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To keep any and all inquiries in one place we've created one big FAQ post for the whole event. So, if you have any questions whatsoever, please go right ahead and drop a comment on this post!
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If Elizabeth were to cross over to the mirror side, would she be able to create tears to other versions of that side too?
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Why is this game so amazing?
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This event is so amazing first of all, thank you fantastic mods for everything you do, you're wonderful <3

NOW ACTUAL QUESTION - if someone were to die on the mirror side during this event, would that still tank all five of their lives in one go like it would ordinarily?
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Can we use 4th wall threads for samples if we're re-apping?
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Say someone was using fourth wall as a way to test a character in the game's universe. If that someone subsequently apps that character after the event/within the month of September, would they be able to retain memories from the fourth wall event?
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Ohhh EWAY, you glorious, glorious game, you! Just a couple questions as always:

1.) So, in the past we've concluded that Bill stealing a mirror and using it as a vessel would result in the Queen later destroying the mirror, but as far as I understand that was because the Mirror broke the law by crossing over. Now that this event has taken care of that detail for us, are the same consequences still valid? What if Bill only remains in that vessel for a short time and vacates it before 24 hours is up, would the sentence be lighter?

I have a player who wants Bill to off their muse so they can drop that character officially with a bang and another willing to let me use their mirror to do it. Could we pull this plot off? Will they be in any danger of losing their mirror?
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HELLO, long time no see <3
I'll be brief with my question--is it ok to show up at more than one bit of the event? Can I say my man Mark has a beach invite and follow that particular puzzle trail but have him spawn in at the mirrorside party?
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Would Stan still have access to his magic? Making fireballs, powerful gusts of wind, etc.