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[There's a teenage boy staring at the camera for just a fraction too long before he starts to speak. Ed's a smart kid, and while he doesn't have any kind of phone remotely like this back home, he figured out how to use it pretty quickly. Still, he's done a lot more listening and watching and reading than actually communicating with other people through it. He wants to make sure he understands it fully before he uses it.

But he's ready now. Once he's satisfied that it's recording, he nods, then sits back.]

Hi. I'm Edward Elric. I'm an Alchemist. But from what I've heard, that doesn't mean anything to most of you. But even if you don't have alchemy, you do have science, right? What do the scientists of your worlds study?

[There, question posed successfully. He's mastered this fascinating device. He turns it off, and waits for people to reply.]
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[OH LOOK IT’S THOSE PINES TWINS AGAIN. Both of them looking Very Serious. Or at least like they mean business… Mabel pretty much looks like she’s trying to be serious and failing at it, really.

There’s a menorah between them.]

Hey, Wonderfriends. It’s me, Mabel, and my brother Dipper! And I bet you’re wondering what this thing is. [She points enthusiastically at the menorah.]

Considering how completely overwhelmingly escapable Christmas is, it's pretty likely. [Dipper rolls his eyes, then pulls a dreidel out of his vest pocket.] That's why we're here to show all you goyim you something holiday specials usually leave out: the meaning of Hanukkah!

[He sets the dreidel spinning.]

Look at it go! Does Christmas have this kind of magic? No, it doesn’t! Plus there’s eight days of Hanukkah… But we’ll get to that in a second. [She slaps a drawing pad on the desk.] Brother, if you would start us off, please.


[Anyone who heads down to the kitchen can follow the smell of frying potatoes to where the twins are experimenting with cooking. There are definitely at least a few burned panfuls, and come at the wrong time and something might be on fire. But there are enough successful attempts that there are delicious latkes and sour cream and apple sauce for as many people as want them.]


Nov. 23rd, 2016 11:29 am
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Gotta ask - whatcha gonna say is the weirdest thing you've ever seen? Discountin' all the freaky shit that happens here, anyways.

[He clears his throat. Dan's seen some weird stuff and coming here wasn't needed to classify it as weird. Even in the wastes, the kinds of trouble he gets himself into isn't anywhere close to normal.]

Fer me, it's gotta be my own brain floatin' in a jar. But, y'no. Ain't a competition. Jus' curiosity.
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[Maybe no one is ready to rally up and take arms against the Authority of this dimension just yet, but for as little time as he has been in Wonderland, Bill can’t say his plans are off to a terrible start. Despite the last few uh…. Hiccups he’s had with the Pines family and their entourage, his mission to spread doubt about the Queen and display himself as the stronger entity was going fairly strong. Having a few followers and deals isn’t enough, though. He has to make good on his word. To be the better deity, you have to show why you’re better. And Bill believes he knows just how.

Residents of Wonderland will wake up to find this text on their screens; though only words, the script itself seems to have a life of its own, fizzling, glitching and popping all over is the phrase:


OOC: For those not in the know, the creator of Bill’s canon actually did an IC AMA once and it’s the best thing ever. Bill is the literal All- Seeing-Eye and IS capable of being omniscient, if you want to ask about your characters own canons he CAN conceivably answer certain things-- but, as stated, his answers might not pertain your character’s Universe so you can always disregard anything you don’t agree with.
Bill may answer in riddles, try to get around the question, or just argue that your question is stupid, although if there is something specific you want and I’m not taking the hint, you can always PM me too!
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[SURPRISE. Wonderland’s favorite twins are back and their faces are on your devices, all smiles… Well, Mabel is all smiles, anyway. Dipper is smiling too, though, as usual, he looks a little more subdued. He's also got an entirely different hat than usual. It's Mabel that speaks first, though.]

So bad timing, Wonderland… Or maybe good timing, depending on how you wanna look at it, but Dipper and I were, like, just on a bus going back home to Piedmont, and then suddenly it’s all whaaaat. [she waves her hands in a mock pantomime of her mind being blown.]

Still pretty good to be back though. And, just in case you were sad and missed us while we were gone, I come bearing gifts! ...Technically, it’s a gift for the future, but Future You can thank me somehow. I know time travelers. We can make this happen.

[Dipper shifts forward, grinning.] We all know the worst part of Wonderland, right? The whole memory loss thing. [That and the not aging thing, but Dipper's feeling a little less bad about that than he was. They are growing up. Just… not too fast.]

Well, lucky for all of you, Mabel here is an expert at unerasing memories. [ that a word? Dipper decides not to worry about it.] Her scrapbooks have literally fixed amnesia.

YUP! [she’s so proud of this, okay.] So I’m gonna be donating all my Wonderland scrapbooks to the gallery. That way if you ever feel like you’ve forgotten something or if you wanna see if one of your friends was here and you missed them or just wanna be reminded of all the times Wonderland isn’t being a jerk, you’ll have something to ease your mind. With sparkly gel pen descriptions! [she leans forward and whispers, conspiratorially] That’s the Mabel difference.

