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[Crowley is staring very intently at the camera. But not like last time. There's no anger or anything like that. Just mild bewilderment, and then a winning grin.]

[Without saying a word, he sets the communicator aside, revealing himself to be stationed at a piano. Where did he even get a piano? Do not question. He cracks his knuckles. Sets his fingers on the keys.]

[Then he starts singing.]

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?



Mar. 17th, 2014 07:19 pm
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[With the arrival of Bill the Lizard on the scene, Souji has been considering some important things. Naturally, he takes to the network to poll the other residents.]

Bill's new, isn't he? Where do you think they come from?

[He adjusts his glasses, which he is actually wearing for once. They just make him feel more sexy focused somehow.]

Speaking of them... Has anyone seen the Duchess?


Did she take the sword with her?

[Those who know him can probably hear in his tone that he's legitimately worried about this. It doesn't show on his face, though.]
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[ What a wonderful day, Wonderland! Not only is the sun shining, not only are the trees and flowers sprouting the first hints of their bloom, no! The snow is finally gone, and all across the grounds the grass is luscious and green and- and moving. Rustling. Shaking with all the force--

With all the force of a standard-size hammer. Being dragged slowly up one of the Checkerboard Hills. By a standard-size lizard.

'Bout time, 'bout time, heeeeeere we goes now. [ That's awfully poor manners, talking with a mouthful of hammer! The lizard quickly lets go of the wooden grip, and smacks his jaw a few times. ] S'cuse me-- [ He sticks out his tongue, and rolls it back in. One last smack, and he's finally looking mighty pleased with himself. By lizard standards, anyway. Probably. ]

That's all better, right it is. Keep back there, ye hear me? Don't nobody come over snoopin' while Bill's at work; don't want ye lot go tumblin' over me tools, or wander all 'round and go get nails stuck up yer foot, or watch yer step none and get a plank to yer head, or tumble over me tools, or tumble me tools, me-- Me tool!

[ A speech so moving, it's even gone and moved Bill's hammer to slide all the way back down the grassy slope. He follows it flailing, tail and limbs all waving about, until the grip is back in his mouth. Mumbling with a mouthful of tool he makes his way back up the hill. ]

Me too late, eh? Eh? That'll be the day! Gots here just in time, I did, gonna make it look just right on time! "Bill," I says to me own self, "Bill, go on, make the Queen proud"! And lookit, here. I. Am. Right on the dot, all right on schedule, all in a day's work that is. You lot, don't ye worry none, I'mma fix it all right up, right on the dot right on schedule, right in a day's work, right... right... left... right, right again, don't wanna get a prick of me own nails, ha!


Mar. 13th, 2014 12:14 pm
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[She's on the roof. No mirrors up there, you see. Though this might not necessarily be something they could do anything about.

She's looking at the sky, but there's no dramatic pause for her to work up to what she's saying, or hesitation. She wouldn't have started recording if she wasn't certain she had something to say.]

If events are Wonderland "crashing" into other worlds...

What if you could "jump off" during one?

[The last event got her thinking, you could say.]
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[ The Doctor's never been one for sleep, and the only times he really does stop for a rest is when he's injured or drugged or otherwise incapacitated. But the point is, he doesn't require copious amounts of it, and it's for that reason that he's a little disconcerted just now.

For all the traveling he's done and all the things he's seen, he's never been witness to a moment quite like this one: a moment that the video feed is happening to capture.

The Doctor's standing on a decent-sized chunk of Wonderland that looks like it might have been part of a corridor at one point. It's hard to tell, though, since it's well and truly broken off from the rest of the place, but there's definitely a bit of carpet clinging to the thing.

And judging from the way he's glancing back and forth, he looks as if he's contemplating trying to hop off his piece of Wonderland and land on the next closest piece. Which isn't exactly that close, hence the need for contemplation.

But he's got bigger fish to fry besides his own plans, and so he turns his glance back to the device to check in with the other denizens of Wonderland. ]

Everyone alright? Got a piece to hold on to?

[ He hopes so, as hurtling through the air to who-knows-what hardly seems pleasant. ]

I'd say this is a little curious, wouldn't you? I don't know about the rest of you, but entire buildings don't just break apart on a whim.

