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[At this very moment in Wonderland, the Pie Maker is experiencing a foreign sensation.

The sensation itself is one with which he is at once both familiar and distant, a surreptitious and sly feeling that slithers through his bones like a warm snake (or for a less venomous metaphor, akin to sinking into a hot bath after an exhausting day). It is happiness that the Pie Maker suffers from, an almost embarrassing amount of it alighting upon his shoulders, pulling his tall frame even taller.

So, it’s...the fifth of May, and to celebrate- um... [He glances off-screen briefly before ducking his head in a sheepish grin.] -um, new arrivals and spring and other things, we’re holding-

[Chuck chooses this moment to invade the shot, grinning about as wide as she can.]

Cinco de Pieyo!

[Ned, accustomed to the ebullience that his loved one brings into both the diner and his life with her sparkling presence, swallows the pun like a prickly pear and forces a nod.]

Cinco...de Pieyo.

[Hands in his pockets and making certain not to touch her, Ned offers a slightly trying smile before allowing it to be eaten by jubilation. And the prospect of pie.]

There are going to be savory pies, um- grilled veggies and…stuff. And Chuck is debuting a new item for the permanent menu.

They’re called cup-pies! They’re like regular pies but smaller and cuter. [Like magic, she pulls a plate of tiny single-serving pies from off-camera to display. Each is the size of your average cupcake and each is piled with a different type of filling.] They were my specialty back home. The crust is sweetened with just a little bit of honey.

And this week I’m making sweet pear cup-pies with Gruyère cheese. They can even come in à la mode!
[She looks up at Ned for a moment and bumps her shoulder into him.] I still think you should have worn the sombrero. It would have been festive.

[The Pie Maker’s mouth twitches, abundantly aware that he gets enough attention already by existing as someone who happens to be six feet and five inches tall.]

It was festive but a baking hindrance,

[he reminds her gently, quietly, and clears his throat. Never mind the fact that it was a thoroughly humiliating abomination of a hat.]

We’re- open all day, the usual hours, so, um...stop by.

[ NOTE: You can converse with Ned or Chuck (or both!) over the network or in-person, in the diner here. Please specify in your comment title. :) ]
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[Lily wishes that she were coming to the network with brighter news today, that she was messaging people to talk about her engagement or wedding plans, or to ask people to save the upcoming date-- but the truth of the matter is that with all that's gone on here the last several months, it doesn't feel right to shout about good news, at least not just yet. There are, however, other things she would like to address-- more specifically, to offer.

At first she considers locking the message to keep it hidden from certain offenders. Dean, Dr. Lecter, even that supposedly rehabilitated vampire, but in the end she decides not to. She's not afraid.]

I know we've been suffering a particularly bad streak in Wonderland lately. People are scared, people are clamoring for something to be done about those who would go out of their way to hurt others. Concerning the current situation, I understand that it's not so simple as grabbing hold of the offender and locking him up, and I trust those who are closer to the situation to do whatever they can to make our halls a little bit safer as they have the means.

I've seen offers of demon-specific protection, which is good on Sam's part, as well as offers by those willing to play bodyguard. However, this is hardly the first time we've had dangerous people on the loose in the mansion, and given the nature of human beings, it won't be the last. It might not be much, but I'm very good at both healing and protective spells and charms. If you'd like a little extra protection, please get in touch.

I'd like to do what I can to help keep people safe while this gets sorted out, and if nothing else, we should all feel like we have some place we can truly take sanctuary, even if its just our rooms. Additionally, if you have any need for potions, I may be able to help with that, as well. I believe we'll see an end to this particular problem sooner rather than later, but there's bound to be someone or something else further on down the line. It's better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to certain safety measures. Thank you.

[Afterwards, she'll be available to meet and assist anyone who needs it-- but in the meantime, she'll be in her room until she needs to go out and make housecalls, having rearranged part of it to make room for a dedicated potion-brewing station, her little teatable cleared of its usual contents and now covered in a variety of herbs and carefully laid-out notes. Early afternoon, she can be found in the kitchens with her familiar (a ginger tortoiseshell cat) in tow, though she'll be armed with her wand at all times, and is likely to be seen multitasking by making lists and notes in her journal while she eats her lunch.]
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[Stefan wakes up on a floor and, really, the room doesn't matter because he doesn't recognize it. He doesn't see anyone even in the stretches of space he runs at high speeds. It's not long until he finds himself in a hallway and he stops when he sees a procession of mirrors. Odd and alarming, when he begins to peer into one. He steps away from it, because no thanks, and stares down the hall.

