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[Evelyn is in the library.

Now, this isn't abnormal. This is routine: very nearly every day finding something new, spending time looking up a subject not previously explored, clearing her head, getting a little alone time at the top of a ladder, reorganising the stacks because she has nothing better to do.

She is frustrated, though, because a mad extraterrestrial is strutting around in Philip's body somewhere in Wonderland and she doesn't know if she'll ever see him again and maybe she should just try to move on or should she wait until more time passes and see what happens then and perhaps if this damned book would fit into its spot between the copy of Theoretical Time Travel for Dummies and Theocles: Origins of a Gladiator, then she could get on with her da-


[That's when the spring holding the ladder to the shelves snaps free and she teeters back, wobbling precariously a good fifteen feet in the air before gravity beckons its seductive finger and the ladder collapses against the nearest case with a booming thud, upsetting it.

...And every single one in the row after that, leaving her in a crumpled pile of dust, books, and broken shelving.
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Uhm... Hello? [Meet Ted. He's looking at the device and sheepishly smiles.] Hi. So, two questions.

One? Where am I.

Two. How do I get out?

[He nods a little as if satisfied with his questions and then shrugs.] 'Cause you know, that would be cool. I kinda need to get back home before people start flipping out and asking where I went and all that.

....But this thing is cool, I like it.

[Taps screen once.]


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