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Dear Wonderland.

[She says it like she's starting a letter. To all of you Wonderland girls and guys! She's obviously in her room, the wall of pasted-on Polaroid photos behind her, with softly lit lanterns hanging across the surface on thin wires. It's late at night- or rather, it's the wee hours of the morning. Max has no idea how much the old midnight gang of insomniacs still prowls around the network. She used to be pretty active at this time- not so much anymore.]

This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I swear I'm not off my rocker. Maybe groggy and craving for food, but not crazy.

[ Come on Max, stop embarrassing yourself on the network!]

I was just thinking that I would've graduated by now, since it's June. I'd probably be scrambling to find some sort of arts college that I can afford or that I can even get into. [Or not. Spending a year traveling and taking photos sounds great, too, but college seems pretty important.] And it sucks that I don't have school here.

But... obviously a lot of things suck about Wonderland. Nutso mirrors, certain newbies showing up, all kinds of scary mystery type stuff, nasty events. I mean, sometimes it's... just shit. [Like the past few days, for a lot of people. The network's been full of downers. Her brow furrows as she looks to the side, and her mouth curves into a slight frown.] And I'm sure some of us are bringing in a ton of messed up baggage from back home, too.

[She holds up a stack of instant photos, maybe seven or eight. She angles the stack sideways, so only the sides can be seen by the camera. The girl's still a little too shy to show the actual images.] But see this? Each one's a photo of a... a friend I've made here. People I could actually hang out with. [She waves the little stack at the screen, preparing herself for this next admission.] That's more friends than I had- have in my school.

So yeah, Wonderland totally bombs sometimes. But there's some pretty good stuff going on, too. And I know this is gonna be really hard right now, but I want to hear it- what's something you're super grateful for? Something you might never have had if you hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole? [She tries to make it sound like it's fun challenge, smiling timidly at the screen.] Cuz I'm sure you could name at least three things.

[[OOC: After the post, she leaves her room to roam around the mansion, phone light in hand. Feel free to bump into her wherever! Also, she'll be replying to all responses, even the ones after sunrise.]]


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So these.. huh. The others. Mirrors.

[He rolls the word out as if it's not the right one to use, slow and a fraction uncertain, but he's pretty damn sure he's heard other people call them that and he's never been shy about making an ass of himself in any case.

A brief pause follows.

They always gonna be a cut-an'-dry opposite, or is there somethin' more to that?

[Is this a taboo subject overall? He isn't sure. Dan has been here over half a year now and still hasn't seen people ever really talk about what's on the other side of the mirrors - at least not in public.

He might draw some unwelcome attention, he reasons, but it wouldn't be the first time.

I ain't had the pleasure of seein' mine yet. Far as I'm concerned, it can stay that way.

video; 002

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[ Selina's absolutely not the type to turn to others for help. Especially not a whole open network of people. But sometimes, there are situations that occur that you just can't get out of on your own, and this is looking, very unfortunately, exactly like one of those.

Basically, she's had an accident with something she stole from someone back during Saturnalia. It had looked like an innocent little vial of liquid, and while she's smart enough to know not to trust the contents since there's no label, sometimes accidents happen. And that sometimes means... Well, basically, she broke the vial and it's had an interesting effect on her.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary when she starts up a video feed over the network, but she does look frustrated and gives a huff before getting to an explanation. ]

Hey. So. I've got a little problem and was hoping someone out there might have a solution.

[ With that, she lifts her left hand and reveals that it has been entirely trapped in crystal. ]

Yeah. Long story, but to put it shortly, I "borrowed" this vial of something from some guy back during Saturnalia. I haven't really touched it again since then, but when I picked it up today, it kind of...broke. And this happened.

[ A long, irritated glance is cast in the direction of her crystal-encased hand. ]

Normally I have no problem dealing with my own problems, but this is kind of new. As in, I have no idea how to fix my hand. So if anyone has any ideas or actually knows what to do? That'd be great.
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I'll be honest, I don't know how all of you are living here.
Not existing, I don't need an explanation for that. I just...

[She's trapped by a future that hasn't happened yet. Hook doesn't have to tell her she's gone dark for her to know he was thrown by the fact that she wasn't. If there's going to be a fight, she's going to lose. In his future, she's the Dark One.

And to have it not happen just because she's here, when she doesn't know why, or for how long, or what this place wants out of her is maddening.]

