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Dec. 11th, 2015 05:10 pm
metabolisms: STARCANDIES (010)
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[ It takes him a little while to have enough patience to deal with how slow the phone is to actually power on and start working. Seriously, he could have lapped the entire mansion by now.

Pietro looks pressed when the video starts, and it's only due to seeing a very familiar name on a door with no answer when he knocked. ]

My sisters name is on a door near mine. [ Which- He sounds less than enthused about. It's entirely because if this is the afterlife, he wonders if he's just supposed to wait for her to move in; he hopes not. ] If you know Wanda Maximoff, I want to be told where to find her.

[ Essentially nothing else actually matters to him right now; he could ask for more specifics on this place, on how he's back, but it doesn't feel as significant as this. ]


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