[ It's something he'd like to investigate, if he can just move past the part about being trapped on a floating piece of hallway. But for the moment, he's alright with just settling in and waving to anyone who happens to float by. If they get close enough, he'll try for a jump, if they're agreeable. ]
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[The feed is turned away from Kid, showing a view of a shattered Wonderland, chunks of land suspended in midair, some of them connected by bridges made out of debris, some not. Some are small, some are large. The feed catches a door and a section of wall tumbling out into the nothingness below with a crack of wood and metal.]

Yeah, this one's mine.

[Kid keeps the camera pointed out at Wonderland. He doesn't want to look at the camera right now. Of all the events to happen only a week after his death, it had to be this one. It's adding insult to injury, this reminder of what his world has become, and all the things that go along with it. And all of this on top of hearing that Dean has vanished.]

[It's just been a miserable month.]

Looks jus' like Caelondia. 'S uncanny. [That's one word for it. "Disturbing" is another.] Figger things're pretty obvious here. Don' bother tryin' t' jump, it jus' ain't worth th' risk 'nless ya got some Hop-Scotch on ya, an' I dunno 'f the closets are gonna work. S'ppose Wonderland ain't gonna be kind like Caelondia an' form up bridges 'neath yer feet. Keep t' ropes an' such. We got folk what kin fly here, yeah? They might be willin' t'help.

I'd gen'rally say jus' stay in one place, but that means settin' fer three 'r four days without food an' water fer some. 'F th' diner's whole, I'd say head that way. 'Course I ain't got no idea where it's ended up.

Jus'...look out fer each other. An' don't fall. [He pauses.] Th' gods sure ain't gonna catch ya.

56: video

Feb. 27th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Mark's filming himself again, in a quiet corner of the library. He makes an effort to look at the camera head-on--to project trustworthiness--but his tone is quite subdued, all the same.]


I--ah--I know this is coming a bit late to help with everything that's happened. I'm truly sorry about that. But I'd appreciate a minute or two of everyone's time, all the same.

We all know events--or crashes, I guess--draw on aspects of our memories, or our worlds. Often the worst of them. The network is a wonderful tool for warning people, if one of us recognizes something familiar, but sometimes people don't hear in time, or are cut off. So. A while back, Souji and I hit upon the idea of collecting everyone's speculations about what dangers we might bring with us from our worlds, and putting it somewhere everyone could access it.

[Adding it to the network database, say, or the notebooks, although he's not going to mention that publicly.]

For instance, I came here from an underwater ruin full of superhuman madmen. [He winces a little as he says it. It's been years now, and it still sounds crazy, especially in brief like that.] I'm currently recording everything I can remember of the place, and when I'm done I'll put the file on the network.

I'm happy to talk now, or anytime. But if you want to write something up and share it anonymously, I've got a low-tech solution here. [He gestures at a heavy metal lockbox sitting on the table beside him.]

You can leave whatever you want here, and I'll come back for it later. Or just slip it under my door. I'm in room three, second floor. And I promise not to trace you.

[He's picked up some momentum and confidence--projects have that effect on him--but here he falters again.]

At the moment I've got no way of knowing whether what winds up here is trustworthy. I'm all right with that--I'd rather have a mass of information with some flaws than nothing at all--but I'd welcome suggestions to...streamline this. If anyone has them.

Thanks, everyone. Please be safe.
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[ Video. ]

[ There’s a young man gaping cluelessly at the screen. Once he realizes that this strange box is doing something, his curiosity turns to horror in a flash. ]


[ The communicator fucking explodes. rip in pieces, motherfucker. ]

[ Action. ]

[ A. Johnny will be scouting the Mansion with binoculars from the vantage point of a bush in the gardens. If anyone approaches, even if they don’t see him, he’ll threaten them to keep their distance.

"Hands up in the air-- where I can see them! Hands up; don't take another step! ARE YOU DEAF? I SAID STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE."

[ B. After someone hopefully explains the situation to him, a very dirt-covered Johnny’ll be in the kitchen, sitting on the counter, making coffee, and fiddling with a communicator. For hours. For days. He will be drinking so much goddamn coffee and eyeing everyone who enters the kitchen suspiciously. ]
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[The whole broadcast is accompanied by the clank of metal and a sound like cracking, shifting ice. Elsa is clearly pacing around her room.]

Someone, please--something has happened to me, I-I don't...I'm in some kind of metal, like, like armor. It's a curse...some kind of curse, it has to be.

[Her voice gets markedly more frantic.] And Anna! I keep seeing Anna in that--I don't know what it is. The black box. She's alone, she's in danger, and I can't reach her! I have to help her. My sister...