I feel like I'm waiting for someone to flip the switch and send me back to my life. And I don't know whether to want that because it's mine or to want this because it could always be worse.

[She could be the person Hook thought she was. And eventually, she will be.]
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[When the feed clicks on, at first all it shows is a view of Regina and Robin's room; it's tidy, but there's touches of both of them visible and a large chemistry set in the background. Soon, the device is jostled as someone picks it up and Regina comes into view. For once, she doesn't look like her entire world is awful forever, instead, she looks remarkably happy.]

Wonderland. [That's it. That's your greeting.] Recent developments, both here and at home, have reminded me of the pressing need to figure out a solution to our little memory problem.

[Unfortunately, her own missing memories are back home trapped in a dreamcatcher...]

So, if you come from a land with magic, I'd like to talk to you.

[Regina reaches down to turn off the device, before she stops. Her smile warms again before she speaks.]

Before I go, I want to let everybody know that there'll be another wedding in the near future. Robin Hood and I are getting married.

[So everybody can expect another giant party. The feed clicks off after that.]
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[He's waited probably longer than he should have, but that's how it goes when you're the exception to the rule. Most people, when they go and come back, are gone for a week at most. Then they show back up, memories in tact, bringing with them some new information or development from back home. Any longer than that and they don't remember Wonderland, instead showing up just the same as a person there for the first time: lost, confused, pissed off at the circumstances.

But Neal had been gone two months, then came back remembering everything. So maybe someone else could too, and that's what it's taken so long for him to actually make the announcement.]

Don't know if anyone ever put it on the network, but Elphaba Thropp's gone home. [She's been gone, but today is February 14th. It would've been a year--you know. If Neal hadn't vanished for those two months and come back to find her gone, plus that whole mess with the curse of Shattered Sight before. Still, what they had? Had been good most days.

Sucks that it ended like it had, but then--they were in Wonderland.]

Happy Valentine's Day to those celebrating it.

[Neal, personally, is not. Which is why he's going to be in the bar, thank you very much, having a drink in memory of his departed girlfriend.]
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( after the brusqueness of his arrival, it takes a little bit to get to using the network. he wasn't expecting to dig in his pockets and find a new variety of talking phone, all right? who even knew that it's possible to have more than one kind of talking phone?

once he finds it and figures out what it's for, his first move is probably a predictable one. he looks tired and maybe a little sick as he addresses Wonderland, still dressed in whatever he was wearing when he poofed back from Camelot, but his mind is on different things. )

How do I get out of here?

( that's it. short and to the point. too bad he's not getting out. )
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[She hadn't expected to go through this sort of pain. Others had said that this happened, that it was possible for family and friends to be sent home, but she hadn't thought it would be so soon. And not Rumpel. Not after she had finally gotten him back.

But Wonderland didn't seem like the sort of place to allow happiness to last very long. It ran contrary to chaos.]

Those who know him, Mr. Gold has disappeared. His things are gone and his room is abandoned. He's gone home, I think.

[She keeps her face turned away, not wanting to show anyone her tears or devastation.]

I just hope he's safe.


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I recently departed Wonderland and then returned. [ Which has happened to many people, he knows, and it's not the first time it happened to him. ] Shortly before returning here to Wonderland, I seem to have had a few adventures I can't recall. I was curious how many others here have ever been afflicted by frequent bouts of amnesia? Outside of Wonderland, that is. [ Is this just a thing they're all fated to deal with constantly just because they live in Storybrooke? ]

It's disconcerting, to say the least.

[ And he's been separated from his son again. He's so grateful to have had the chance to see him again after so long, but it makes the ache for him that much stronger. So he switches gears.] In my return home, I had the good fortune to see my son again. I miss him terribly. I wondered as well if many of you have children you've been separated from? [ At the very least, it can help to commiserate with others sometimes. ]
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[ Carl doesn't know where this place is, nor appreciates being kidnapped away from his family really, but when he turns on the video, he is settled in the library comfortably away from the majority of unfamiliar faces here and trying as hard as he can to look calm for whom he assumes are his captors... and fellow kidnappees.