He finds a phone in his pocket, not his but obviously one all the same, and green eyes give a hard stare at it. He turns the phone over a few times, then fiddles with it until it looks like it's doing something that is reminiscent of video chat. So, he speaks. His voice is strained, eyes full of contained but deep trouble. Glaring forward in them is hot anger too, wanting to bubble up, but held down only by his iron will.]

I'm not sure what I'm expecting here, but if there's anyone out there that I know [an exasperated breath and pause, slight inward press of lips, brows raising for a moment] a reply would be great.

[A long pause, his jaw shifting back to its usual tight, unimpressed hold.]

I don't know who's to blame for this, but I need some answers. Now.

[He has no answers himself, because it's the most elaborate deception he's ever seen, if it's a mirage. There isn't anyone in Mystic Falls capable of doing this and making him feel so, so very as if he's in reality. What is going on?

As for anyone who knows him, well, he's not mentioning Elena's name. Or Damon's, for that matter. Stefan is from a time in which the girl he still very much loves is not his first priority, so that's certainly an indication of his entire self being off.]

[OOC: Feel free to just run into him too instead of replying to the video.]

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[Sometime in the early afternoon, a video of a very frazzled-looking Jo makes its way to the network. Whereas her last public address showed her being accompanied by Jormy, Gabriel's beloved Jack Russell terrier, this time around?

She has a whole lot more in the way of company.

Some of the dogs that keep pushing their way into the frame are familiar, like Jormy himself and Lucky, Emma and Henry's dalmatian, but there are others who are entirely new faces, from golden retrievers to labs to border collies and, if someone were to look closely enough, even a chihuahua or two. Dogs of every size and color -- at least a couple dozen, total. She grimaces as she tries to steady her phone, trying her hardest to keep her mood from slipping despite looking incredibly harassed.]

I'm having a little bit of a problem -- I know some of these guys have to have owners somewhere.

[An invasive muzzle starts to make its way onscreen, and Jo gently takes hold of it to steer it away, along with a quiet 'Shh, don't interrupt.']

If anyone out there recognizes anyone here, feel free to come and claim them? If not-- the Wonderland stray population might be skyrocketing. I can't take care of all of them; Jormy doesn't like to share.

[And she'd never get any peace.]

Any takers?

[Action A, 6/07:]

[Even outside of events, it's not unusual to find Jo manning the bar -- she's been a permanent fixture in the place since she first arrived in Wonderland more than a year ago, though there's something distinctly different about her now. Maybe it's just that she's more cheerful than she has been lately, or maybe it's that she's much more reluctant to reach out and offer a friendly touch to friends and regular patrons alike. Regardless, she's tirelessly serving people with a smile throughout the afternoon and evening, with a few exceptions -- there are some residents of Wonderland even she can't fake it for. Anyone in need of a drink, some conversation or a dedicated bartender to lend them an ear is more than welcome.]

[Action B, 6/08:]

[Thanks to an unfortunate collision in one of the corridors earlier that day, anyone out on the grounds might spot a rough collie making her way through the gardens or running along the beach -- fortunately, she'd been able to make a break for it and flee the scene of the incident before the other party saw what happened, she's almost positive, but just to be safe, Jo will be keeping herself outdoors until she can find a way to turn herself back. Most of the time, she'll be found on her lonesome, but every now and then, she'll pick up a few hangers-on -- more dogs like those in her video two days previous, none of whom seem the slightest bit interested in letting her out of their sight.


Private to Bran Liddell )

((OOC: This post will be serving as Jo's catch-all for the event! If you would like to run into her but don't want to use one of the above scenarios, feel free to encounter her in either human or dog form anywhere in the mansion or on the grounds. Just let me know the location, date, and which form you'd prefer in the comment title!))
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[There's that awkwardly uneven face on the network again. He looks just as comfortable now as he did the first few times he'd poked the network, but he's getting used to this sort of mass communication. It's a good way to get things across without some kind of school news letter or something. There is a small piglet draped over his shoulder, sound asleep, like some kind of dopey cat, completely contented where it was. The sounds of others scurrying about can probably also be heard from time to time.

So he takes a breath and begins.]

Um, hi Wonderland. Again. I'm Scott, and I know a lot of people around here have taken to adopting the little baby boars that have been running around. If not that, you probably have other pets, too. Back home, I was training with a veterinarian and I wanted to offer what I can to everyone. So, if you have a pet that's in need of something, or hurt, or sick, bring them to the clinic. I've set up a little veterinary clinic on the first floor, second room. It's not much, but it's better than nothing, right?

If you have any kind of emergency or need to get a hold of me and I'm not at the clinic, I'll totally take house calls and stuff. So just, give me a call or something.

That's all I got. But I'll answer any questions you might have, if I can.

