me, but if you did, you might want a break from it.

[He offers a smile that's a bit less nervous than usual. The network, he's found, creates a nice buffer between him and other people that he appreciates.]

I make pretty good coffee, and I know how to make other drinks, too. I'll be in trouble at home if I get rusty at it while I'm here. [He laughs a little, but really, he can just imagine at least one of his co-workers at home being pretty nasty about it, if that were a thing that could actually happen.] So if anyone wants a break from whatever's going on, you can come by the coffee shop. I'll be here.

[For the next few days, possibly. Blah.]
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[It's been a long, long time since Angel has made an appearance of any kind over the network. Normally, that's just down to the fact that he's not a social person; certain aspects of the network devices still frustrate and elude him and it's not often that he has much to say to the mansion at large, but what he has to share now has a lot to do with the other reason he's been scarce. It's been months since he's been himself, and in the week that he's had his soul back -- or was it longer, now? -- he's been withdrawn, hidden away in a room that isn't even his own, drinking animal blood far, far away from any of the resident humans, doing what he can to wean himself back off the taste that Angelus had re-awakened in his absence.

When the feed first opens, early on Tuesday morning, it's only voice, and he sounds even grimmer than he usually has in the past. It's certainly a far cry from the biting, tongue-in-cheek cheer that Angelus had displayed.]

I know there are a lot of people here who probably don't want to hear from me anytime soon.

[It feels strange, to be preparing to apologize for something almost exactly a year after he'd played a part in bringing Tom Hanniger's rampage to an end, but he had always known that this was a possibility. Here or anywhere else, there was always a chance Angelus would get out, and it might even be worse that he had waited months to hurt anyone, that he had replaced Angel for months and done damage simply by demoralizing the people Angel himself cared about.]

And I know an apology isn't enough to make up for what's been done. The last few months, the last weeks-- [He lets out a muted noise of frustration. He's not good at this, at articulating himself, at trying to express that he wants to make things right.] I can't undo anything Angelus did. I don't expect forgiveness, or anyone's trust. It's not that simple. But I wanted people to know-- I am sorry, for what he did. I'm willing to keep my distance, stay away from anyone he might have hurt, but I also--

[He sighs.]

From here on out, I also want to offer my protection. That might not be worth anything to some of you, and that's fine, but making amends for Angelus-- [That's all he has. For a long time, now, it's seemed like that's all he ever has.] I don't know if I ever truly can, but it's my job to try and atone for what he's done, regardless. What I've done.

[But that's not the only thing he has to address the network about.]

The other thing is...

[He sighs heavily, slowly, and suddenly the video feed goes live, revealing that instead of a six-foot-plus vampire, the phone is being operated by what is most definitely a puppet. A frowning, poofy-haired, caveman-foreheaded puppet.]

This event is, uh-- it's my fault. These are my memories. [And they're really, really stupid.] I'm sorry, they're-- look, just try not to touch or look directly at any television sets. That's probably safest for everyone.

(OOC: Responses will be coming from [personal profile] smiletime! If you want action anywhere within the mansion or grounds as opposed to talking over the network, Angel can bump into your character wherever and whenever you like, just include the time and place in the header!)
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[ It’s not every day that the people of Wonderland get good news, and boy has Dean gotten some— at least according to his brother. It’s why when the feed clicks on, the view is of both brothers leaving the Mansion, their destination becoming clear within the next few seconds. Parked just outside sits a car, black surface shining and spotless and perfect.

And Dean? Dean looks beyond excited, breaking away from his brother with a few quick steps as he approaches the newly arrived vehicle. Like a kid in a candy store, he huffs a laugh as he approaches it, hand reaching out to touch the Impala the moment he’s close enough, an undeniable gasp leaving him as he does. ]


[ Anything and anyone else seems to be forgotten after that, Dean’s focus entirely on the car. He all but embraces it, whispering —Sorry I left you, I’m back now, you’re so beautiful, I’ll never let anyone hurt or touch you again — things to what’s arguably a third Winchester by every standard except blood.

The reason it's all being recorded in the first place is due to Sam who, though the network can't see his face, has the whole scene playing out via his camera. The younger Winchester, who'd spotted the car earlier, just scoffs in honest disbelief. ]

Told you. I wouldn't've believed it, but... yeah. Guess she left it behind.