Of course what you don't know is that in the last half hour or so, during his initial arrival, he was 100% an open display of panic, uneasiness, and questions before even getting to this point. And while he's found most his answers and come to calm considerably on the outside, he has a couple more question to ask right now! ]

Dad? Are you here? [ His voice ventures with that to start, hoping if his dad, or anyone he knew, in fact, were here it would alert them to his presence on the spot. Then putting on his brave face and moving more to the point, he continues: ] Um, I was told- [ actually ] I overheard that this's how you can talk to everyone, so I was wondering if anyone seen my friends.

There's Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, my dad. Rick Grimes... [ And others too. But honestly there's too many to list so he trails off at his dad's name, which sounds weird rolling off his tongue because the man was always respectfully just dad to him.

In any case, he figures if anybody knows one of his friends, they'll know all of them. He appears thoughtful about what he should say for a moment before he skips right to a closing thought. ]

So, if you see them, tell them I'm here. To call me on this phone. [ a pause ] Or just tell me how to find them.

(ooc: oh yeah, and a small note! happy to have anyone bump into him in the library or before that. anything is cool with me, really! PM me or add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] Naonith if you'd like to talk or plot.)
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[It's been at least several hours of dodging strangers in a mysterious garden belonging to the shifting architecture of a mansion that must've come right off the pages of a fairytale... or from a nightmare. Ford has tried everything to wake himself up from what he believes is a dream; perhaps a trap in which Bill has locked him away, or some pocket dimension, or what if he's even dead, or... or...

All he remembers is raising his hands to answer Bill's "riddle", a bright light, and extreme discomfort.

He scrubs his hand over his head and looks down at the unfamiliar device he found on his person not too long after he woke up.]

Come on, Stanford. He trapped you here. You have to wake up. This has to be a riddle, a game...

[If it's a game Bill wants, Ford decides he might have to play it long enough to wake up--just wake up--

He starts typing out a message, and reminds himself to trust no one. If he's been blasted to another dimension, it might actually be better than being locked in his own mind, but... if this is his own mindscape, it doesn't seem to fit. It's definitely something Mabel would come up with, but him? No.

What then, is it? Where is he?]


My name is Stanford Pines and I come in relative peace. I am attempting to communicate through this device. If you understand this language, please respond.

[That's ambiguous enough, and--] There. I drew my line in the sand.

[He pockets the numbered, lettered pad and sets out to explore.]
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That's one hell of a welcoming committee.

[So far, all Ewaymas has offered her is more of the same; another opportunity to run for her life, courtesy of a flesh-eating wendigo. Getting the lay of the land had been a good idea until that thing showed up while she was out in the forest. The result is a breathless savior talking through panted breaths. She might not know what's going on here, but she doesn't like it.

Then again, getting trapped in another realm is never really a pleasant experience for her, and she's done it a few of times now.]

I'm guessing all of you can see me.

[It's a shaky image; she's still moving, rushing around to avoid something she's already outrun. You might be able to catch her as she heads into the mansion, slowing her pace just enough to avoid a collision with anyone who she might run into now that she's indoors.]

My name is Emma Swan, and I'm from a town called Storybrooke. If that means anything to you, I need you to say something. [Honestly, she doesn't even know what the hell to hope for. She doesn't want her family involved in this. They spend more time falling through portals than they do safe at home. If she has to take this on by herself, she will.

All she needs now is confirmation; if they're where they're supposed to be, then this is about finding a way home. A portal, a magic bean, anything that gets her back to the moment she was pulled away from. ]
... If it doesn't, and you know a way out of here, that would help, too.

[ooc: Feel free to catch her wandering through the mansion if you want to see her in person.]


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[Henry's back in Wonderland again, after his first date and subsequent rejection. Once he confirms with his mom and Robin what they all know (and perfect, they're from different time lines. But at least they left and came back together), Henry trudges back to the mansion. He's not sure if he's missed anything or if anyone else has maybe arrived or left, but he's about to find out.

Once he's in his room and he's made sure his pen (wow, he broke the one at home and...that was...stupid), the blank book, and the ink are still secure, he settles in, still wearing his Camelot clothes. The last thing he remembers is meeting Merlin, and he takes a breath, letting it out and turning on his camera, addressing Wonderland.]

So, I don't think I was gone that long, but just in case I was, it's Henry, and I'm back. Fresh from...Camelot. I think maybe it's been about a month back home. My mom - Regina - and Robin are back too, in case you were worried. We all left together, which is nice. It's better when you aren't worried.

Nothing bad happened while we were gone, did it? Nothing is on fire, the mansion is still the mansion, no one seems sad in the halls, so it seems like maybe everything's okay.

