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[James' Mirror has had mixed feelings about this reward. He should be feeling proud of his accomplishments and be celebrating but the others, but it simply feels...weird, to be on this side of the mansion and have the same amenities available to them. He's gone through the motions and done as he feels is expected, or as much as he can, but it still feels...hollow. But it's a different kind of hollow than his usual.

He's certain it isn't guilt. He would kill them all in a heartbeat. No, that isn't it. But he wonders if it just feels inadequate, compared to the prize from the first chess match. Very few of the Mirrors have existed long enough to remember, but the first match promised the winning pieces would be real forever, and their "Reals" would be banished to the Mirror Side.

He won't say he was hoping for it (unless someone asks, given their current situation). Of course not. It's a foolish dream that none of them could ever have. But it makes their actual prize inadequate in comparison.

It's especially inadequate now that they are experiencing an event. Of all the events they could have experienced, of course it had to be honesty. Because of that he's making a concentrated effort to avoid contact with anyone. But rather than remain in his room, he takes the tactic of moving around to various locations, never staying anywhere for long. It makes it less likely that someone looking for him would find him. ...But, they could.

Anyone is welcome to run into him anywhere, or try to get his attention with Mirror-writing while he's being forced to tell the truth.
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[With all of the chaos surrounding the Bandersnatch, James' Mirror has taken the opportunity to visit the door. He's taken time to think carefully about the riddle, and he's watched what happened when someone guessed wrong and...found that he doesn't care. The beast is a nuisance, but not a proper obstacle.

He is about to use his wand to write in an answer when there is a growling coming from his right. He turns, carefully, and sure enough the Bandersnatch is there. It roars, baring its many teeth, and saliva drips to the ground in little puddles.

It's unimpressive. But most things are, to Mirror James. His wand is raised.

Avada Kedavra.

[It is not shouted with passion, but the full intent is there. A green light shoots out and hits the Bandersnatch, enveloping it. It doesn't have the time to be confused; it merely falls with a THUD, lying dead at his feet. It is a spell that the real James would never use, and not because it is the spell that will end him. It is powerful form of dark magic, the kind of magic that rips a wizard's soul apart when it's cast. It leaves invisible, ever-lasting damage - and not to the victim.

But who cares about the Bandersnatch? It will only get up again later.

Fittingly, when James' Mirror turns his attention to the door again, he uses his wand to etch in the word M U R D E R E D. Perhaps all that's behind the door is the narrator's bones. When nothing happens though, he shows no disappointment.

He shows nothing at all.


Apr. 30th, 2013 11:14 pm
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[Tricking her "normal" self--and she used the term normal very loosely--had been too easy.  It was almost embarrassing.]

[But whatever, she was out and finally ready to stretch her long legs.  Maybe get to do a little research on this place.  First stop: the Library.  It shouldn't be hard to find.  Directions came easy to her near-photographic memory.  Assuming she didn't manage to get herself into a little trouble along the way.]

Damn, Wonderland was so wasted on that idiot.

[Smirking to herself, she ran a hand through her wild hair, not particular caring what it looked like so long as it was out of her face, and started to make her way across this eerily bright, new world.  Taking in the sights, and committing them to her mind's eye.  Just in case.]
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[ Perhaps to exercise cruel and horrifying irony, Rose wakes up in the middle of a rose garden. Furthermore, she finds herself Doctorless and TARDISless. Not that it matters that much. He wasn't there for her back in London, either. Whole of the world in danger and he just... Was unconscious. Unfair it may be of her to be so demanding of him, but the abandonment she felt and still feels pierces like a knife and if anybody knows how to be bitter and petty when wounded, it's Rose. Her arrival is disquieting at best and staggering at worst. The girl who speaks is distressed, and has a very thick London accent. ]

What's all this, then? Some sort of -- transport? Well, you've gone and got yourself in a bit of a twist, haven't you? 'Cause I'm not alone. Not ever. He wouldn't just leave me here. This place. Strange, innit? Bit... Spring-like. Nice, for a kidnapping. And callin' it Wonderland, hah!

[ She really does crack up, bust out laughing. Is that a nervous edge to her voice? Perhaps. Perhaps it is. But she hides it well. ]

Fat lot of good that name is. No... Stoned caterpillar or nothin', is there? Alright then, identify yourselves! Who's behind all this? He's gonna find me, y'know. He'll wake up. He'll come for me.
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[Minato held onto his key, a familiar-looking tarot card that shone and glowed whenever he held it, day or night, and he stood on the Tenth Floor in front of the seemingly colossal, golden door adorned with large, darting eyes and barbed wire. His door. The Door.

He was able to find his key, and was told to keep it safe since it would've been stolen otherwise. It really is beneficial to have an ally or two on the other side of the mirrors.]

... Is there something behind here that we're not supposed to see?

[That is, since all these Mirrors were supposedly stealing keys. After a few moments though, he moved his lips, barely whispering, though it didn't seem like he was talking to himself.]
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[Georgia is good at finding things. Her eyes roam at such a pace that she easily spots the stockings dotting the hall and scoops them up. At this point she's got about ten, though she hasn't checked them for keys yet. She's seen at least one that was only a slip of paper, so she isn't worried about their weight.

And anyway, the queen probably cares more about her trying, right? And boy, does she try.

No reason why she can't start whistling, though. "Silent Night" is festive enough.

And so she goes, whistling and searching through the halls on the real side.]


Dec. 18th, 2012 05:19 pm
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[ In the entrance hall a familiar-looking man is searching with frantic urgency through the same stocking over and over again, to the point where its glittery markings of GEORGE VILLIERS, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM have already begun to fade.

Surprisingly and contrary to what any icon choice might lead people to believe that man, aka. Lord Buckingham's mirror is, in fact, not even a day younger than the regular duke himself, though it is certainly remarkable what modest clothing, a clean-shaven face and the absence of a perpetually smug grin can shave off in years.

Unsurprisingly only this particular mirror could be so naive as to believe that the Queen of Hearts only wishes to protect those on the real side by sending all mirrors to retrieve those keys.

No. Nonono, I told him it was dangerous, it must be here somewhere, it must...

[ And only that mirror could think that Lord Buckingham would have left behind his key willingly at nothing but an earnest plea.

But the stocking is empty, no matter how many times he searches through it.

And there can only be one explanation.

Lord Buckingham must have left the key to his door in his own room.

George nods decisively and hurries up the stairs.


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