[ "For us" goes unspoken after the exceptionally awkward story that she'd elected to share with everyone. It's a backwards kind of bittersweet now that she'd gone, gifting them their literal mobile home. ]

Just wanted you to see it. I'll give you two a room.

[ With a little laugh, he turns away as if to head back inside. However, the video from the device switches to another recorded feed, one from a camera that Sam had stuck within the car before bringing his brother out. Apparently edited for content, a song queues up in the background to overlay the scene.

And what a scene it is. Anyone who actually decides it’s a good idea to keep watching will be subjected to more of, well, what’s already been going on. Dean’s all but kissing the car, rounding around the back until he’s at the driver’s side, then slipping in to sit behind the wheel. Hands feel down the steering wheel, then the side compartment — his cassettes, yes — and every inch of the car. All with Dean looking as if he’s been reunited with a long lost friend, words of affection still whispered to the car in a hushed tone.

Shh, this is a private moment. ]

( ooc; replies will come from both dean and sam )

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Jan. 4th, 2015 09:42 am
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( Lydia had waited a few days before saying anything just in case Allison had been somewhere else in the mansion, and now it was almost a week. It was usually a week when people disappeared, and although she knew some stayed out longer - she had - the last time Allison had disappeared it had been a week. But this time she wasn't back, and for some reason things felt very different )

Allison's gone. I know that she might still come back but most people come back by now.

( Not everyone disappears for a month. There have only been a few people that have been gone longer than a week. Too few to be hopeful that this might be the case, especially with what Allison has to go back to. That's what makes it worse, the fact that Lydia doesn't know if Allison can come back. Wonderland can bring you back from the dead here but what about when you died at home )

She's always been here while I have.

( And Lydia got extra time with her - time that she wouldn't have had if they'd been at home. At least Wonderland did one thing she couldn't hate )

If she'd known what she was going back to would it have helped?

( Everyone says that Wonderland makes you forget, but what if you remember on some level. Something a little more instinctual. Maybe things could change )
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[He was grinning ear to ear, nonplussed by his rather sudden arrival, and, yes -he had been in the shower-, but that was all water under the bridge. The hunter had landed in this new place, soaking wet and covered in irish springs soap suds, momentarily disoriented but quickly recovering. Luckily, he'd appeared in an empty bedroom, and when he’d opened the closet door in search of some clothes.. well, everything he’d needed had been right there. Garth hoped, since he didn’t know whose room this was, that they didn’t mind his borrowing their things, but honestly, he couldn’t walk around naked, now could he.

Later, someone would explain the closets to him, and he'd learn that those clothes hadn't actually belonged to anyone.

Now dressed, he brushes his hair out his eyes, and opens the door so he can stroll out into the hallway. It doesn’t take him long to find the lobby, or at least, what he thinks is the lobby, and he snatches a pamphlet up and flips it open.

Wonderland, huh. Now, that was something he hadn’t been expecting. Shrugging his shoulders, he turns to scope out the room, and eyes wide -he was pretty dang excited-, he takes it all in. He wasn’t thinking about what he was supposed to be doing, finding Kevin, or what the guys were expecting of him. Nope. He was too enthralled by the domed ceiling, and the candles, and how fancy this strange place was. But, as cool as everything was, he wasn’t stupid enough to stand around and wait for the other shoe to drop. Especially, if this was some sort of trick. Or spell.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, looking for anything useful, he'll find the device and quickly turn it on. He spends a few minutes fiddling with it before he gets the gist of it's purpose.]

Hey. Garth, here.

[The device is pointed downward, he knew which angle to hold it at as to not give everyone a less than striking view of himself, and he was smiling. Garth, for lack of a better word, was tickled.

He liked this place so far, it was just the right amount of strange for him, without crossing over into tooth fairy territory.]

I’m lookin’ for anyone that can fill me in on what’s going on.

[He pauses.] Ya’ know. Give me the lowdown.

[With that, he’ll stop again, only a little longer than the first time and he’ll purse his lips thoughtfully.] I’ll be in the lobby, ‘cuz that seems to be the main area of this place. Until then, amigos.

[ooc: He's in the main entrance right now, but can be contacted through video, text, or do action stuffs; can meet or be anywhere in Wonderland, as he'll be likely out exploring.]
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[ Philip had been switching sides more times than he cared to count. He tried to stay out of harm's way, and surprisingly succeeded. His time on both sides was uneventful; for better or worse he didn't follow what happened to the Jabberwock in the end. ]

What did she mean by "captured"?