[So that's a success?]

Hopefully all my friends are still here. Are you?
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[ By now, she's already had a relatively thorough look around the mansion and its grounds, investigating and exploring. She's overheard conversations, watched some people from afar, and has the gist of what this place is about. She's pretty sure she has, anyway. Wonderland, it's called. They're all "prisoners", all from different worlds or universes or whatever, blah blah blah, some magic junk, etc. It's only then, when she feels like she understands the situation, that she finally makes an appearance on the network, a wry smile on her face as she broadcasts. ]

So, I've heard this place be referred to as a prison, but you know what? It ain't so bad. I mean, there're rooms for each of us, free food--as much as you can eat--and we're free to come and go as we please. I don't see what's so bad about all that.

[ She kicks her feet up from her sitting position and gives the camera a look. ]

I think I could get used to this, actually. Loads better than anywhere I've ever lived before. Sure, we're trapped here or whatever, but is it really so bad? Could be a lot worse, you know. I'd rather be trapped somewhere comfortable if I'm going to be trapped at all.

[ With that, she shrugs, and cuts the feed. ]
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December 1; for Snow White )

December 2, Open

[There's a lot on Neal's mind when he finally comes to a day after Wonderland's drawn him back. A year's gone by in his own world, and of course he's gone all that time without a clue about the realm he's in now. That's a lot of memories to sort through, made all the harder because he's spent too long being the voice in the Dark One's head.

Yeah, things got messed up back home. News at eleven.

Doesn't matter though. As soon as the first few thoughts click into their proper place, Neal's scrambling for the phone he knows should be nearby. Every move he's made has been done for family, good choices and terrible, so when he remembers that Henry's here Neal immediately tries to reach out to him. He presses the buttons, too disoriented still to make the call private, and in too much of a rush to care. So long as he can find Henry, that's good enough.]

Henry? Henry, it's your dad. I'm back, I--

[He closes his eyes, shakes his head to try and push away the lingering confusion from his thoughts. Henry's here along with others, like Regina and Robin. Zelena, but screw her. James, Michonne, Snow, Elphaba.]

I remember. This place, Wonderland. I remember all of it.

[He huffs out a breath, a small smile crossing his features that doesn't quite manage to be happy. Yeah, he remembers. Good choices and terrible ones, and a bunch of crap he has to apologize for from the last big curse Wonderland decided to pull from his world.]

Guess there's a lot of people I need to catch up with. Pretty sure you know who you are, so let me know when you see this, okay?
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[ the girl on the feed usually prefers text to video as the latter brings forth a shower of people all wanting to alert her to the fact that she is green and it's honestly more than a little annoying. but there is merit to it today and so you have a green girl, dark hair falling down to her hips and walking barefoot on the floor of the library around a very large map she seems to be drawing with a brush dipped in black ink.

elphie straightens up, pulls her hair up into a ponytail. ]

where are you from.

[ a question that should be a given in a place like that but ]

once we thought the limits of my realm are known until a man came from another realm in a colorful balloon in the sky. Now I think that we know nothing about worlds and what ties them together. maps would be a help in that, I reckon so if you are not entirely hopeless with a brush, I'd be interested in seeing what your realm looks like, the parts that you know of, at least.
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[The broadcast is honestly overdue, but Neal’s got plenty of good reasons why it’s taken him this long to get it out there. Wonderland does as it always does, and the event revolving around HYDRA had been a hell of a thing to go through for everyone—and for Neal, who saw his son brainwashed not to know him. Then even before that, he and Robin had to hunt down the kid after he went into hiding again, for damn good reason again, and for the record? Neal’s really sick of his kid’s life going to hell, thanks.

But there’s another reason, one he doesn’t even want to admit to himself, much less anyone else. It’s been long enough now though that he can be sure: Rumplestiltskin really isn’t coming back, and putting off telling everyone else isn’t going to make that any less true. So he finally turns on the feed, though even as he forces out the words Neal doesn’t quite look square at the camera.]

Not sure how many people knew him as Mr. Gold or as Rumplestiltskin, but either way he’s not in Wonderland anymore.

[How many people would care who didn’t already know? Neal’s not sure, and that’s kind of messed up too. Doesn’t matter that he’d seen his father go back to his old ways; Neal still can’t help feeling like a failure of a son just by not knowing who his Papa’s friends had been.

