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Come one, come all...come...behold....

Mysterious mysteries, odd oddities...treaclous treacle...mmm...

[The dormouse, sleeping curled up in his teacup, seems to forget what he was mumbling mid-message, stuck on the thought of sweet treacle. The feed doesn't cut out though and eventually he speaks up again.]

...Shameful shams...s'ppose people'll pay for anything. Even what can be seen...for free....

[Then, the post ends with soft snoring.]
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woah ease up on the ambien buddy
what awful tragedy is about to befall us now
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i always have bad dreams
but there's nothing about mysterious mysteries or shameful shams that has me raring to find out what those will be you dig
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if its so much work why bother doing it
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you sound like you need the sleep. so i'll leave you to it buddy.