[ But he did take the time after the event to check up on somebody whose transmissions he'd been missing for too long already. Turns out that didn't lead anywhere good. No, Philip won't add her name to an endless list of 'Have you seen So And So around' transmissions, he won't, but... ]

Did everyone make it back all right?

[ But maybe there's something about her absence that he's not taking into account. Something more... temporary.

(There won't be. He's kidding himself. She's gone, just gone. She's finally gone...)


Dec. 10th, 2014 01:46 am
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I haven't been able to locate Gadreel. I'm assuming no one else has seen him either? [She really hates opening up the regard she had for him, especially with those that she disliked and disliked her. But she needs to know for sure. Hope isn't something she is accustomed to and doubts she will ever fully have. Only cold, harsh logic.]

So he's gone, then?

[After that nightmare, something bizarre enough in itself, she needs her confidante and friend. Who else would she talk to about this? The hunters and angels who wanted her dead?]

What was the creature in that dream? I'm guessing it was planted in our heads by Wonderland? Considering I don't dream.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:35 pm
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[ Ding, dong, sketchy teenager alert! What was obviously a fumble causes a video broadcast - it's dark out, at first all that can be seen is the night sky and the tops of trees - someone is out in the forest. And then suddenly a familiar face comes into view; Isaac looks tired and just a little too unfazed by life in general. But despite the look, he mutters a minor obscenity under his breath before reaching down to grab his phone.

As he stands back up the moonlight catches in the reflection of his night-vision - causing his eyes to look a bright yellow for a moment, blinking it away as if he doesn't even notice he offers the network an unwavering stare.

Has anyone else been feeling - different lately?

[ Maybe Wonderland's up to something, he's not sure, either way, the freaky glow-y eye thing is definitely not normal but apparently something he didn't notice. ]
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[ Kevin's grim-faced when he looks into the camera, the neck of a cello extending up past his neck. He'd like to be happier about what he's about to do, but it's pretty bittersweet, especially coming on the heels of everything that's gone on lately, but... Well. Thanksgiving just happened, and he always heavily associates birthday cake with turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie. His birthday comes close enough on the heels of that holiday that his family would celebrate it all in one go, so it's weird, spending the day without hearing anything about it.

He knows time isn't really passing here, but he feels a year older, and it's not like he'll ever have a birthday again back home. Why shouldn't he take the opportunity to celebrate it now, here, with his new family? He doesn't really want to make it all about him, though, which is why he's here with his cello. ]

Hey. So... It's my birthday. I'd be 19 today if I actually aged any, but since I'm dead back home... I'm just going to go ahead and call this one an official birthday.

[ He picks up the bow for his cello and starts to move into position, holding it against the strings. ]

I know there are others of you out there who can only look forward to more age-less birthdays, so this post is about wishing you guys either a belated happy birthday, or a happy birthday in advance, if it hasn't happened yet. Or maybe we're birthday twins?

[ He starts to play, but then stops. ]

And it's for you guys who are still alive back home, too. Not to discriminate against anyone.

[ And then he moves into playing, and singing, the happy birthday song. He hasn't been practicing every day like he used to, but he gave himself a few warm up rounds before starting the broadcast. ]

Happy birthday to you; happy birthday to you; happy birthday, dear everyone; happy birthday to you.

[ Next comes the sound of a lighter, and then Kevin holds up a cupcake with a lit candle on it. Leaning over, he blows it out, and then gives the camera a small smile before he cuts the feed. ]
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[When the feed opens, Jo looks a little worn around the edges. She's pretty sure that look is going around at the moment -- the event had been a hard one for a lot of people, enough so that she'd almost considered not issuing this invitation at all, but she and Tohru had discussed it and decided together that sticking with the original plan was probably for the best. Events came and went all the time in Wonderland, and deciding not to deviate was probably the best medicine for any ills this one had caused. Still, there was a little more weighing her down than just that. She hadn't seen or heard anything from or about her mother in days, and considering they hadn't been on the best terms lately, it had her stomach in knots.

She clears her throat a little before putting on her best face, offering the feed a tired but genuine smile.]

I know this probably feels a little bit last-minute. Ned and Tohru and I have been talking about it for awhile, and I'd planned to say something earlier, but things came up.

