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[Alice is i a tea room, puzzling over...well. A puzzle! She lifts up one piece and hums thoughtfully to herself.]

You know, it's been on my mind recently's rather fun not aging, don't you think so? I can't say I'd rather be an adult - it's so boring-looking. I'd have to get a job, and what would I even do? Push papers and staple things, I suppose. Though, being a scientist might be fun, but it's an awful lot of math isn't it? Hm...

Thinking about never growing up, about remaining this age forever and ever fills me with...

[She hovers a her hand over the board and gently snaps the puzzle piece into place.]

...well, it fills me with something.
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[Alice has decided to occupy an empty bedroom today (interestingly, not her own) and when the camera turns on she's flopped on her back on the bed, with her hair dangling over the side.]

I've been thinking a lot recently...or, well. The thought just sort of came to me, as thoughts often do. must be so hard to be here when you aren't from Wonderland, isn't it? It's fine for me of course, since I live here, must be very lonely, right? Being so far from home, far from the people who love you...not that you aren't loved here, or at least I hope you are. What I mean is, it must be easy to feel lost here, especially for those of you who have been here a few years, or who are here by themselves.

[She sighs.]

I suppose all you can really do is band together...I wish there was more I could do for you. Oh, but I did find this in the attic! [She rummages around off-screen and produces an instrument.] That's what I'll do! I'll play you a song, and try to cheer you all up!

[And she puts it to her lips and plays.

Badly. Very badly. It's worse than a shrieking recorder and you have to endure it for a full five minutes before the video ends.
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Hm...I've been wondering about Superpowers lately! Does anyone else wonder what it would be like to have them? Or what it would be like to have a different one, if you've already got one? There's no need to leave anyone out of the pondering just because they've alr͕̦̤̝e҉͈͇̦̼̕a̹͢ͅd̡͖̼̹̤͈͎̟͡ỳ҉̗̟̜̖̹ ͡҉̳͔g̡͈̪͇̪̻̲̼̬o͏̸̛̰̗̰̦̲ͅt̻̠̜͝͠͝-͕̙-҉̣͈

[Curiously, the audio glitches out of the post and becomes something else entirely. The video feed is still there and everyone can see Alice excitedly talking about something, presumably different superpowers, and occasionally shaking her head and going on a different excited tangent. Even without her eyes, her moods are crystal clear. The audio, however, sounds more like a radio broadcast. The voice that comes through is not Alice's and does not match up with her movements at all. it belongs to someone a bit older than her.

--ecent attacks? [A small, polite, controlled laugh.] I should think everyone knows who's responsible. Clearly we ought to be investigating the Humans! We should have never allowed them to live among us. It was doomed to fail from the start!? You simply can't expect them to live alongside people who are biologically superior to them in every way. It was never going to work! It was only a matter of time before they began lashing out. They won't be happy unless we are suffering.

[There something garbled, another voice - perhaps an interviewer?]

Their inherent jealousy should not be the problem of my people. Thankfully, our task force is working their absolute hardest - my "heart" goes out to every one of you! [There's some more static, as a small group of people laughs at the pun.] My honest opinion though, is that none of them belong here. Not a single one. And if I have my way, EVERY last one of them wil͝҉̱̳̦̦l͏̷̱̳ ̶̯̖̜͔͍̗̩͘b̢̧͙͇͓̻̯͈̺̤̀e̛͏̖ ̢̧͚͡ḓ̢̰͙͕̦͉̜͢-̸̫̦̺͡-̥͉̠̣̯̝̪̕͝!

[The audio cuts out once more and returns to Alice, speaking as she normally does, with her mouth matching up to her voice again.]

--and that's why I think flying would be the best power. Don't you think so? What sort of power would you want, if you could pick anything at all?
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Very early in the morning, long before the sun rises, all is calm and quiet and still, as per usual. In the distance there's a soft rumbling, but nothing too first. But it grows and grows and once it shakes the world too much to big ignored it will be too late to do anything. It was always too late to do anything.

Brave souls who peek outside with see a sky on fire – not a wide inferno but little matchstick flickers of gold, drawing ever closer.

