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[The camera is a weird mix of red and black and blurry until the guy holding it pulls it away from his face. That... only helps so much since he's wearing a red and black mask and a red costume. Still, despite the complete lack of facial features besides his eyes, it's pretty clear he's smiling. Or maybe that's just in the little wave he gives.]

Wonderland, huh? If I'd known I would have worn a little blue dress. Where can I get whatever that caterpillar smokes, am I right? Huh, huh?

[He moves his shoulders like he's nudging someone. There is no one there to nudge.]

But seriously, hi, name's Deadpool. Some of you might know me, but most of you proooobably don't. Crossovers are super expensive and involve way too many lawyers. I get it. But lucky for you, this is probably fair use!

[He puts a hand to his chest and gives a little bow, then puts his hands behind his head, leaning back.]

So! Who's a guy got to kill to get a chimichanga around here?

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