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when was the last time the mirror copies crossed over?
that's up for anyone, by the way. those from the other side and here
alternatively: why is one side better than the other? why are you still here?
I understand needing to solve the riddle, but do we know for sure the dutchess isn't hiding on the other side?

also a fair warning to anyone who might know them.
percy, clarisse, nico, hazel and rachel are all switched.
if you talk to any of their mirrors here, at least keep it in mind.
is anyone keeping tabs on everyone whose crossed?

[ is that her way of saying 'um watch out they're kind of crazy and dangerous?' maybe. but annabeth is a little too strung out on trying to keep up with these mirror versions as well as trying to solve the riddle to even bother making herself clear. ]
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[A voice...whimsical, yet somehow low and sultry.  Amused.  Unafraid.  After all, she had nothing to fear.  The Queen?  Perhaps, although the worst Her Majesty could do was kill her.  Her Real?  Hazel would do nothing.  She had already proven that much.  The mirror could keep poking...over and over...and it wouldn't matter.  No matter what she did.  No matter what she said.]

So many battles.  All for what?  We're all going to die anyway.  

I have.

[No matter what Secrets she revealed.]
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[When Frank turns on the phone he's barely looking at the network. He seems more focused in checking his arrows- all the different kinds of arrows he could gather.]

These things, the... mirrors, the ones that have crossed over.

[He strings the bow, testing the feel of it on his fingers. Those from his world will recognize that as something Frank does when he's nervous, even though his face is completely calm.]

What happens if we kill them?


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