[The event, mostly. She's pretty sure she doesn't have to elaborate on that.]

I've heard people talking a little about Thanksgiving, and awhile back, I talked to Ned about hosting it for everyone, like some of us helped Dean do last year. We'd talked then about wanting to make it a tradition, do it every year, even for people who don't normally celebrate it, and I wanna hold to that. The bar is huge and has room for everyone -- I'd like to do it there again. I know some people here have family or friends they'd like to do their own gatherings with, and we don't want to interfere with that, so--

[She pauses, the mention of family making her smile flicker just the tiniest bit before she reinforces it.]

What I'd like to do is host it tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving. Some people have family here, either biological or otherwise, but not everyone does. I know not everyone gets along, but for one day, it would be nice to be able to put everything aside and check our problems at the door. Remember that we're all in the same boat, just for a little while.

So-- no matter who you are, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving back home or not, everyone is welcome. Food will be on at about three PM, and while we've got some stuff mapped out, we're glad to accept any help that anyone else wants to offer. Everyone is free to contribute and come to spend as much or as little time with everyone as they'd like.

[Weapons will be checked at the door, just in case, but otherwise the open-door policy stands.]

There's no telling how long any of us are stuck here. Some of us have been here a long while, others are new, but whether we like it or not, we're a community. It would be good to focus on the upsides of that and remember the good parts about being in Wonderland, instead of letting the bad weigh us down.


Nov. 16th, 2014 04:32 pm
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[When the video comes on William is in the gardens, lion cub on a harness leash prowling around his feet as the young man talks to his device.

Just another day in Wonderland, but hey at least William looks awkward today, frowning slightly as if he's trying not to cringe too much. It's something he's curious about though, and for once William is going to take the initiative and just ask.]

When we were in that other town for a bit, it made me a Pastor. And that's not actually far off from what I do back home, so it got me thinking on it. And I have to apologize in advance if this isn't everyone's thing, though feel free to say so, I'm pretty open to most things and we never forced people to join the church back home.... Right, anyway, are there many people here of a uh, religious persuasion? I was head of the church back home, and it's not something I've given much thought on since the last event that happened. More like I never thought to ask, I just assumed it wasn't a thing here.

Is there even any kind of church or chapel here?

[With that William just gives a half-smile and ends the feed. Feel free to bump into him in person if you wish.]
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[He just found out Lydia was okay (as okay as someone living through that could be) just a few days prior, then Isaac... Isaac's been gone several days since then. He'd tried to find him, and turned up nothing. With things the way they are, he's been a bit on edge since Stiles and Derek never came back. Now Isaac. He was losing his friends, his family, his pack one by one. So he went to visit Isaac's room to see if he'd come back or to follow up with Allison. Neither were there, so a look around their floor and a few messages and long waiting later to reveal something disconcerting.

The feed opens and he tries to look calm, but the dark, sleepless circles under his eyes might give him away.]

Has anyone seen Isaac? He's been kinda not around lately and that's unusual. I was hoping he was just... I don't know what I was hoping. [He fidgets and looks away for a bit, making it somewhat obvious that he does suspect something's wrong, but is hoping it's nothing.] Now I can't find Allison. Maybe I'm overreacting, but if anyone's seen either of them, can you let me know?

[He doesn't want to bother Lydia with this so he doesn't want it to seem like he's panicking if she does happen to catch his post. She's been through a lot lately. She doesn't need this, too.]
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[For a guy who's used to paying with reality bubbles, creating small pockets of reality to deal up just desserts to those who have it coming, you'd think Gabriel would be a little less startled at finding himself in one.

One second, he's shoving a DVD at Dean and telling him and his brother to get Kali and get clear and the next he's not even in the same craphole motel.

So Gabriel takes his time, wanders the halls before he finally lays claim to one and fiddles with the device he found in his pocket. Convenient.]

Well I've got to give this place props. It ain't exactly the Ritz, but then again, they don't have places that respond to thought. [Gabriel is comfortably sprawled on a bed large enough to accommodate several, balancing a heroic-sized milkshake on his chest. Somehow he can drink it while laying down and not spill a drop.] Now, while I wasn't looking forward to the ol Royal Rumble with big bro, I would like to at least get an idea of who nicked yours truly and why.

Yanno. Just because.


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