[Dipper raises a finger.] Also, for people whose eyes hurt when they look at things Mabel has written, I've been keeping a very thorough account of all my time here. Those will also be available in the library as I finish them.

[Mabel sticks her tongue out at him.] Neeerd.
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 [when the camera comes on, the world is treated to a close up of Peridot's face.]

So that event was a complete nightmare, like almost all of them, but something good did come out of it. Look!

[she pulls back the camera to showcase that her bodysuit now looks more like
this.] It's official! I'm a real Crystal Gem now. It took me a few days to decide how I wanted to reconfigure my appearance modifiers after my form was destabilized, but I think I have it just the way I want it.

[she's so excited that she doesn't seem to care that (a. barely anyone will know what she's talking about and (b. that her bodysuit didn't even change THAT MUCH.

in the middle of her preening, there's a chittering sound and a flutter of wings and Peridot looks up abruptly.]
....Oh that reminds me. 

[she moves the camera so it's pointing at a cluster of bats that are taking up residents in the rafters of her barn-room. she lowers her voice conspiratorially.] These weird featherless birds won't stop following me. [she turns the camera to face her again- extreme close up style] How do I make them go away? I've tried everything! I've even thrown rocks at them, and they just won't leave.
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[if Amanda was quiet before that last event, she wants to be even more so now. She knows she wasn't as vicious as most of the other Lost Ones, but the child she was then...well, it's not easy to shake off that child's feelings. Mostly because she knows they weren't really ever that forgotten. Just shrugged to the side with a smile. She'd nearly convinced herself for the last decade or so that she really was okay with being stuck outside most social circles, with being different the way she was, but…

Well, given what she's fairly sure happened back home, she supposes it's not surprising that some of that anger and sadness had that.

She had thought about leaving this at text, but as that's something she was never able to do back home, she's still more comfortable with voice or video and it seems right to show her face. To not hide. Even if she has been doing so since the event ended, she's not doing it now. She looks a little withdrawn, but is forcing a tiny smile into place. It looks like she's curled up in one of the chairs in the library, as if she could hide in it if she tries hard enough]

Hi, everyone. Um. I know I didn' as much as some other people, back there anyone I might have hit in the head with a rock or otherwise hurt...I'm sorry. I don't think I would have done that even if I could have when I was that age but...I guess I forgot how much I really wanted...what I had there.

[how can she explain this? She hadn't really remembered it when she was Lost, just knew that the adults would be taking something from her, and now that she remembers...yeah, it's awkward. Deciding anyone who wants to can prod more, she quickly shuts off the feed]


Sep. 22nd, 2016 11:20 am
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[He has found himself in the library, again, as he often does and those who are regular visitors to the place might have noticed his peculiar habit of apparently not sleeping. Instead, Regis spends much of his time poring over books both familiar and not so, and it has led him to several interesting avenues of research.

That, in part, is why he now addresses the mansion population. Often forgetting that he has the ability to use it, much of the network goings on pass him by, but he certainly isn't about to forego its usefulness when it comes to gaining a wide variety of views and opinions all at once.

Even where I came here from, people often do not believe things before seeing them with their own eyes - monsters, magic - though those things exist daily in the world around them. If they do believe.. there are often... problematic misconceptions.

[He smiles. It's small and quick and doesn't show his teeth.]

If you come from a world with magic, how does it manifest itself? What creatures do you commonly see? If you do not.. does it exist in your world's various mythoi as something which gives some level of meaning to different cultures?

[And he wonders, too, just what kinds of things could be brought forth from other worlds should magic exist in them. Simply knowing what might come from his own makes him fear for the people here.]

Do forgive the questioning.. but one begins to pick up interesting hobbies in a place like this.
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[Amanda should be in shock. And she probably is. But she's running on autopilot, so to speak. She has the vague memory of what happened, or was going to happen, and she doesn't want to think on it. What she and Nick had been going to do if--

So, she's not. She's not thinking about feelings. She's going into scientist mode. Which means asking questions about everything except herself.

When she appears on the feed, the fingers of the hand not holding her device are notably curled in slightly and fidgeting a little, like she's not sure what to do with them. Which she's not. She looks a little dazed, but she's smiling nervously]

Ah. Hello...I'm... not really sure who I'm addressing, I'm sorry. [she laughs a little, biting her lip for just a moment before continuing] My name is Dr. Amanda Perry. I'm from Earth, which I'm going to hazard isn't where I am now. If anyone could tell me...[she hesitates; she should ask how she got here, but she's afraid she won't like the answer, given her last memory] where here is, exactly, I would appreciate it.

Also, if there's anyone from Destiny here--[another noticeable pause. Does she ask for Nick specifically? No. Not yet] I'm all right. I' Which you can see, obviously, but…[she cuts herself off, because this could get depressing fast if she goes into details about that]

Anyway, ah...I'll appreciate any information anyone can give me. Thank you.


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