[She's silent for a moment, taking time to metaphorically breathe and calm herself down.]

Someone--please tell me what is going on.


Jan. 18th, 2014 10:54 am
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[If you're tuning in, all you see is this looking back at you, though the voice may be familiar].

Has anyone else found themselves...changed?
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[Cecil doesn't sound quite as composed today. His voice is shaking a bit, in fact.]

Hello, listeners. This isn't part of the show, no--I just thought I should share some very...unfortunate news. Carlos the scientist has returned home, it seems. At least, his room has reverted to its default and all of his strange, scientific equipment has vanished. There's only one thing to conclude from that, isn't there?

Well, I only hope that he is safe, back in Night Vale. If indeed that is where he has gone.

[There's an audible pause.] Sorry for the interruption, listeners. We'll return to our regular broadcasting after this.


Oct. 26th, 2013 08:06 pm
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[At first, it's just a video of a blank wall, trembling a little - but then whoever's holding the device raises it up to their face: It's Chell. Well, it looks like her, but that expression is very not-Chell.

Her eyes are wide and she looks scared and confused and more importantly, she's talking. Loudly. A lot.]

I'M NOT DEAD?! But I'm not me either?!

MIRRORS ARE YOU OKAY DID YOU MAKE IT OVER HERE TOO?! REPORT! How are you doing did the roots get you?? Have you heard from anyone else? Are you all stuck in your Reals too because I think maybe I am and she's noaaaAERK --- fshfu-

[A funny look crosses her face, and the device falls from her hands. There's a few seconds of it just recording the floor, but in the background, Chell whines. She stumbles against a wall, by the sound of it, but she goes quiet. A moment passes, and the device is picked up again: This time, Chell's expression is more controlled, more tired, more annoyed.]

Don't touch the plants.

[She says firmly, nearly through her teeth. Then she ends the video.]

((ooc: You can specify who you are replying to, or leave it to chance, as Mell and Chell struggle to agree on a timeshare arrangement for control.))
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[ Later that night, after this post has aired, Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa made their way to the grounds to rid themselves of that horrid, evil spirit bound in literature. This is the aftermath of that joint venture.

The feed opens up to both of them, standing side by side, silent and still, eyes focused on something just out of view of the feed. It takes a few seconds for Jack to remember that he'd started up his communicator but, when he does, he brings his attention back to it.

His face is even and his voice level as he speaks and, despite the sun having set a few hours ago, there's still enough light for both of them to clearly be seen on screen. Weird.

Nobody panic... but I think there is a fire.

[ And with those troubling words, Jack flips the device around and you're greeted with the sight Jack and Hector had been staring it. It is, indeed, a fire.

And I don't mean a campfire or a bonfire. No, I mean half the mansion grounds are legitimately on fire.

This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

And then, calmly and unconcerned, Jack and Hector's voices drift through the speakers, as though they weren't witnessing a horrendous natural disaster occurring right before their very eyes.

For the record, I'd like to state this be your fault. If not for you, nary would I have wandered down here. [Because, no, he'd have just burned it in the stove or the microwave most likely.]

You were the one that decided to read futuristic porn, mate. Not me.

Wouldn't have read it if I knew it were porn, would I? Still your fault.

Is not.

Is very well so.

Is not!

It very well is so, and you know it.

[ Yeah, they could on like this for a while. Someone might... want to do something about that fire, though. ]
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[Cecil has never had to broadcast from a handheld radio before. It's practically a walkie-talkie. He's not even sure if this is getting out to anyone, but a radio personality is nothing without an audience. Maybe literally.]

[The broadcast sounds like there are at least four hooded figures with Cecil as he talks, all distortion and static.]

Hello? Night V--er--Wonderland? Sor--kssssss--ssional broadcast, but I'm coming to you from a handheld, and well...I'm not even--fffssssss--nyone is hearing this. Seems we're in the midst of an event again. I can only assume that all of my fellow Wonderland denizens share my current fate and are trapped in a se--kzzt--erground mines.

The signal is so very weak, Wonderland. I hope you can hear my v--sssss. I hope it brings you some comfort; some modicum of human contact in these trying times. I hope that all of you are still alive and well. There are ma--fsss--onsters about, and a dangerous-looking lake. If you are in a group, stay in your group. There is strength in numbers, Wonderland.

