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[At first glance, there's absolutely nothing different to notice about Hector whatsoever. And really, for anyone that's aware of his history with things like Aztec curses and such, that's no surprise. His body language is a little looser, his tone and smile perhaps a tad sharper and colder, but overall...There's very little to notice that's different.

However, while he's been fairly quiet in the halls and over the network and everywhere in between, it's because his mirror and he have been battling it out for dominance, and the mirror's won, simply through dirty tactics and using what is their own weaknesses against him. It just has taken time, since it's been so long since he's been squishy and mortal, that it's made more sense to feel everything out first.

So, when the feed kicks on, there's Hector. Or. Rather. There's the mirror version of Hector, prodding at his own middle with a long-nailed finger. And when he speaks up, his voice is far bouncier than the real's, with a touch of absolutely sadistic amusement of the sort you'll never hear from the one that really resides on this side of the mirror.]

It be a damned shame, truly, that a body can be this damn skinny and twiggy and still be soft around the middle. Really, what does this fool do, sit around with 'is never-ending supply of apples? Him and that idiot he calls an associate? [He snorts at that, because the Jack on the other side of the mirror is twice as stupid and three times as intolerable, in his opinion.]

Well, I'm stuck here in this lazy, good-for-nothing soft moron's body. What be there to do on this side that's fun.

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