[With that, he offered a sweet smile and cut the video.]
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[Are you sick of his face yet, Wonderland? Well, you might as well get used to it, because you're far more likely to catch him here than in person. But at least this time there's more of a point to this than piglets or sassing the crowd. It's something he's been mulling over for a few days, and Sam's post about classes (and other things) has finally spurred him into action.]

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've dug around and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm looking to you guys to kind of...Help me compile a few things.

[He leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers together over his middle.]

Now I'm sure by now, we've all heard the story of how the Jabberwocky is supposed to show up at some point in the relatively near future - because let's be honest with each other, folks, five years isn't that long, and I can't give you an ETA on when I can get us out of here, just that I can - and that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time. Now, I know I wasn't here when the message was delivered, but you guys have been pretty great at giving me an idea of what we can expect. And I know there's some dissent among the crowd here about whether that's still going to happen or not, but just. Let me run this by you.

Thanks to all of that, I've put together a few ideas, and I'm curious about who might be on board. Because ultimately, it's going to take every last one of us to make it work. So consider this me putting out my feelers for how you guys feel about it.

One, we should probably start weaning ourselves off the closets of this place. Stockpile what we can't make ourselves at first, use those greenhouses for more than just a landmark, maybe. I know there's stuff out there now, but it might be good to start looking into things that go beyond being pretty decorations. Start looking into food crops, medicinal plants, that kind of thing. I know cold turkey's not an option, but on the whole, whether this Jabberwocky really shows up or not, it might be better as a whole if we stop relying on "magic" - [He uses finger quotes.] To do everything. And we should probably think about giving this place a different power source. I don't know what's running the electricity and everything now, but I've got some better ideas for that.

Two, there's a list of classes - which is highly informative, actually, I didn't think you guys had anything like that - but no kind of guide for who can do what here. Basic things, because while we don't age, we can get sick, we can die, we need haircuts...You get the idea. So what I'm asking is, if you have a basic skill like that, no matter what it is, let me know. I'm gonna be putting it together, so it can be in that updated pamphlet you've heard Pepper talk about working on. I know people drift in and out of here, and that's fine, because editing isn't that big of a deal. That way people don't have to take a blind stab in the dark for what they're looking for, and have a list right there ready.

And...I guess that's it. Everything I had on my list for now, anyway. If you have anything you wanna add, let me know, because I fully admit I've still got the new car smell here, and this was just stuff that happened to occur to me talking to you guys.

By the way. My birthday's tomorrow. Feel free to direct all gifts you plan to shower me with to Miss Pepper Potts. She knows what to do with them.

[Because clearly Tony's birthday is the most important part of anything ever. Stark parties are legendary.]


May. 18th, 2014 09:18 pm
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Wasn't there something--

[That's one wrecked space captain on your viewscreens. His hair is sticking up in about seventeen different directions, he's got dirt smudged on his face and clothes, one of his cheekbones is marked with a pretty ugly bruise, and his uniform tunic and undershirt are torn in a way that's probably familiar to some of you out there.

He's slightly damp with sweat and breathing heavy, and focus is apparently hard to come by, if the way he stops and starts, squinting at the camera, is any indication.]

Someone was saying, I was kinda half-listening--

If there's something you can't help doing, lock yourself up or something?

I'm no good at that. I can't--

[And it's oh so clear it pains him to say this, but:]

...I think I need adult supervision.
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I appreciate a good day at the beach, but asking my permission would have been polite.

[ He doesn't trust this video feature or voice feature. Texting is irritating and exhausting, but better than risking someone seeing him. He'd rather not have his face plastered all over the place. Especially if he runs into someone he knows. Anonymous is much safer. ]

Kidnapping a man is rude enough, but not bothering to stick around to talk to them after the act? Just awful. Who taught you manners? A wild animal? I retract that statement. A wild animal has more honor than you apparently do.

[ He's so huffy. His fingers keep sliding over the keys. He doesn't appreciate being dropped in the ocean, Wonderland. It's just rude and childish. ]

If anyone out there has any sort of information that they'd be willing to share with a man I'd be ever so grateful.

( ooc: Slightly forward dated to the day after the Event. Peter sings, but not letting him sing is funnier. )
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[ The is focused on his own reflection. For those who know it, he's standing in an exact replica of the pristine, more or less mono-chrome room from back home. All black and gray. He's smoothing down the front of a leather jacket, a scarf around his neck. Looking pretty much like had the day after the winter formal. Like he'd just been given everything he ever wanted.

Anyone who had encountered him since the start of the event probably had a fair bit of difficulty figuring out whether he'd been impacted by it. Because the "I'm better than you" attitude and inability to share the spotlight was already his default mode of operation. McCall knew that one all too well. ]

Alright, Wonderland. Here's the deal. I've seen a lot of people boasting about...well, pretty much anything. As for that little note? Very funny. But you see? I'll never be beneath anyone.