Or if he had any at all.]


[That’s it for the public broadcast, but Neal’s got other messages to send out. There’s no good way to go about it, but so long as she doesn’t go crazy, Neal figures there’s no point in telling the mansion as a whole about what happened to Regina. Some people should know though, ones she’s close to, and between Robin and Henry they’d figured out a short list of names.]

Locked to the Once-Ler, Michonne, and Angel )

[That done, Neal heads to the place where he’s spent a lot of his time lately: The Jolly Roger. Another memento left behind, except this one requires a bit more maintenance—especially when kids decide to commandeer it for birthday parties. Somewhere along the way he thinks it might be a good idea just to let people know it’s not entirely open to the public, so later on in the evening he gets out the phone again.]

So pretty much everyone knows there’s a pirate ship docked here in Wonderland now. Even though the person who owns her isn’t here anymore, I’m taking care of her. And I don’t mind if people want to use her sometimes, but just check with me first. She’s pretty important to me and my family.

[Both present and otherwise.]
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[Dipper is in front of the camera, fidgeting with it. For once, he’s not dressed in his usual vest and hat. Instead, he’s got a bandana tied over his head and a pirate outfit to complete the look. As he draws back, joining Mabel, it’s clear why. They’re standing on the Jolly Roger.]

Okay, it’s recording. Hi guys! [He waves, grinning awkwardly. But he is grinning, which is pretty different from how he’s been lately.]

[Mabel’s dressed similarly to her brother in an outfit a little less… sweater-y than her average attire. Though let’s be real there is probably a smattering of glitter on that giant hat she’s wearing.

Okay, it’s more than a smattering. every time she shakes her head, you can see the glitter fall down on her shoulders. it’s possible she went a little overboard.]

It’s me Mabel! And Dipper. [she grabs her brother’s shoulders and tugs him into a one-armed hug, smiling for the camera.] And today’s our thirteenth birthday… Sort of. I’m not sure if it counts if time doesn’t really move here, but if we don’t count it, we could never have another birthday party while we’re in Wonderland and that’s just terrible. We’re birthday experts! You’d be bereft!

[That’s definitely some glitter falling down on Dipper now. He makes a face, wiping his shoulder idly, but he’s been Mabel’s brother long enough to know that this is not a battle he can win. He is doomed to be slightly glittery as well. This is just going to happen.]

We are. It’s a twin thing. We’ve had a lot of shared birthdays to master the art. [He grins, glancing over at Mabel. As far as he’s concerned, it definitely counts. He might sort of be stuck at 12, here, but he doesn’t have to admit that. He wants to grow up.] Plus, we’re now officially teenagers, and that’s worth celebrating. Pirate style!

That’s why we’ve borrowed- or whatever the pirate-y term is- this ship! [she flails her arms wildly, barely missing taking Dipper out with her pinwheeling, which just goes to show you how good they are at anticipating one another’s weird habits.] And you’re all invited. Unless you’re a jerk. You know who you are. [her expression darkens a little as she glowers into the camera.


you know who you are.


Including any pirates who happen to own this ship! Um, sorry about commandeering [He gives Mabel a smirk because that’s the piratey word.] your ship. But it seemed pretty appropriate for a pirate birthday party to not ask permission. Have some cake?

[He grins again, holding up a paper plate with a slice of cake on it. There’s a tiny plastic pirate sword in it. They’ve got this party stuff down.]

[ooc: Takes place right after the event ends! Dipper and Mabel can both reply, or you can go straight to the party!]


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[Alright, Stan's been stuck in Wonderland about a month now, and he's almost got the hang of these dumb phones. It's about time he graced the population at large. Besides, something's been bugging him about this place, but you'd never know it looking at the beginning of this feed - if anything, it resembles the beginning of an over-rehearsed commercial. He has a showman's grin and a new 8-ball cane he's cobbled together out of stuff from the closets.]

Hey there, Wonderland! I'm Stanford Pines! International - and now apparently interdimensional - Man of Mystery!

[He gestures widely as he talks, a sort of mock friendliness. Look at this guy! This is a guy you can trust with your money and your dimensional travel secrets.]

Now, I'm not new-new. I've been here a few weeks, and I've already gotten the crash course in being trapped in another universe by now. I don't need any of that from you handsome citizens of Wonderland. [Eyebrow waggle.] But there's one tiny thing that I don't get about this place...

