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video, 9/09; it won't be you if something's got to give

[For about ten seconds, there’s nothing but a dark matte black and the quiet ticks and taps of white noise that separates a live feed from a dead one. Then a light flicks on, illuminating the empty, utterly nondescript room in which the feed is taking place, and the phone’s focus struggles to accommodate the abrupt shift in lighting with flaring and fading irregularity.

Then someone steps into view.

* It’s you!’s not. Not really! Surprise.]

Hello, Wonderland!

[It becomes more immediately apparent that this is not the Frisk you may have come to know and love. They smile too readily, too brightly, and as they continue to speak, it’s with a liberating enthusiasm that hints at the mess of coiled energy beneath their too-radiant exterior.]

Boy, it is great to be out and about, isn’t it? Feels fantastic! In fact, I know just the way to celebrate! [And they reach down for a moment, dipping out of the feed.

They jerk back up into the frame, and this time they’re not alone. They’ve got their hands fisted into the hair of a child that looks very much like them. That is them. The Real Thing! What little of their face is visible is a veritable mélange of multicolored bruises. They struggle faintly, but it's a weak effort at best. Whatever took place between the pair of them, Frisk's Mirror undoubtedly came out on top.

Frisk drops their Real with a dull, careless clunk.]

Oh, don’t worry, they’re not dead. Yet, anyway. But that does lead very nicely into my next point, which is:

Which of you would like to die in their place?

See, I have this problem. [They spread their arms wide in an exaggerated shrug.] I’ve gotten nothing from this little event aside from your run-of-the-mill suffering and betrayal and theatrics and blah blah blah, I won’t bore you with the details. And this little martyr with a savior complex a mile long - [They deliver a vicious kick to the child at their feet.] - is only too willing to walk into every sword that's pointed at them! And where’s the fun in that, I ask you?

[The Real Frisk says something that the microphone doesn't pick up, only for Frisk's Mirror to plow over them.]

That was rhetorical. There’s no fun in that. None whatsoever! I’m going to need a little something to keep me going when this is over, and that something is EXP - which I doubt my Real self here is going to offer, since they’re a little baby pacifist who doesn’t FIGHT anything, ever. I require something more palpable. Someone who, perhaps, would be willing to fall on their sword for a change.

So, I present you with this.

[They steeple their fingers innocently beneath their chin, regarding the feed with a faint smile, honeyed and sedate.]

At the moment, Frisk is fine. For a certain value of "fine," anyway. [That value being next to nil, but what else is new?] However, they will very quickly not be if my terms are not met. And for every hour my terms are not met?

[They reach down for a moment.

The crack of breaking bone is readily audible, as is the yelp of pain that follows.]

They lose a little something!

[Frisk straightens up with an artless grin.]

They’ve got plenty to lose, mind you, but god help you if they start to run out.

And don’t bother trying to track us down; this little broadcast is prerecorded. Just let me know if you’d like to take their place, and we can arrange a powwow, just for you! Won’t that be Fun?

[Their hand closes over the feed to shut it off, but not before they whisper their parting words:]

So, you know. Call me maybe.
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video + action

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[Arya is so angry she's shaking. She's seen enough of that sick sort of torture that she'd thought she was beginning to numb against it, but it's different and somehow worse here in Wonderland, which had always been something of a refuge for her from those monstrosities.

It would have been awful if it were anyone. But it hits her far, far worse knowing it's Frisk. While Arya's never understood their pacifism, she's always had a grudging respect for their position, especially once she'd realised that it was a deep commitment borne out of all they'd seen and experienced. It made them a far better person than she could ever be.

She doesn't hesitate at all before replying to the broadcast.]

I'll take their place.

[She sets out immediately, not even waiting to find out where to go, shaking and prodding the network device to check for any response. She makes her way through the corridor looking positively murderous, her axe clutched in one hand, determined to make Frisk's mirror pay for their brutality.]
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Arya Stark.

[Another child who probably has more than her fair share of EXP. Hmm. Could be interesting! Why not accrue as much as possible?]

Gosh, I can't believe Frisk has made so many lovely friends who're willing to die for them! But can I trust that you won't just pull the rug out from under me?
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[She fully intended to pull the rug out from under them, though she wasn't sure exactly how just yet. Somehow she manages to bite her tongue and retort that she'd kill them as soon as she was able, knowing she still needs to find out where they are, and besides they might kill Frisk if she says the wrong thing and enrages them.]

I won't. I'm going to die here sometime anyway, so it should be for someone who deserves to live.
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* You're gonna have to try a little harder than THAT.

[You can practically hear the indulgent shaking of their head in their response.]

Pretty words mean nothing. You might just be saying whatever you think I'd like to hear!
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[Arya knows they're trying to get a rise out of her, and she's irritated with herself for knowing that it's working.]

