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[video] "special" gummy bears are now available!

[When the video feed starts, Chloe is standing in the middle of her room, dressed in her ghost-makeshift costume. She sees herself in the mirror.]

Shit. Sorry, I forgot I was still wearing this. Hold on.

[She places her device on her bed while she removes her costume. The video captures the stuff on her bed, like a bowl filled with clear liquid, a few empty bottles and a bunch of the homemade gummy bears she and Max worked on earlier today.

Chloe picks up the device again and this time, she's no longer wearing a bedsheet. Her blue hair is slightly disheveled from removing her costume.]

Hey everybody. A lot of people don't know me-- and those who do might have forgotten about me because I've been kinda MIA over the past few months-- but my name's Chloe.

I heard this new event in Wonderland is coming up-- Summerween.

[Chloe makes a face.]

And even though the name is pretty... disgusting, free candy is always cool so I decided to join in the fun.

Before Max and I start going around trick-or-treating ourselves, I'll be in my room on the 3rd floor, giving out some special gummy bears.

[She points the device at the stuff on her bed.]

I'm already prepping the ingredients. Max and I made gummy bears in the kitchen although she doesn't know I smuggled a few packs on the way out. The bowl is filled with vodka by the way, in case you're wondering.

[Chloe points the device at her again.]

In a few minutes, I'll be rolling out some booze-flavored gummy bears so to those who want some, you can just knock on Room 308. Better get some now because I don't think Max is gonna let me take more of the gummy bears when she finds out what I'm planning to do with them.

[She chuckles then winks at the camera.]

Sorry Max. I just couldn't resist. Anyway, to everyone else, see y'all soon and happy trick-or-treating!
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now that's an idea i can get behind

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maybe vicariously
i'm max's friend your max's friend
you know
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[Completely oblivious to Chloe's intentions (Max said she didn't know, right...right????), Alex texts back lazily.]

yeah sure
gotta get this costume shit together first though
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[Alex, blissfully unaware of how much Chloe really knows about his...involvement with Max's attack a while back, figures that he can get the costume shit together later. He's not gonna go walking around in the mansion in a dumb costume. That's a horrible way to make a first impression.

So he strides up to Room 308 and knocks out a shave and a haircut rhythm like the irreverent ass he is.

He didn't have plans to get through this event sober, and now it looks like he doesn't have to.]
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[And here he was finally feeling okay with stepping outside his room and actually interacting with people. Haha. Ha.

He strides inside, indolent. Holy hell, he can smell the alcohol from here. Good. He'll get through the event, but he doesn't really feel up to getting through it sober. He doesn't have a problem, you have a problem, shut up.]

Cool. First thing I learned about this place - you get through this shit by being drunk, or being dead. And I'll take the former.
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[Ohhhhh shit

Alex stares, frozen in nonreactionary mode for a moment. Then he backs the fuck up, hands raised in a universal peaceable gesture.]

Woah, hold up. I dunno what she told you, but that was the event talking. All right? Max is my friend.
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This is why he didn't plan on ever leaving his room unless he had a damn good reason. He didn't even come armed. No knife, nothing. But he does have that amulet he earned from the Deep Roads, buried in his pocket. Could save him from death, Cullen said.

Well, if she makes a wrong move, at least he'll have something to keep him safe.]

No, it's not.

[Those words clearly hit a lot closer to home than he'd like. His face deepens into a scowl.]

I didn't wanna do it. I was a goddamn Replicant, all right? And I told her right after, if she didn't wanna see me ever again, I'd be cool with that.
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I didn't. She came to me.

[He left her a voice message. Apologized, told her he could split if she wanted. And they couldn't figure anything out, and now they're...well, they're still talking, aren't they?]

This place messes with people. Max knows that. Do you?
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[For a second, he thinks that maybe he got through to her.

Aaaaaaand then she pulls the gun on him.]

Woah, woah, jesus!

[When did they get here? Look, Evelyn killed him and you don't see him bitching about it to her face every chance he gets! He got it. He was a threat, and she put him down. That was necessary.

But this?

This is just excessive.

Alex keeps one hand raised. The other drops to his pocket, where the amulet's held. If she fires, well...he can just pray that Cullen wasn't lying about what that thing's capable of.]

She tell you what happened after? After she ran, I followed. And you know what? Some lady found me coming after her, and killed me for it.

[He's a little too ashen and trembling for comfort but christ he does not wanna die again.]

So yeah. I got what was coming to me. I backed off. I was out of control, so you don't need to rub it in. It was fucked up, and I'm doing whatever I can to make sure it never happens again.
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I was out of control. I got contingencies set up.

[It's a work in progress, but still, the point is - he knows. He doesn't want this happening. He doesn't want to end up killing one of the few people here who still give a crap about him. Is that selfish? Probably. So he's a selfish asshole. Tell him something he doesn't know.

She hasn't fired yet. That's...good, probably. What is he saying, of course it's good, it's good because he's not fucking dead.]

You know that lady, the one who put me down? Yeah, she'd do it again if I go off the rails. So would half a dozen others. So, uh, if you could just - maybe hold off on pulling that trigger until I actually do something sketchy?

[He gestures in her direction weakly.]
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[Oh thank fuck. Okay. Good. Talking this out like reasonable people.]

No, really?

[Alex do not sass the girl who literally just held a gun to you.]

I mean, sure - I guess I can trust that if I do anything funny, I got someone to stop me. So, you know, that's nice.

[His tone assumes that higher, brighter inflection of rampant sarcasm, but who cares? He just had a gun pointed at him, he's entitled to a little wind-down.

For some reason, he doesn't feel much like drinking anymore.]

If we're done here, I think I'm gonna go.
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[Fuck's sake. All right, she calls him a dick, fine. Nothing worse than what's been leveled at him in the past. He glares at her coldly, unflinching despite the way his heart's pounding in his chest.]

Don't have much of a choice, do I?

[He folds his arms, as if that would allow him any protection if she changes her mind and shoots him anyway.]

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Oh, okay. So we've progressed to blackmail now.

[That's how it is? He knows ways around that stipulation anyway. Hardly matters.]

Fine. Whatever makes you happy, hotshot.

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