[It's actually not that tiny and it's been bothering the hell out of him ever since he got here. Really, he should have asked the second he turned up, but he was kind of busy dealing with evil doubles at the time. It's the first thing any good vagabond should find out when they turn up in a country they don't recognize.]

What's the currency in this joint anyway? US dollars? Pesos? We on the gold standard here? Every prison worth its salt at least has some kinda cigarette economy! What's the deal here? I know about the closets and all, but what else is there?

[Because that can't be it. He's seen people talk about jobs around here and someone's gotta be paying them something. People don't just do things for free.

He puts that show face back on though and winks at the camera.
] Any help would be greatly appreciated, Wonderland. [And rather than get up and turn the camera off, he smacks his phone off whatever he has it balanced on with his 8-ball cane. That'll probably shut it off, right?]
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Okay, short and sweet. I've got some questions. ... And one comment, which is fuck that last trip. You think you're home free from whatever crap you've got back home, and then... bam. It's in your face. What's that about?

[ huff ]

Name's Ellie. I spent a lot of time reading back home and now that we're not in the trenches anymore, I need some reading material. Suggestions? The library's huge here and I don't even know where to start!

Uh... [ What else... She scrunches up her nose, thinking. ] Anyone up to teaching a kid to swim? Because that's something long overdue that I haven't gotten around to. And -

[ She looks a little more meekly at the camera, then glances away, chewing on the inside of her cheek. ]

There any way to get in touch with someone back home? Like... I dunno, a magic mirror so we can see they're okay? It's important. Thanks.
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[ Waking up to the sight of an all-too familiar tent over his head instead of his room's ceiling is enough to spur Simon fully awake with a panic attack practically clawing its way up his throat, terrified thoughts of I'm back, I can't be back! nearly deafening him over the roar of adrenaline that instantly snaps him into the present.

The sight of Jo still stretched out beside him on the narrow army bed, pressed close and slowly waking up in response to his own abrupt jerk upwards, is both baffling and reassuring.

Not back, then. Not the end of the world. She wouldn't be here if it were.

But apparently Wonderland's trying its hand at it all the same. Shit.

After several moments to throw on his clothes and a step outside to get his bearings - and reassure himself that yup, he's really standing in the middle of Abel - Simon flips open a video feed to give the rest of the Network an idea of what they're in for. ]

Good moooorning, Wonderland.

Simon here, and if you're awake already, you've probably noticed that we're not in Kansas anymore. Or anything resembling anywhere you want to be. Yeah, me too. Sorry about that.

Welcome to Abel. If you value your lives, your brains, and your oh-so-pretty faces you'll keep yourself nice and comfy within the walls. Trust me, you really don't want to go out there unless you know what you're doing, and probably not even then. This is the Zombie Apocalypse, folks.

No, I'm not pulling your leg. Yes, I've been here before. So have Sam Yao and Doctor Maxine Myers, who I'm assuming will toss their two cents in presently. So if you have any questions or concerns, seek out one of us - Maxine will be in the clinic - that'll be over on the eastern side of the settlement - and Sam will most likely be in the Comms shack - you can't miss it, it's the tiny building that smells distinctly of marmite and looks like it has a spacecraft collection of radio towers atop it. As for me, you can find me either on the front porch of the Farmhouse to answer questions or keeping an eye on the walls, unless they need me outside for something.

Basic Zombie 101, for those of you who've never watched a horror movie - don't let them get anywhere near you. They've nearly wiped out humanity as we know it and they pass on the Grey Plague from either blood or saliva. Some of them are damned fast and nothing stops them from coming at you unless you destroy the brain or sever its connection to the spinal cord. Blunt trauma works best, so does a bullet, but those are extremely rare these days and gunshots tend to draw the attention of even more of them, so use those sparingly.

If you get bit, infected... [ He pauses, sighs and rakes a hand wearily over his face, because part of him suspects this is going to as bad if not worse than the days of the original outbreak. Some of these people have no idea what it takes to survive in a place like this. ] Don't get bit. There's no known cure. If the infection takes hold - and it almost always certainly will - you have minutes or hours before it kills you. After that, your corpse will get back up and go after the nearest living person, no matter what they meant to you alive. The dead don't recognize anything but food. If you've been infected - bit, scratched, anything - you need to let someone in authority know or you need to get yourself as damned far away from the settlement as you can. Entire cities were destroyed overnight from one infected let inside and within hours that's thousands of new zoms to wash over the next town. I know the term 'mercy killing' isn't something in most people's vocabulary, and that's not a bad thing, but if it's not something you're comfortable with, you find someone who is. That's harsh, but this is Wonderland. Don't forget this is an event. It's going to be over in a few days. Do your best to stay alive and keep as many of the people alive around you as you can.