[There's a pause and then--since there's no Station Management around to yell at him, and Cecil is more afraid than he's been in awhile--he decides to get personal.]

Carlos? If you can hear me...if you are--zzzzfffff--lease...please be safe.
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[If you are someone with money who is not affiliated with the unscrupulous science company that made her what she was; if you are someone with money who is interested in unusual technology or artifacts that unscrupulous science companies had their eyes on; if you just like neat technology, floorplans for buildings where science is done, or where valuables are stored, or even plain information, and you have a reputation for that or anything else listed - you might find a plain business card on your desk. It wasn't put there by you.

It's plain, and printed on the front is an orange circle interlocked with a blue circle.

On the back, typed:

Infiltration of near-inaccessible locations - high security or uncooperative environment. Can retrieve objects of interest, or collect information on structure, layout, operations.

Respond to if interested.

[Through technological shit that is out of my knowledge, you can't trace the server the address uses. There's no fingerprints on the card, either.

So, do you have something that needs stealing- sorry, needs to be 'retrieved'? Is there a rival whose work or workplace you'd like to see without them knowing? Or have you already contacted her for a job? You might want to send an e-mail, and see what she can do for you...]

OOC details )
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[Crowley is only mildly exasperated now that the event is passed.]

There, you see? That whole event was one big, pathetic bluff. I never revealed my secret and never had to kill any poor blighter to keep it. Yet here I am, secret intact, and past the deadline now, yes? I imagine it's the same for many of you as well.

Seems like a fair few people here became killers for no real reason.

[But that's humanity for you. Weirdos, the lot of 'em.]

But all's well that ends well. I say we all hit the pub, or have some kind of "we have escaped high school" celebration. I've seen other people on the network who have about the same idea. Party, then?

...And just out of curiosity, how many of you managed to keep your secrets without resorting to murder?
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[This time, Jack's video is very much intentional, and very much in contrast with his last. He's looking directly into the camera, though one eye is swollen half-shut, and the other is in the process of swelling, due to the fact that his nose is spectacularly broken, and blood is beginning to pool under the skin of his eye sockets. The lower half of his face is covered in blood, but that's nothing compared to his coated hands and sodden sleeves. There's evidence of wounds elsewhere on his body, bloody spots and a certain care in his breathing that suggests something the matter with his abdomen and ribs, but his hands and arms are mostly untouched; the blood there isn't his.

When he speaks, his voice is hoarse, rough. Talking isn't any easier for him than it's ever been, but he has something to say, and he's driven by rage.]

I wanted to tell you all something:

Don't fuck with me. Don't fuck with my people. You won't survive it. And I know you'll come back--but maybe you'll wish you didn't.

Locked to Sinclair )
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[It's night of day one. There is howling and screaming outside, and a vague warning from the Red Queen in Chell's head.

Normally she'd be content to hide in her 'safety bunker' with Jack and wait it out. But after the chess match... And with this much warning... And after everything Wonderland's done to her in general...

Chell wants to fight back this time. A little, at least - no guarantee that she'll stay out of the bunker for the entire event, but an effort will be made.

So she turns on her communicator to address the network.

... She's hesitant, as GLaDOS is most certainly watching her. But then, she reasons, this is more important than pride. (Just a little.)]

I'm going to set traps. Inside the mansion.

[She's more familiar with that than with working outdoors... And that's Daryl's field, besides.]

... I might need some help.

[That's hard to admit, but it's practical to do it. More hands means more traps, more minds (might) mean better traps.

There's a little pause as she tries to figure out what to add - then she just nods instead, and ends the feed.]
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[ Kevin is pale and rumpled, but he's as concerned about that as he is about the state of his room, which is a mess. The wall behind him is covered in painted-on sigils, all of them having been recently touched up, and the intrepid angel might be able to spot a few bits of Enochian, but only a few, and Kevin's not even really sure they're useful at keeping out hellhounds. Probably can't hurt, right?

When he speaks, it's just a little too fast, the words tumbling out one after the other. ]

Salt your doors and windows. Don't go out unless you have to, or unless you have some holy oil, which you probably don't because it's hard to find.

[ He stops, thoughtful. ] Do any of you have holy oil? I'll take some if you do. I just want to make a pair of glasses so I can see the them since they're invisible because they're freaking hellhounds holy crap how did they even get here? [ That sure was the start to a breakdown. Kevin's eyes are wide and his voice gets higher and more strained. ] What is this place? Who would be crazy enough to drag hellhounds into Wonderland? What's the other option, carrying bombs with you everywhere you go?!

