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[A pale man with dark rimmed glasses, extremely bright blue eyes, and a curious expression appears in the feed. He studies his image for a moment, seeming to marvel at it, head tilting a bit to the left.

The image shifts slightly as he sits it a little further back. The room behind him comes more into focus, showing a place filled with an organized sort of chaos. There's a worn plaid jacket and blue and white scarf thrown carelessly on the bed behind him. An old, clearly well loved, camera sits on top of the jacket. He'd already changed out of his thick sweater, now sporting a simple maroon t-shirt, which made his pale arms seem to almost glow.

There was also the issue of the really pretty set of wings that had sprouted out of his back.


[He seems slightly hesitant and more than just a little awkward. His body shifts slightly, causing the image to shake just a bit. He clears his throat and tries again]

So....um....Does anyone know where I can find a man named Roger Davis? Or perhaps a Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson, Joanne Jefferson, Tom Collins....hell, I'd be happy to see even Benny right now.

[The names are rattled off quickly and he suddenly stops, inhaling sharply. His hands are trembling now, as evidenced by his now shaking image. He pushes up his glasses with his free hand as he debates how to ask this next question]

Also, does anyone....um....is there a camera store or....or somewhere that I could get extra film for my camera at? And...and the wings thing. They're not a permanent thing, are they?

[As nice and neat as the wings were, they weren't something that Mark wanted to keep forever. It was a novelty thing that would wear off quickly for him.]


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