The town has rations stored up and some meds, but I don't know how much yet, that's going to be something we'll all have to figure out, because I don't know how long Wonderland's going to keep us here. And since there's only the three of us that are familiar with how things work, we're happily going to be taking volunteers to help keep things running and keep the rest of you from dying. If you're interested, seek out one of us and we'll find you something to do. Believe me, there'll be plenty and most of it won't even be gross or dangerous, I promise.

If you have any questions, come find me, or leave me word here. I'll try to keep myself visible and available to anyone that needs me, and I'm sure the others will, too. If anyone does need to venture outside the walls, check in with Sam first. He'll get you set up with headsets and weapons and be your eyes and ears out there. He's got cameras and surveillance hacked in every direction for as far as you can go in a day or so - it's his job to keep people alive, let him do it.

Stay safe, Wonderland.


Aug. 3rd, 2015 11:05 am
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[When Carl left, it hurt, but Michonne and Rick had each other, and she had the advantage of knowing more of the future, could assure Rick that Carl was safe. She comforted Rick, took to his bed, did something she shouldn't have because she knew it'd end like this. Here, it's disappearances, at home it's death. She'd told herself after Andrea and Hershel, no more getting close to people.

But then, it's never as simple as that.

When she wakes up alone, she just knows. She can feel it, and his things are gone, save for his shirt - the one she'd tossed on in the middle of the night when she got up for a drink.

She knows he knew a few people here, mostly the same ones she did, so she sends a message, not filtering it to be sure she leaves no one out:]

Rick Grimes left. His son did too, a while ago.

[Once it's sent, she goes to the bar, sits at the very end, and orders a glass of whisky, neat. But after the first sip, she's mostly staring off into space, just thinking, not really there for the drink so much as the atmosphere.]


Jul. 9th, 2015 06:33 pm
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[Neal's not really one for broadcasting on the network much; too many years spent trying to go unnoticed probably, out of the public eye and away from whoever he'd been running from at the time. So while he's been in Wonderland for ten months, when the feed starts? It's only the second time he's purposely put up since he got to Wonderland.]

Uh, hey. [This is going to be awkward, isn't it? Maybe he should've stuck to text, but too late now.] So this may seem like something crazy to ask, especially since Wonderland is doing--whatever it does, again. [Rooms shuffling around, hills turned into valleys, who knows what else.] But I thought maybe we should talk about ways this place doesn't suck.

[No, he's not joking. Neal's got a reason behind this, even if he's not sharing it exactly.]

See, it's easy to complain about what's going on, and no one's going to blame anyone for it. But we're all stuck here regardless, so I just--I don't know. Thought that sharing the good things might make it a little easier. Y'know. While we're trying to figure out where all the rooms went.

[And what it might mean that for the second time, some event seems to be starting without any sort of announcement, and now outside of when everyone would expect it. Neal's figures someone else is going to have that covered anyway, like Emma or James, or one of those superheroes running around.

Hence the attempt at morale boosting, or whatever people want to call it. Honestly, Neal knows there are other people around in the same situation he is--not just stuck, but resigned to the fact that Wonderland is it. So why not reach out, try to find them, and commiserate?

He thinks over what he's said, then nods as if telling himself that yeah, the message is good, it gets the point across. Then he turns off the video in favor of sending out a pretty important private message. It's one he should have sent out sooner--much sooner--but for all the logic and good intentions, Neal's still carrying a lot of guilt over what Zelena made him do.]

Private to Henry )
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my wardrobe has supplied me with twenty pairs of ruby slippers and an umbrella.

as much as I appreciate the sense of humor, I do wonder if anyone has a pair of sensible socks about them?

on another note, I feel the need to inform you that I have taken to spending my afternoons reading at the area of the hills, I will ever so appreciate not being stepped on. I realize a green person in the grass may yet be confusion but I'm certain your brains can manage.
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[Evelyn is English. Exceptionally English, one might hazard to say, but by no means is the narration suggesting that everyone of her nationality takes umbrage with Americans and a waste of good tea, because it would be petty and unkind and who in their right mind doesn't enjoy food, drink, and sanctioned explosives?

