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First Dawn ♱ Voice

Hello? [The voice that comes through sounds uncertain at first. Her words spoken with a soft, southern drawl and while she can't be seen, she certainly sounds young.] My name is Kate Fuller.

[She'd gone over this so many times in her head before trying to use her phone and now none of it was coming out the way she wanted; a frustrated huff coming through the line, Kate's voice growing stronger as she pushes on.]

I - [Another barely audible huff] - don't expect anyone here to know who I am, but I'm looking for my brother Scott?


And, some other people who... [Her words stutter to a stop, several seconds ticking by before she tries to cover.] I don't want to be any trouble, so. If anyone can point me to a list of people here or something like that, I'd really appreciate it.
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How old's your brother?

[He doesn't know him, he just tunes in sometimes, with words like 'brother' or 'sister'. Some instincts die hard.]
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Ah. [He doesn't ask, he can fill in the blanks - if vaguely - and it's telling enough that he can at least guess at something. So he simply nods.]

Haven't heard about any Scott, but I'll keep an eye out. You look out for him usually?
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Might be better for him if he ain't here. Don't worry. It's complicated, but time doesn't really move on back where you're from. He'll be fine.

[Presumable, if he is fine so far at least. He can't really know that.]

Yeah, I know. Used to take care of my sister.
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Yeah. She's around thirty, kinda stopped being my responsibility a long time ago.

[Not that he thinks of it that way, even if she certainly had.]

She's not here either. Might be good, not sure if Wonderland's ready.