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[ Only a few of the lights in her room are on, casting shadows onto Sharon's face. If anyone looks closely, they may notice her eyes are dry, but red. She props the comm up, takes a breath, starts to speak, stops. Then takes another breath and tries again. She'd considered doing a text and had decided against it given the discussion that might follow, had considered doing an audio message but had thought people might notice her voice wobbling. Noooooooo. She just had to do video. She takes a deep breath. ]

Tony Stark has left Wonderland. [ She presses her lips together and swallows before she continues. ] He spoke on the network a while ago about creating a version of SHIELD here, I'd like to continue that. Not like he intended, though. Instead, I'd like to get a group together on a voluntary basis to meet in the tea rooms after each event to talk about what we did and things we could have done. This review means we'll be able to act more quickly in future events. We've had at least three zombie-based events since I got here - going over what we did right and wrong can't hurt at this point.

I also think it's important to get together with scientists and other people investigating things in Wonderland to share what we've all discovered. [ She glances away for a moment. ] Neither Tony and Romanoff, who helped him with this before, are here anymore, so it's up to me to get the ball rolling. If you have any criticisms, I'm sure none of you will hold back from expressing them to me. [ At least, she doesn't think they'll hold back given what they put Tony through. And yes, she's a little bitter that people were mean to her fully-grown, avenging, iron-helmeted, not-brother. ]

And just to be clear, since there were concerns about this when Tony tried to get it going, this isn't meant to be a takeover. He was inspired by SHIELD to form a unit to protect Wonderland - SHIELD and the Avengers were the two groups he had the most experience with when it came to protecting people, so he used them as inspiration in Wonderland. But two-thirds of the people who originally worked on the idea are already gone and there's no guarantee that I'll stick around. Ergo, the informal get-togethers to share information. No one really in charge, and an informal group means that the group is more likely to outlast any one person in the group.

So if you can, please get in touch to work with me on this. [ After that, the view further darkens as she reaches over the leans to turn off the camera. ]

Bucky Barnes:
[ She's more relaxed in the private message to Bucky, less concerned about choosing the right words or hiding that she's upset that Tony is gone. This is Bucky. He can handle a woman who may or may not have cried a bit earlier. (Hopefully, he can handle it without slamming her against a table again.) ]

Bucky. I have a proposition that I don't think you'll be thrilled about, but that I want you to entertain nonetheless. About helping to train people here to defend themselves.

Steve Rogers:
[ In the video feed, she keeps her emotions in check and gets down to business. If her hair isn't perfect, and her eyes a touch glassy, that's too bad. For Coraline's sake, she needs to talk to him about this. It's overdue. ] I need a run-down on how to use the holo-room or whatever it is you have in the training center.

[ For a moment, she opens her mouth to say something else, that they should talk, that she thinks maybe they could go to the museum sometime, but then she hesitates. Tony just left. It doesn't feel right to talk about dating so soon, not when she'd just drowned in self-pity on the couch an hour ago. Instead, she tries to keep things light. She hasn't forgotten, she just... doesn't want to push him right this instant. Even though, let's face it, Steve needs to be pushed. ] And I know we need to talk, just... [ She trails off and shrugs. She doesn't know. Steve wouldn't want her crying over him, she's sure. ] I promised Coraline to give her a spy mission a while ago, and I should get going on that.

[ The message to Shep is brisk, all pretense of pretending to be okay gone. She doesn't care if Shepard sees her at less than her best; Shepard understands. Sharon leans forward, looking tired but determined. ] Shep. This is what I talked to you about earlier. Get back to me. Thanks.
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I have a criticism.
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[He almost feels bad at how tense she sounds, given he's really just there to...]

Romanoff's here. Just got back. You should work on your information network already.
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Snart. Leonard Snart. [Not a great name, but he's long since come to own it.]

I'm not patched in, far as I know. I just knew her before she left. Shame she doesn't remember.
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[It's fine, he balanced it out by being an attractive man instead.]

I keep my crew safe. Not sure if this operation would help much, but I might pop in.

[Natasha and him got along very well, so... She'd likely think that, yes, it's a shame.]
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[Not at all, but it does seem to often be how others do.]

Now, that definitely won't help. But I'll keep it in mind.
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See you around.

[If not at the meeting, then maybe next time they have to punch demons.]