Festivities are not, however, the subject of her transmission.

As I'm certain you are all abundantly aware, Wonderland plucks residents from a number of different times and places. While the vast majority are from the "modern" oh, I do loathe that word era - which I am choosing to classify as the year 1990 and the decades immediately following it - there are many others from time periods who have had considerably rougher transitions.

[Herself included. Radio and moving pictures were familiar to her at the time, which made it somewhat easier to comprehend the video function on her transmitter, although the "live" aspect was rather revolutionary. Others are not so lucky: hardships with privacy settings, sending and receiving missives, using outrageously complicated kitchen equipment...]

It has come to my attention that these particular individuals, current and future, could do with a technological and etymological guide. I am in the process of writing one for the benefit of those having trouble with foreign terms and contraptions.

There is no shame in personal edification, particularly if you're feeling overwhelmed. I once set a microwave aflame, so...I would encourage anyone who has had difficulties with aspects of "modern" life to contact me and contribute to the guide.

[A beat, with a smile:]

...and a very happy Independence Day to you all.

[With a new project introduced to assist others and occupy her time, Evelyn ends the feed.]

to Steve Rogers, 9:30 AM

Happy birthday, you old codger.

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 [Hey, look. Gold's back, but given how he keeps himself to himself due to Zelena's stranglehold on him, it's not unrealistic to assume no one knew he was gone. And, in fact, he is not acknowledging that he was gone in any grand way.]

A word of advice from someone who has spent quite a long time knowing the future. If you know something is going to happen to loved one- or, in some cases, perhaps even an enemy- do yourself and them a favor and don't tell them. It won't prepare them for what's to come, and it certainly won't make them feel any better once they've lived it.

But then, I imagine it's not quite about making anyone feel better, is it? It's the guilt that comes from harboring a great secret, the kind that eats you up inside, until you have to confess it. [A dark chuckle that's borderline ironic.] I can't imagine what that must feel like.

[there's a lengthy pause.]

At any rate, I trust I didn't miss much of anything at all while I was gone.
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[James has been busy today, but he's been in very good spirits lately. There's an extra skip in his step and a bright smile as he goes down every single hall in the mansion and tosses a red invitation beneath every door that looks like it might have someone living behind it. It reads:

James Potter & Lily Evans
Request the honour and pleasure
of your company at their marriage on
Saturday the twentieth of June
Two thousand fifteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
in the Gardens of Wonderland.
Reception to follow in Ballroom

He's admittedly gone a bit overboard with distributing them. In addition to slipping them under doors, he's charmed several of them to stick to the walls and doors, and there are even some strewn about communal areas like the kitchen and the tea rooms. The idea is for no one to be able to go anywhere in the mansion at all without learning the good news - that not only are James and Lily getting married, but they have a date.

At some point in the middle of distributing them, James decides to take a break and sits right down on the stairs. He sends out a message to the network, holding up one of their invitations.

So! You might've found one of these already, but if not I'm sure you will soon - Lily and I are getting married! In two weeks!

[He sounds like he can hardly believe it himself. He's so excited, and so happy. Happier than he's been in a few weeks even.]

I just wanted to be absolutely clear - everyone's invited. We could all use a bit of a celebration, don't you think so? And we know there's always the chance an event could come and derail things - if that's the case, the 27th will be the...err. "Rain" date, let's say. [It's not really, but everyone knows what he means.]

Anyhow, I've got to give out the rest of these. [He waves the invitations in his hand.] We hope to see you all there!

[Then he stands up and shuts the camera off, getting back to work. He can be contacted by video, or he can be found distributing more invitations all over the place.]
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[Dipper looks even more frazzled than usual. The stress lines that always surround his eyes are more pronounced than usual.]

So, you might have noticed a really strange transmission that went through? That... that's from my world. His name's Bill Cipher. He looks like a surprisingly well dressed triangle, and he's... some kind of demon, I guess. He can get into your head and mess with your dreams and just be creepy.

[He leans in closer to the camera.]

Whatever you do, don't trust him. Really, it's probably best to run as far away as you can if you see him. And let me know if he somehow gets into your head. I've gotten him out before, I can do it again.

[He sits back a bit.]

...that's about it. Any questions?


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