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I. mirror writing;

    [Today a certain someone's left a message for the Mirrors. Several messages, actually. Copies appear on all sorts of mirrors in all sorts of places, spread out around the mansion for maximum coverage.

    To Mirror eyes, it reads:]

    When does her royal highness plan to let you back over?
    Good company is scarce and some of you are more likeable than your other selves.

    Good allies are also hard to find.
    I want something you can do.
    Maybe you want something an ally on this side can do.
    We could help each other across the great divide.

    [Characters on the Real side see something different, however. Peter has cloaked his writing so that when Reals look at the words, they'll see nothing but gibberish, configurations of random letters, lines, and doodles as if a graffiti artist or a very bored person has gone around defacing mansion property. No matter how hard a person tries, though, the writing won't come off.]

II. action; )
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[Considerably more well-equipped and well-trained with weaponry now than she was the last time she was in Wonderland, Evelyn has holed up in the library with several heavy barricades of shelving that serve as dense walls and a veritable labyrinth of books to the uninitiated.

(The moral of this story is don't mess with librarians, because they probably learned how to make homemade explosives from their ex-soldier husbands.)

Armed with a rifle - because she heard the snarling down the main floor hallway and didn't fancy a peek - and a determined disposition, she offers a public service announcement:

For those of you unable to reach the fifth floor bar, the library is stocked and currently in a strategically defensible position.

[It's got height, emergency exits, and incredibly weighty paper things to lob at bad guys.]

It can be accessed by the first and second floors- but please be careful, mind you, the bloody Bandersnatch isn't just a storybook beast.

[PRIVATE text to Philip LaFresque:] Are you all right?
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[a formal apology to anyone hoping to keep the 'mirrors are out' thing secret.]

Whichever John was going to show me the gardens?? I'm here!! This is Mell!!! 0u0 I'm behind the mansion!!

[and true enough, Mell is standing outside of the mansion - she looks exactly like Chell, naturally, only her jumpsuit is zipped up all the way and powder blue, and her hair is bleached blonde. She has a huge grin on her face and she's bouncing excitedly in her pink longfall boots.]

[... And, later...]

[Private to... Buckingham, however that's going to work]

BUCKINGHAM are you over here?? I gotta show you something!! :D :D :D
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[Someone is dressed to impress today - or rather, dressed to stand out amidst the other entries you might see on the network.

She has every reason to, of course. With a twenty-four hour hallpass to the real side, Nefertiri isn't taking any chances.

has anybody seen that girl? )
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[Let's backdate this to not-Christmas-Eve, ok? Ok.]

With a little extra motivation behind him, Mark's found his door hidden in one of the stairwells. It would be quite ordinary, a replica of Mark's front door at home, but the light that shines through the glass is an unnatural red, and no matter how hard he looks he can't seem to make out what's on the other side. And the lock...the lock, unsurprisingly, is Weird Puzzle Shit, multiple spinning dials of numbers and colored lights and odd symbols.

Mark's crouched down beside it now, working on it, cross referencing the symbols on the door with the articulated segments of his equally bizarre, code-drenched key.

After yet another unsuccessful combination (trial-and-error is an important method here), he sighs and stretches his back with an audible crackling sound. Solving two puzzles at once is hard.


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[ In the entrance hall a familiar-looking man is searching with frantic urgency through the same stocking over and over again, to the point where its glittery markings of GEORGE VILLIERS, DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM have already begun to fade.

Surprisingly and contrary to what any icon choice might lead people to believe that man, aka. Lord Buckingham's mirror is, in fact, not even a day younger than the regular duke himself, though it is certainly remarkable what modest clothing, a clean-shaven face and the absence of a perpetually smug grin can shave off in years.

Unsurprisingly only this particular mirror could be so naive as to believe that the Queen of Hearts only wishes to protect those on the real side by sending all mirrors to retrieve those keys.

No. Nonono, I told him it was dangerous, it must be here somewhere, it must...

[ And only that mirror could think that Lord Buckingham would have left behind his key willingly at nothing but an earnest plea.

But the stocking is empty, no matter how many times he searches through it.

And there can only be one explanation.

Lord Buckingham must have left the key to his door in his own room.

George nods decisively and hurries up the stairs.


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