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[It's been several months with Gold gone. He hasn't returned and there doesn't seem to be any signs that he will return. These facts do nothing but shake Belle's hope and optimism.

There was only one way to bury the pain.]

I don't suppose anyone wants to get a drink with me?
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[Hey, he remembers this chick. Kinda. And anyway, he can sympathize with wanting to drown your sorrows.]

rough week?
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recent event fuck you up?
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[Welp. He's officially out of his purview.]

dont people come back like all the time though
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[Isn't that what people are supposed to say? Kinda?]

i'm always up for a drink if you are i guess
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[He ends up there something life fifteen minutes later. He remembers Belle, and scrapes up a chair beside her.]

Haven't seen you in a bit.
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[Short for "well, he got shanked by a twelve-year-old and hasn't slept in like two days," but he's not in the mood for dumping his own problems on her.]

Better than you, I'm guessing.
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Got killed. It sucked.

[He pours himself a drink and downs it in one go. That's the stuff.]
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Did something stupid.

[He's purposefully choosing his words carefully here. Somehow he doubts "so I tried to kill this demon thing that looked like a kid" will go over well.]

Guess I was kinda asking for it.
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I rushed someone who was carrying a knife, all right?

[No need to specify that they were twelve.]
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You said it.

[On that note, he pours himself another.]

Been a real hell of a month.
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[He huffs a dry, cynical sound and shuts his eyes.]

I'm not gonna hold my breath. Maybe next month'll be better.
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[He huffs a little skeptical laugh. Yeah, he's a regular Cynical McGrumpyPants on the best of days, so it's a bit atypical for him to be so positive. But mostly it's because he doesn't wanna die again.]

What about you? You died here yet?
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[He sets his drink down with a hard clink, shaking his head.]

I think that was going around. No way to stop it, right? You just felt cold wherever you went?

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