And closer.

And closer.

(They may want to get out of the way.)

Each glittering, golden star brings the woosh of a sonic boom and there are impacts that shake the whole world. They crash hard into the snow, the trees, and even break through a few windows. None of them leave behind meteors or space debris, but instead just a glimmering cloud at each point of impact. In each gold light is a projection, a scene lit by starlight and moondust, a memory of years ago. Even if someone were to be struck by one, it would simply pass through them.

These are just the first stars to fall. More will come the next night, and the night after that, and perhaps even more. When budding astronomers look upward, they will notice fewer and fewer constellations dot the night sky with each passing day.

One star fell so hard it crashed right through the front door and into the entrance hall. And inside that star is the looping image of a familiar light-haired girl, with a bright smile and, something unfamiliar – large blue eyes. She is not truly there, and one could pass a hand through her if they reached out to touch, but she begins to speak:

My, but Wonderland is just too crowded these days! Where will all the new arrivals go? I know! What if we work together to build a second mansion? We could expand! We could live together happily! You know, more or less...
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[When Alice appears on the screen today, she's bobbing up and down in excitement with the widest smile – even without eyes to accompany it. Curiously, for those who have never met Alice before, her gaze always goes to the camera somehow, even though by all accounts she should not be able to see it.]

Everyone! I've thought of the most marvelous riddle and simply had to share it immediately! So many of you are much smarter than I am, and I'm certain you'll come up with an answer easily.

Hm... [She brings a hand to her chin and frowns in thought.] Now, how did it go again? I think it was..."If there's something in the forest, and no one's ever seen it, how do they know it's—" --no, that's not quite right, is it? Someone who's seen it obviously told them and that isn't much of a riddle at all. Maybe it was...maybe it was "If everyone's scared of a beast in the forest, but no one's ever seen the beast, is it truly a beast at all"? Hmm...I don't think it was.

[Alice scratches her temple, frustrated that she's lost the correct wording to her absolutely fantastic riddle.]

Perhaps it wasn't so marvelous after all. [She shrugs. Eh. Over it.] Oh well. Everyone knows who you are is much more important than the sort of riddles you tell. So, let's do that instead!

Tell me Wonderland - who are all of you today? That ought to be much more curious than some riddle.

[She rests her chin in her hands, waiting for answers, and then the video feed flickers off.]
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Hm...I've got the most curious feeling today. That very peculiar sensation of...repetition. I feel very much like I've felt this before, but I can't quite...

[But then, suddenly! Alice snaps her fingers and looks right into camera - staring directly into it somehow, with nothing where her eyes should be.]

Déjà vu! That's the word I've misplaced. Oh, and what a good thing I never truly lost it! Words do have a tendency to come and go in Wonderland, after all.

[Some of you know that better than others.]

The feeling is a bit sadder the second time around, don't you think so? No matter how hard you try, it will never quite be what it was before. It might seem similar, but nothing is ever exactly the same after so much time.

[Alice pouts a bit though, and shakes her head.]

Hm! What a melancholy thought. It can't possibly be so bad as all that. After all, it's only a feeling, and everyone knows that feelings can't actually hurt anyone. It's always feelings themselves that get hurt.

[Yes, that's much better. And with that the camera flickers off all by itself.]
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[When the feed begins, the camera is focused on a very small stage. After a moment or so of rustling, Alice appears.

...Or. Well. "Alice" appears.

Good day, everyone! I've got a spectacular show for you today! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! [And she flails her whole sock puppet body around wildly with excitement.] It's called the Tale of the HalloChrismasJabberganza! Enjoy the show!

Cut because it got pretty long. )
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[personal profile] curiousher's gotten colder all of a sudden, hasn't it? Though, I suppose that does happen in autumn. It's so much darker too, isn't it?

[He hums, thinking over this thought as though it's something particularly new to this season. It's not, but it feels...important, in a way Alice can't define.]

Autumn feels...almost unreal that way. Like the setting for a scary story by a fire. [Her face lights up that the thought!] Oh, wouldn't that be fun though? Does anyone have any spooky stories to tell?

