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2 🐻 VIDEO.


[ it's evident barry's at the bar — or a bar, given how his phone's sort of sitting on the top of a tipped over bowl that had held peanuts — with a few empty bottles around him. his efforts to get drunk have proven fruitless, but barry allen is determined. ]

So, uh … [ barry looks a little tired, hair a slight mess, but he's not slurring his words. he wishes he was. ] What are you supposed to do when someone leaves? Does time kind of stop? Do rabbit holes appear out of nowhere for people to fall upwards out of?

[ it wasn't really covered in the pamphlet how you're supposed to react when someone just up and disappears. barry's never been good at that. he's tried running and he's almost going to catch a cold with how wet he always is. (his clothes are a little damp from running so fast and him winding up spluttering in the pool.) ]

Iris — Iris West, she went home. [ without him, but that's implied by how his tone drops and then picks up quickly, almost like barry doesn't need to take a breath. ] Can someone bring me a brownie? I kind of ate all the ones I brought with me and all I've got is peanuts. [ he flicks a shell a little too fast, a very brief flash of gold sparking. ] And maybe a broom. I kind of made a mess. Sorry ...
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Brownies or brownies?

[If he actualy bothers looking, Barry might notice that Leonard appears to be on the move. To where, that's the question.]
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video -> action

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Your high school years must have been really rough.

[Whatever that observation is based on. Probably the overwhelming naivety.

Either way, the feed ends, but it's not long - at least by normal person standard, for a speedster it might be slow - before Leonard walks into the bar, the right bar, because he's familiar enough. He ends up sitting down next to Barry, picking up a peanut shell, placing it on his thumb and flicking it right at the fastest man alive.]

Think fast.
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It's your lucky day.

[Judging by how he immediately flicks another shell, this time without the accompanying warning.

Mature criminal.]
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action / I'll come back as THE AFTERTHOUGHT I AM

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[If he hasn't known that this side of him existed he must have hit his head a lot, since Leonard can't remember showing him any other side willingly.

But then, some sensitive heroes might not feel that heists and crime and deliberately putting salt down sideways - so there - are as playful as they are to Leonard. Playing supervillain is fun. He even thinks playing hero (legend) is fun as well.]

Just making your dreams come true, Barry. Are you old enough to drink?

[He knows how old he is, but hey.]
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Can't get drunk, huh? That's rough.

[He pats himself down and then pulls a box out of his inside pocket.

He puts it down on the counter and even opens it for him. This, too, is filled with brownies.

However, these are special.]

Here, picked them out just for you.

[Worth a try.]
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[He looks at Barry and raises an eyebrow, tilting his head to the side a little. He's not quite that theme-confined, luckily.]



I can ice them down for you, if you want.
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Captain in a super-villain sense, not captain of a cereal. I ain't dedicated enough to put frosting on everything.

[Not that he'd not make a great cereal mascot. He considers Barry's question, more as a tease then because he's actually thinking about it.]

You go ahead, Barry. You're a growing boy.
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[Leonard just hums vaguely, offering a shrug.] Anti-villain, then. [He's not that peculiar about that. All a game and he plays as he wants and when things get serious, he continues to do what he wants. He's not after being a hero and typically being a villain seems like more fun.]

I'm just giving you what the closet provided. If I'd made them myself, they'd be fifty percent frosting.
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Sure. Brownies ain't exactly difficult.

[Not something he readily advertises, since 'makes great chocolate icing' doesn't carry the same clout as 'will ice you' in his circles and also not something he actually still does, but as he's said, ain't exactly difficult.]

Wasn't anyone else gonna bake me brownies.
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Sure. Don't expect the urge to hit any time soon, but I'll let you know.

[This place is giving them free food and Leonard's not exactly a passionate baker, so he believes the temptation to bake won't rise. Pun intended.

Whatever. Time to talk, maybe.]

She's doing well back in Central, yeah? You got no need to worry about her there?
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Yeah, I really think she's a bit over that league, writing-wise. I read a lot of her stuff. She ain't bad. [Pretty good actually, as he's discussed with Iris in person a couple of time.]

Don't worry about it, Barry. She's gonna be fine, wherever she's at. You'll see her again when you get back or maybe she'll come here.
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I believe she's the hero of the story, so to say. Wouldn't work for her to die in the first act.

[Not that he can know anything for sure, obviously. But there's no reason to assume that Iris would be in any danger, based on what Barry told him.]

I'm not saying you can't miss her. Just don't mourn her.
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Hm? Nah. I got the big finale, for sure. Defeating destiny? Going out on a good line? Saving a friend? That's gotta be worth of a bookend.

[No, he's not really having any doubts about that. Not even about whether he died for a good cause.]

I ain't a hero, Barry. But I'm a legend.
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