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[The woman on the screen is somewhere between "barely legal" and "old enough to drink" with freckles and the ghosts of acne scars on her tanned face. She looks Not Happy.

Luckily, it's a surly teenager sort of unhappy, not the vengeful sea witch sort of unhappy. She has appearances to keep among humans. That will change when she finds the sons of bitches who did this. By root and fucking branch, will it change.]

Hi. [She pauses, taking a long, aggravated breath.] I'm Annie.

[Not a lie. It's still her name, even if she doesn't use it anymore.] I just got here... Well, not just. I took a long walk on the beach. It was fucking illuminating. [She shrugs and idly pulls the electrical tape out of her hair, allowing one of her pigtails to come undone and repeats the process with the other side. It gives the illusion of making her next question seem less desperate than it is, because it's coming from someone that people are going to see as a weird young woman asking silly questions.] I've heard a lot of shit about what lives here, but does anyone know what lives out in the ocean? Out of curiosity.

[Curiosity and need, but it's enough of one to not need to specify the other. She has no connection to this sea and it won't listen to her attempts to coax it into a few answers- unsurprising, considering she knows how the rules work. So... she has to do things the hard way. Ugh.]


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