Either way...we must be certain to close the doors. They shouldn't be even the slightest bit ajar! After all, we wouldn't the darkness to come inside and get us!

[And she twiddles her fingers at the screen, as if that's a particularly terrifying thought, but she ends the broadcast with a laugh - scary stories are so much fun, aren't they?]
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Hello, and good day! I just heard a wonderful little story, and I simply had to come share it with you all immediately! I'm not sure exactly where I heard it, but it came to me very suddenly just now, and it's the sort of story that requires telling out loud, I think.

[Alice then coughs into her hand and begins to tell the wonderful story, as best as she remembers it.]

A long, long time ago, God decided to invite all of the animals to a banquet.
He - no, She sent out word for all of them to come to her house the following evening.
"And don't be late," She said.
When the mischievous Rat heard the news, he decided to play a trick on his neighbor, the Cat.
He told the Cat that the party was the day after tomorrow.
The very next day, all of the animals lined up for the celebration and the Rat led the way, riding all the way there on the back of the Cow.
Everyone had a wonderful time!
Except for the foolish Cat, who missed the whole thing.

...The End!

[And Alice smiles brightly, very happy with her tale.]

Isn't it an interesting story? I do feel sorry for the poor Cat though...
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[When the transmission begins, Alice is in a tearoom having a cup of tea. Though, should anyone attempt to find her, they will find all of the tea rooms empty.]

That was a nice party, wasn't it? It's a shame everyone had to go home before they spoiled - I would have loved to have that many people here all the time! Everyone would have friends everywhere and not a single soul would be lonely. It sounds absolutely grand. The more the merrier, right? Isn't that how that saying goes?

[She hums thoughtfully.

But is more merrier? A person can be perfectly merry on their own, if they want to. How does one go about measuring merriness, I wonder? Is there some sort of merriness scale? Though, maybe that's not right either. I don't think merriness weighs anything so it would be silly to use a scale. You'd have to use a cup, I think! Or maybe it's the sort of thing you count and whoever has the most merriness is the merriest! That sounds about right. It must be a countable sort of thing. An accountable sort of thing?

[They sound like they could be interchangeable, so she shrugs it off and lets it go. Sort of.]

Or, wait. No, perhaps it's how much merriness you can fit inside of you. This might need to be solved with a merriness-eating contest. Then whoever eats the most merriness would be the most merry! That's absolutely brilliant, if I do say so myself!

Does anyone else have any good ideas?
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Goodness! I've never seen something so curious in all my life!

[And on the camera is Alice, adorably bundled up in the snow and reaching out to touch one of the breaks in the air. It sparks right in front of her...well, where her eyes should be, and she giggles. It didn't hurt and it was such a strange and odd little thing. But then, she looks a bit thoughtful.]

Hm, well. Actually, I have seen something like it once before. I was a different person then though, much different. I think I was about three and a half inches taller, and I was much more royal back then.

[It's true – it was even at Christmas time too! These little rifts in the air are very, very familiar. She reaches out and touches one again and it sparks.]

It's very curious anyhow though. I wonder why they don't go anywhere? A hole ought to go somewhere if it's going to be floating about that way. But, hm. Perhaps it just hasn't cracked quite enough...that's for the best though. What a mess that was...

[It'd been so hard to clean up. She doesn't envy the current Queens one bit.]

Everything is strange lately! Some of you very much aren't yourselves. Or, maybe it's more accurate to say you're too much yourselves. Far too much! Far too much and too far away...whatever are you doing here?

Well, in any case, you've made it just in time for the holidays! You've timed it all impressively well, and all of you ought to be applauded for it.

[And she smiles, and claps her gloved hands. Good job! Congratulations!

The post suddenly ends there though, and if one recognizes where she was on the grounds, they will not find her there anymore. However, she will answer all replies to her message. ♥
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I have a question for everyone! I've just thought of it now, suddenly, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter!

I've heard stories about Superheroes, you know. There have never been any Superheroes native to Wonderland, of course, but sometimes they pass through now and then. They're very interesting, with all their colorful costumes and powers and gadgets!