[ He flipped the the video around so it was his actual face and not the reflection. Music started up, his head bobbing. ]

Because I'm the best.

[ He slipped on a pair of aviator sunglasses, moving with a proud strut toward the door. Starting to sing, proud as ever, as he yanked it open. ]

Everybody loves me! )
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[Wow, this face hasn't been on the network since he got here. He's not a big fan of the spotlight, so public introductions aren't much his thing. But he isn't averse to them either.

Scott focuses on the screen for a moment, checking to make sure he had everything set up right.]

Hey, I'm Scott. So, my friends Stiles and Isaac are putting together that Lacrosse team, so I thought I'd help out a bit. If anyone's interested in playing, but you don't know anything about the game, I'm offering to help teach anyone interested how to play. I'll try to break it down for you and even give lessons if you want. I was co-captain of our team back home.

[Scott fidgets and thinks if he has anything else to add, shrugging in the end when he comes up with nothing.]

So yeah, shoot me a message or something if you want lessons or info on the specifics of the game.

[And with that, the brunette signs out.

A moment later, he shoots private messages to Stiles and Isaac.]

[Private to Stiles and Isaac] )
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[ When the video feed flickers on, it's a jumbled mess of motion blur, and at first it might seem like it was activated by accident. The voices and commotion however make it very clear that it wasn't an accident. Once the image stills, all that can be seen is the ceiling of a room for a moment before a hand wraps around and makes the screen go black for a moment and then Stiles' face shows up. ]

No, this is not a two person job and I don't care if it was your idea. You cut me off before I can finish my sentences and it's annoying.

Well, I wouldn't cut you off if your sentences didn't suck!

[ What the rest of Wonderland can sort of see, is Isaac rather easily getting a hold on the communicator pushing Stiles away with one hand before he brings the video back so everyone can see his rather unimpressed face. Excuse him for a moment, he's a bit busy giving Stiles a look that could rival even Derek's unimpressed faces. But that doesn't seem to deter him as the video begins wobbling again, obviously there is a tug-a-war going on. It's blatant by how gentle Isaac is being that he's actually worried he might harm the other teenager, giving him a chance at this.

Stiles' face is back in view, but Isaac is the one that responds.

Right, that really makes sense. Get over it - no one wants to see you when you're pale and skinny and look like you're dying.

Oh, okay, yeah, like you can talk.

[ There's a huff before Stiles jerks his head back in a truly impressive eyeroll before relinquishing his hold and letting Isaac take over the video. ]

Stiles and I were thinking - since everyone is teaching each other stuff that we might as well make the whole school thing official and create some actual sports teams. More specifically: Lacrosse. If you're interested, there's a brief questionnaire we'd like you to fill out.

[ The feed immediately cuts to text without so much as a goodbye. ]

1. Finish the sentence: "The bigger they are the ______________."

2. Can you recite the speech from Independence Day?

3. Are you human? If no, should we be worried?

4. Do you know what lacrosse is? If so, do you actually know how to play it?

5. Did you come to win or did you come to join Stilinski's team?

6. Describe what you would do in a situation where every single star player somehow magically ends up getting hurt and they need you to play, even though you're a sixth string, existing only to keep the bench warm with your butt:

( This is a joint post with [personal profile] hypercompetent replies may come from one or both of us.

Grey is Isaac, black is Stiles.


Apr. 7th, 2014 08:59 pm
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Hey there, total strangers I've decided to video chat with.

[ here, have a single wave and a big smile from Kira! who then... sighs, and winces at herself. it's been a few hours since she got here, a few hours she used to lie down and calm herself down and get her headache down to a tolerable level ( healing powers are so weird ), so she's already in one of the rooms, broadcasting from a spot at the edge of her bed. ]

I don't know why I said that, that was- [ she shakes her head, laughs. oh god somebody save her, or just put her out of her misery. either one. ] Anyway. I'm sure you guys get this a lot, but I'm kind of hoping to find some of my friends on here. If they are on here, I don't know. I've never heard them talk about anything like this before. Actually, I'm pretty sure this isn't anything like the internet I have back at home, so. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm hoping to find out if any of my friends are here. Or, I guess I'll only have my fingers crossed for one friend, since I was with him before I woke up here - Scott McCall? I just- I'm kind of hoping since I'm here, he's here too. Since we were together, like I said.

But anybody else from Beacon Hills, or - [ my mom and dad. I wouldn't mind seeing my mom and dad right now. no oh my god Kira you can't just ask for mommy and daddy, pull yourself together. be cool. ] - um, no, that's it. If anybody else from Beacon Hills is here, let me know. It's important. Like, really, really important. [ like we can't trust Stiles important ]

Okay, thanks.

-- Bye.


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