[ So, that was panicked. He breaks off, breathing hard, and looks away to gather himself. ]

Like I said. Keep salt handy. Try to stay safe.

[ Kevin ends his message abruptly. ]

[ OOC: He'll spend the rest of the time the hellhounds are here in his room, which smells of salt, borax, and different spices and powders used in the making of demon bombs. It's possible to want to duck into Kevin's room to take refuge, or to call him up for hellhound advice as he'll be in there like Control Room Kevin. ]
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[Shortly after the Red Queen's little message, Jane finally gets around to using her little network device, having been distracted by the library. She will always find the library, no matter where she ends up.]

Okay, so um, is that sort of thing normal? Well, being warned for things? [Jane fidgets a little on screen, then smacks her head with her palm]

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to even mention my name, I'm Jane Foster, and I somehow or the other ended up here. So, um, hi?
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[Has anyone ever seen lips so pursed? So unamused? So unwilling to accept the fate thrown at them? The rest of this new woman's face also shows the same amount of disapproval at her new fate. Not surprise or unease, no, just simple disapproval. Like a disappointed parent.]

So this is it, then? Of all the realities that could exist, of all the existential answers of gods and lives beyond the veil it's bloody Wonderland? How lovely.

[Her tone of voice indicates it's the farthest thing from lovely possible.]

But I see that I'm not alone in this transportation, so I don't suppose anyone would be so kind to point me in the direction back home? I have matters to attend to.

Oh, and I have been quite rude not introducing myself outright, haven't I? My name is Lara Croft.
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[ There are a few odd things going on in the mansion today. For example, there is a strange, orange gel splashed from the bottom of the steps, across the lobby, and all the way to the front door. Should someone step on it, that someone would sliiiiide right on by, as Propulsion Gel tends to do that.

Additionally, each floor has one strange cube sitting randomly in the hall. It doesn't move, speak, or do much of anything except to be mildly cute.

Of course, the cameras are watching. And by extension, one very attentive AI. ]
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[Chell's wandering the Realside, trying to see what damage was left behind. Specifically, what her mirror must have done. She had not seen a lot of her - granted, some of that was because Chell was busy with her own... activities. But she knew her Mirror must have done something on this side... Or maybe she was just paranoid. Or--

It's while Chell's wandering the orchards that she spots it: a... fruit??]

[The video is simple. Chell is pointing her camera at the the fruit she's holding. Asking something so... vulnerably, admitting that she doesn't know something and opening up for answers, it's strange, but this is bugging the heck out of her. She almost knows something about it, she's sure, but... She can't quite figure it out. So, she asks the network:]

"... What is this?"
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[Finally, the reals have returned to Wonderland. There's a certain relief in it for Elizabeth, who was glad to be back in slightly more familiar surroundings. She went to her room to rest... and then ran straight out with a blood curdling


Elizabeth leans against the wall opposite her room and cringes. She doesn't even want to look back in there! Who would do such a thing? Or leave her such a message? She pants there, and with a scream that loud anyone might show up to check on her. The door of her room is open and if one were to look inside they might see the following written in blood over and over again on the walls.]

The seed of the prophet shall sit the throne and drown in flame the Mountains of Man.

[ooc: Elizabeth's Mirror left her a little message! Though this is an action post, it's open to video/voice/text or action responses from anyone who wants to investigate! This takes place on their return Monday/during event-time.]
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[ There's a series of sounds before there's a voice; whirring, clicking, a few strange snaps and such. All mechanical, partly electronic. And then there's the android voice from a while earlier, tone neutral. Maybe with the slightest tint of worn-out, for those with good discernment. ]

Well, I've certainly learned more about you all that I ever wanted to know. For the people who discovered the cameras, don't touch them. For the people who didn't know there were cameras until right now, congratulations. And don't touch them.

Do you know what kind of insanity this place is? Think about it. A marvel of defying logic, and you morons are wrapping up in the domestic to keep warm.

If anyone's interested in progress, I need test subjects. Luckily, I have no itch in this place, so you probably won't end up donating any limbs to science.
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I've, ah-

[Give the camera a moment to steady, just so Evelyn can set it up properly. It took her a bloody long time to figure out how to make her missives private or 'locked,' as it were, so she's happy to finally be able to use this skill.]