They're my friend. And I'm not about to sit here and let you kill someone who won't fight back.
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I'm still not hearing anything that proves you're willing to actually die in their place as opposed to playing the hero and swooping in all dramatically. You're really nothing at all like your mirror, did you know that?

[Who knew harassing Frisk's friends could be so entertaining? Just kidding, the Mirror totally knew this would be a laugh. They just underestimated how much!]
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[Arya pauses, her blood running cold as she turns those words over in her mind.]

You know my mirror?
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We do all run in the same circles, you know, [they say with an overly saccharine, condescending twist to the words.] But she's a terribly pathetic thing, really, so I don't generally bother.
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[She's not sure whether to be relieved that her own mirror doesn't associate with someone so terrible as them, or a little hurt that they brush her off so easily. She decides that they're definitely messing with her, and that if she becomes complacent about her own mirror then she'll end up in exactly the same position as Frisk.]

No, you just come over here to kill someone without a violent bone in their body. You're the pathetic one.
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Without a violent bone in their body?

[Their tone lands somewhere between incredulous and delighted.]

My, my. What lies has this child been feeding you? You believed them? You really know nothing of what they are.

[Their voice grows faintly muffled.]

Why don't you tell her, Frisk? Tell her about all the people you've killed!
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Shut up! You're lying.

[Were they, though? She'd already promised to come and take Frisk's place, so what did their Mirror have to gain by contradicting the most fundamental thing she and Frisk had talked about?]

I believe them more than I'll ever believe a Mirror. You're all liars and killers, that's all you know how to do.
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I won't argue that one. Liars and killers we might be, but in the end, we're just reflections - a view of the self from another perspective.

And you can't create something from nothing.

[The words sound louder, as if they're leaning closer to the device.]

Why don't you ask them about it sometime? You know, assuming they make it out of here alive.
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I don't need to. You're just saying things you think will make me angry. [Although she's not too certain of that, and her hesitancy shows in her voice.]
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Sure, sure I am. I am a Mirror, after all. But I'm also a Frisk.

I know them better than anyone.

[Ain't that a fact?]

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[He spots a child brandishing an axe and of course that is worrisome, but she seems to know what she's doing.

Actually, that should just make it more worrisome. However, Leonard Snart, gun in hand and not pointed, stops at the point where their corridors cross and at that same moment a thought crosses his mind.]


[It's possible they have the same objective.]
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[Arya pays no attention to him at first, entirely focused on getting to Frisk as soon as she can. But as soon as he says their name she looks up in surprise and relief, glad that she's not alone in this fight.]

Yes. And their mirror.
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I think they got enough people taking care of them.

[And they are both brandishing weapons, so even though she is young, Leonard doesn't hesitate to extend the invitation.]

We should go after the mirror.
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[She nods decisively, relieved that she can take care of the Mirror both to get rid of some of the anger this whole situation has brought her and because she knows she'd be terrible at first aid and actually caring for Frisk.

She falls into step beside Leonard, squinting sceptically the gun he holds.]

You're hardly going to hurt them with that thing.
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[He notes her scepticism and, well, she is wielding an axe and that alone - plus knowing a bit about this place - makes him conclude that perhaps she simply doesn't know how a gun works.

So instead of long explanation, he aims and fires, hitting a lamp just ahead of them and shattering it, before the bullet leaves a hole in the ceiling.]

I'll make do.
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[Arya nearly jumps out of her skin when the gun goes off, completely unprepared for the noise. Then she grins as she works out just what's happened, and the power in the strange metal object in his hand.]

That'll work. I'll have to ask the closet for one - that was amazing.
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They can come in handy. But they need some training.

[Nothing like taking a kid to a shooting range. But in this place, it seems advisable.]

Not the time now, but I can teach you. For now, let's see how well we work together.

[He keeps his eyes open, walking next to her and watching her back.]

Going for the kill?
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Can you kill a Mirror?

[She wasn't sure if that was even possible, or if they could just hold them off long enough for Frisk to be saved, but if it was, she couldn't imagine any option other than going for the kill.]
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Not so sure about that, but guess we're about to find out.

[He finally decides to take the lead, hoping that whatever they'll be facing, it will be head on so he can take care of the problem. She looks like she knows what she's doing, but he's still the adult here.]
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[She follows close behind, bracing herself for whatever they might encounter. She had no idea how Mirrors were built - they might be indestructible, or at least able to cause some significant damage to the both of them before they could get Frisk and get out.]


[She skids to a halt in front of a door.]

They're in there.
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[He nods, not questioning how she knows. Instead he steps next to the door and puts a hand on the handle, waiting for her to get into position.]

Hey. What's your name?

Figure it's good to know who you're fighting with. Leonard Snart.