But I was wondering - what makes a Superhero super? Where do they come from? How do they get so super in the first place? Is there a Superhero factory, perhaps, where you drop an ordinary person in one end and they come out the other more super than ever? Or maybe there's an entire world of Superheroes where Superheroes aren't terribly super because everyone is super! If that makes any sense at all, which it might not. I've never been known to make much sense.

But does anyone know how Superheroes are so super? Is there something that makes them super? I suppose what I'm asking is...could anyone do it?
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I have a question for all of you! It's come to me very suddenly, like a dream, or some sort of vision.

[And Alice sighs, as if trying to have that dream again. But it is gone, and she will just have to ask what she wants to ask instead.]

If you could be any you, who would you be? No restrictions or rules - if you could simply be someone new suddenly, which new you would you be? Would you do it? What if you had to; what would you pick then?

I think I'd want to be a Princess. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Princess Alice. Really, it's much better than being a Queen. You get a very nice crown and you don't have to be so responsible all the time. That gets so tiring, you know!

[She would know, after all.]

So, who would you be, if you had to be someone else?
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So, that was exciting, wasn't it? Like a caucus race on a stormy beach!

I'm very glad everyone figured out the door though. I could have never gotten something like that. It would have been like trying to drink tea straight out of the pot without eating the leaves by mistake. And that would be just dreadful; no one wants to eat tea leaves. But congratulations to everyone else!

Oh, but I wonder what's going to happen next? I'm about as curious as a goldfish in the big wide ocean. It should be something grand, like elephants on parade! Or circus full of adorable monkeys.

Sigh. Wouldn't a circus be fun? I'd really like one. But I don't think it will be that, this time...
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Oh...oh my goodness, what is that smell? It's beyond foul! It''s like something that's been left to rot. Ugh, can anyone else smell that? It's positively revolting! I've never smelled such and sour sickly smell in all my life!

It's really a shame that someone would waste it like that to begin with, don't you think so? I mean, there's more than enough food now, but will there always be? I've never heard of Wonderland running out before, but I suppose it's possible, don't you? Where does it even get all of that food anyway? It'll have to run out eventually. Anything could run out if it gets used too much, right? The electricity, the air, the trees, the water...

...though, I suppose Wonderland has a lot of people anyway, so it probably plans for that sort of thing. I'm probably fretting for nothing. I should just ignore this odd feeling I'm feeling.

Except ugh, that smell! It's so completely disgusting!
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This winter weather is so depressing! Don't misunderstand - I love snow and ice-skating and hot cocoa and cookies and a nice cup of tea by a warm fire, but I can't get warmer places out of my mind lately!

The warm sun beating down on us in some mysterious new place - with lots of sand, like a beach! But oh, not a beach. We already have a beach, so that's not really new. No - that's not what I'm thinking of. It would have to be some kind of fantastic adventure! The kind of adventure that's just scary enough. Wouldn't that be just marvelous? We could go exploring, and make sandmen, and have summer in December!

Oh, but it's a shame we don't have something like that in Wonderland. I think I might just be dreaming out loud again. I suppose I do that a lot, don't I...?
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Goodness! It's been so very quiet lately. I know you've all been here and there and every-which-where, but there's been just so little to do, I suppose. That's awful, don't you think so? Why, if we never had anything to do, we would be staring at the walls all the time, waiting for the wall paper to start moving about on its own. I imagine we'd all go terribly mad.

Anyway, we can't have that, so we must keep busy! I rather like drawing, myself, so I drew a picture for everyone!

Right here! )
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[The former Queen Alice is once again just plain old Alice the Ordinary Eyeless Girl, in her first appearance post-Queendom. It must be for something really important, right?]

I wonder what root beer and cider will taste like together? Oh, I suppose they will be twice as sparkling! I never really understood why they called it sparkling though - it doesn't sparkle the way stars and sparklers do.

But either way, I suppose it shall work nicely! It must not be real cider then. No, it must be medicine. Or a potion! A magic potion to cure all the ails that ail you. Or ills you. Or makes you nauseous. Something like that, I'm sure!


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