...I've been doing some research lately- [Which shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows her.] -and I've been wondering:

[A beat.]

Does anyone know anything about plasmids?

( text )

Jun. 14th, 2013 05:48 pm
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Today I was going to celebrate the opening of my new shop on first floor. Obviously that is no longer the case since mood is too dampened to properly have a grand opening. Well done Wonderland. You've stolen the day's joy away. You may have foiled the festivities, but you will never take my inflatable plastic men alive.

Regardless, I will still be at service today if any of my items catch your interest:

item list )

The bat is effective against ghosts, though I can't promise they'll work against the doubles currently running around. You're certainly welcome to try if you meet my prices. I understand that credits are not a common currency here, so bartering with goods, services, or information is welcome. Particularly if you carry items from your own worlds.

Though I warn you should you decide to drop by: my doppelganger may not be suitable for all audiences.
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[The funny thing about memories, even when they're not being affected by a strange mansion world, is that they weren't always at the forefront on one's mind. There was a priority list there, and in Chell's case, there was a lot more on her mind before today's revelation: That the event had been probably been based on her memories, that the mansion had taken one of her memories, that because of the event, she'd handed out Aperture tech unthinkingly - and less focused on her: That there were others here with powers like Jack, that there was someone from Jack's world specifically, and that could be trouble. And more recently, that there was another event announced. What did that mean? Shadows were mentioned again - would there be a risk of her or Jack turning into a monster again?

Eventually, her mind takes a sudden left turn: Experiments - memories - the mansion and memories - that time she and Jack had relieved some of her time at Aperture - and then suddenly, the line of children's science projects. Cute, and in a faint way, vaguely similar to everyone trying their hand at science - and then hang a left and she's thinking about what was apparently her potato battery.

And then it hits her: The other experiment she ran.]

[Minutes later and Chell is stumbling out of the greenhouse, and making a post to the network.]

Don't go in the greenhouse.

[She almost... Looks embarrassed. Ahem. Excuse her, she's off to grab some massive shears...]

[If you venture into said greenhouse, you'll find it a little overgrown. Any calls Chell answers will have a backdrop of hanging green foilage, discoloured, bloated roots and potato eyes, or maybe even some flowers.]
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[BEHOLD ELS grinning at the camera with his usual dorky expression. He's leaning in a little too close so you get a screenfull of dorkface. Computers are hard.]

Okay! First thing's first, I'm sure you're all wondering about my awesome protection runes that I've been working on. I didn't mean to make that stuff public before, since it wasn't ready yet and all, but I've ironed out all the kinks and we're good to go now!

[He turns the camera to the side, showing off that big ol' red rune on his mirror that some of you might remember from a couple weeks ago. It now appears to be functioning (and not exploding). Appearing to, anyway. It's glowing faintly and making a quiet ringing tone, so that has to mean it's doing something, right?

Els seems proud of it, at the very least. He turns the feed back to himself.]

It's kinda hard to tell how well it works from here... but I'm pretty sure it's working, 'cause I haven't seen any messages on this mirror since then. I designed it so they won't be able to hear, see, or write anything from the other side, and maybe even keep them from crossing over altogether. This way, those guys definitely won't be able to do anything weird! If anyone else wants one, just ask and I'll hook you up, no problem.

Also—mask guy! I never got your name before, sorry. [His enthusiasm fades, just a little. This is serious business time.] I made a trade with the vendors like you asked and got a bunch of your credits thingies for it. This way, you'll know the exact exchange rate of memories! I'll tell you what the numbers are when I come to collect my reward, okay? [yep that sure was exactly what it sounded like

He ends the feed right after that, trying not to look so uncertain. I mean, it's not like he traded anything important, right? Right. 'Cause that'd be stupid.]

((OOC: The runes, while pretty looking, won't actually block out the mirrors. They don't have any effect on the mirrorside at all, even. Wonderland is far too wacky for straightforward magic. They might, however, prevent people from eavesdropping on the realside if the mirror is up against a wall, but only on the side that the mirror is placed on.))
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[Booker DeWitt is a simple man with simple needs, but like any other man he gets bored. Tires of the same-old, same-old. Makes a conscious decision to hypnotize the doves fluttering around in the garden so that they run into each other.

Of course, you might be wondering how he's accomplishing such a thing, why, by the same means with which he sets a particularly lurid flower on fire.

With his bare hand.

Like we said, he's a simple man.


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