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Makes you wonder what they're preparing us for.

[He's awake, sitting upright and pretending not to be as tired as they all are. It's not working so well.]
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Yeah. Doubt it's a coincidence that they're using a form of mental torture here.

[Or it's just one of those delightfully sadistic coincidences.]
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Oh yes. Watersplash Funpark, with none of the fun and a lot of the drowning.

[Disappointing, on the whole.]

I wonder when we'll next lose our identity again, been a while.
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Hey, at least that will give you someone to blame. Next event messes with who we are, I'll owe you a drink.

[Not that all drinks aren't free here anyway, but hey. It's the thought that counts.]
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Leonard Snart. [He knows it's an awful name, he owns it.] And if you're gonna cost me a lot, you'll have to put out.

[It's very obvious that he doesn't mean it, given the course of this entire conversation.]
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Ladies, boys, uncategorised. I'm all for equal opportunity.

[Who doesn't need that sense of humour in their life?]

Is it working?
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Hey, you haven't asked to punch me yet.

I'll take that as success.
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Well, I know to stay out of arm's reach when we meet in person.

[Not that he thinks she's actually in a punching mood concerning him.]

I don't know about that. Spent my whole life taking what I can get and always got along just fine.
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You have fun with that.

[It's fine, the flirting just happens sometimes.]

If you need someone to mock you, hit me up any time.
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See ya.