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[ when the feed comes up, everyone is welcome to see a slightly exhausted and obvious dealing with personal issues sort of smile from mary margaret. then again, she's also got one hell of a poker face, so if you don't know her too too well then it's possible you'll miss it entirely.

she's in the kitchen again, which comes as a surprise to no one, but this time she's not really cooking. instead, she's sitting at the table, with what looks like boxes of decorations sitting around her. fall leaves and stuffed turkeys and lots and lots of plates. there's a mug of hot cocoa sitting in front of her, cinnamon dusting the whipped cream, and her fingers are wrapped around the ceramic.

there's a hint of a twitch in her fingers, but that's more out of a vague memory - a still unsettled sense of wrong - that has followed her out of the last event. she holds her head up high, though, smile still there. everything is fine. ]

I haven't been around long enough to have been here last year, but for those of you who were, was there anything done for Thanksgiving dinner? [ and as she talks, she seems to relax. this comes too easily for her, but then again, this is just a mimic of every post she's seem to have made. gathering wonderland for food. ]

I'm not sure if there is anyone who already was planning on coordinating one, but if there is I would love to help. [ she breathes, then continues. ]

After the last event, I think a nice big dinner is in order. [ a beat, while she thinks. ] Everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving- do you have a favorite dish?
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Seems to be a recurring problem here lately. People disappearing, being lost, just missing in general.

[And while she's sure that's all very important to the people affected by it, it isn't to her, so she'll just continue being completely nonchalant about it.]

Not sure why it's happening, could be Wonderland, could be something else. Don't really care what it is to be honest.

[That's about where her flippancy about the whole thing ends. Now she's mostly bitter. Probably not really a surprise that she's annoyed about something.]

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be affecting things that I rather wish it would. A pity, really. Then again, it's about what I've come to expect from this place. Seems to rather enjoy keeping me from getting what I want.

[Yeah, she's sort of mad that none of the people she dislikes have disappeared or whatever. And she's decided to vent about this in public because that will totally make things better.]

I suppose I should just be grateful there's no singing or trips to a certain town or anything else like that accompanying this.

[She's still angry about those events. Probably never going to stop being angry about them either.]
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[Briefly a bearded face could be seen on the monitor before the image became blurred, then black before it was facing the ground. Then it flipped back over to show the face of a man whose eyebrow was quirked in thought.]

Gotta say that this is a mighty curious device.

[A pause as he looks it over once more. The thing would certainly put that Edison fellow back in the States to shame. That being said, or rather thought, Ethan figured that he may as well use the device for what it was meant to be used for.]

But I suppose that I should be gettin' right to the point. Anyone friendly out there who can at least hear this? [May as well try and start meeting with the residents.]


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