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Just why is zombie literature so abundant? I've never found the appeal of it, and yet apparently it's one of the more popular choices here.

( Not that literature really indicates what events they're getting but the literature surely has to be in that many worlds if the actual thing happens too, and there's been a few zombie type events -- both ones she's seen and missed )

Though it gives me that idea that perhaps now might be a good time to test some defences. I just need a volunteer. Not sure I can guarantee your safety though.

( You won't die! She hopes. Could be close )

( PRIVATE | Leonard Snart )
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[ He disregards the literary commentary. His world doesn't share the preference, anyway. ]

What exactly are we volunteering for?
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[ Now that's more like it. ]

You need someone to test them on the creatures? I volunteer.
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[ Cullen Disapproves ]

You need more feedback than whether it kills them or not?

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[ Point. On the other hand: ]

Given the circumstances, why shouldn't it?
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[ He has someone's blood on his hands already. Not a friend, but he would have wanted another way all the same. ]

All right. I volunteer, still. Where do we meet?
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[ Cullen takes a brief detour across Disposing Of Three Straggling Undead square, but arrives shortly afterwards. We spoke over the network, he announces when he knocks, so as not to be mistaken for one of the event's more unwanted guests. And, once he is inside-- ]

What do you need me to do?
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Is there supposed to be an appeal to zombies?

[ Asks the zombie. ]
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After what just happened, I'm pretty sure the poor person or people who have to live it every day would agree.

...Anyway, what would we be volunteering for?

[ She's curious, but that doesn't mean her hand is up, yet. ]
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You mean you want to test them on actual people?
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Oh. I'm pro instead of kill, subdue, when it's a possibility. I like where you're going with this. I wish I could help. It probably wouldn't really be productive to test it on someone who can't die.

[ Well, she can, but she's going with immortal or something versus zombie. Especially after the event. And she's for sure not offering to be shot in the only place that can kill her. ]
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I can definitely be subdued.

[ If that's all they're talking about here, then...why not? ]

I can help, then, if you still need volunteers.
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Okay, then put me in coach. Where do you want me and when?
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My Wonderland schedule of being bored and kidnapped is totally open.
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Ooh! What sort of defenses?

[ /americans all up in here ]
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[ y e s ]

When are you testing? Where do you want me?
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[ he's always occupied, but at least now he's certain his girlfriend's not about to wake up with a brain craving. ]

I can't guarantee I'll get to you soon, but if it'll help people, I think I can pencil you in.
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Sounds promising. Are they better tested on someone not wearing indestructible armor or can I suit up for this?
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I like the sound of that. Where should I meet you?
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I assume it's a fad, like vampires were like ten years ago.
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Some fads tend to overstay their welcome.
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I agree. I mean, this was my first zombie apocalypse but I know there's been a bunch of other ones, I'm over it.
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I'm all ears.

[He does remember their last conversation, after all.]
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Because it is dearly needed. (He did not miss the last one.) Learn all you can.

(Test some defenses? Ciel cants his head to the side, curious.)

What defenses?
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Was that meant to be informative? (Come on now.)