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[video, event day 2] (filtered away from Riley Matthews)


Okay, so everyone's panicking and I get that. But it's just bites, right? Everyone's saying it's from bites. So if it's only a scratch and didn't go anywhere near their mouths, that's okay right? I just.

I need one of you people to tell me it's going to be fine. So if you can't do that then don't bother.

[She glances back over her shoulder, and then records the rest in a lower tone.]

Oh, and I'd appreciate it if you kept your voices down if you could. I don't really want her to know I'm asking about this.


[As it turns out, "just a scratch" really isn't an issue that can be easily dismissed. And while two infected friends might drift off together in a tight hug, the creatures that emerge care less about things like friendship and togetherness. They separate, and then they wander.

Maya's not sure where she walks after that. She doesn't see much through the milky-white film blocking her eyes. But what she does know is that she's hungry, and that following the herd might make her less so.]

{{ OOC note: Or, to put it more plainly, feel free to use this post as a place to park any threads where you'd want to thread against a PC zombie. She's all up in your space, trying to gnaw your kneecaps. }}
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( Well, fuck. She swallows thickly, but keeps her voice down despite herself. If this weren't an Event, she'd just say it. Might as well, but it's an Event. It won't last.

It doesn't matter if it's a scratch or a bite or both, because it will happen, and it will be over, but- but the two of them will die anyway. And that's hard. And that hurts like fuck. )

It'll be okay, because this Event will end.

( Clementine can't- won't lie about the rest. )
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It's gonna be the shittiest bullshit that you've ever been through. Yeah. Are you both scratched?
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I've only ever seen it happen to other people.

I think it's just like getting really, really sick like having the flu. Kinda like getting really weak until you fall asleep and die. ...Sorry. It's bullshit, I know.
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Yeah, it's one of the better ways to go, and shit's going to get way worse before it gets better. It's still bullshit that it has to happen at all.

( There's no stopping it now though. Also, there's the manner of them both coming back as walkers, but Clementine won't point that out. She'll just make a note to herself to try to find them, to take out- to take out their walker forms if possible. )

It'll just be like getting really sick and sleeping through though. You'll wake up to things being better again.
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( well that's a really painful visual. it actually makes her heart hurt, but she gets it. she gets the bravery it takes to- to reframe a situation. sometimes it's necessary because there's no changing it like now, and she reminds herself it will come to an end in wonderland. it's not unending. she doesn't have to become something without a heart to make it, and she can definitely feel her heart now, accepting the terrible visual. )

I can bring by meds and cookies if you want.

I keep both in my stock of stuff. I'll just drop them off at the door.
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( clem will bring the goodies by anyway, dropping them on the porch, knocking, and leaving again. )

I think if you have people who can help you and you can trust, it's okay to rely on them. It's important to rely on them.

You're brave to be there for her. I know you can handle it, but it doesn't mean it's not still hard.

Also, if anyone makes fun of you, let me know so I can punch them in the face. When you both wake up again, this shitty Event will all be over.
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Believe me. I've been there.

I get it, and I've also been in a place where I didn't trust anyone and didn't have anyone either, and it was really shitty for other reasons. ( If people didn't die, they betrayed the group- betrayed her. Sometimes they ended up doing both. She bites down on her lip hard, shaking her head because it's not the point right now, but- )

Good luck.

( It's all she says after a moment. )