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[The video clicks on and off a few times until Elsa's face is finally visible. Even though it's night, it's easy to make out that she's outside and in the gardens. The area has been blasted with ice, and Elsa looks like she's about to panic. She's been here for hours now and can't find her sister. Going through one portal into another world without her sister has set her off, and her recently practiced control has slipped. She's furious to be kept away from Anna once again, and the thick ice blanketing the fountain, ground, and flowers shows that.]

I've had experience with magical talking devices like this before. There isn't an Emma button on this one, but I know someone will be able to hear me.

[Her emotion builds and the ice spreads out further, crackling beneath her feet.]

I'm looking for my sister. Anna, where is she? She should have stepped through the portal here moments after I did. I've been here for hours and haven't seen her. We were just reunited after thirty years apart, and I can't lose her again.

[She knows enough now to not freeze over the mansion and threaten everyone inside, but she will need some answers before she can control her emotions and call the ice away.]

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[There are a few things that make him take note. The word 'sister', still something that strikes a chord, but tied into that is something that's definitely interesting and he leans forward, arching his eyebrows.]

You meant to come here?
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[People are rarely this happy to see him, so he's momentarily startled before just accepting it and nodding.]

That's how it goes. Not the portal and Arendelle, but everyone just ends up here. No trip down the rabbit hole first either, bit of a let down.

Your sister might show up eventually. Never know.
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Wonderland. As in, 'Alice in', if that tells you anything. Heard of it?

[Kingdom, he does take note of that wording.]

You come across a lot of kingdoms?
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Sorry, haven't met him.

[Outside of books and Errol Flynn movies, at least.]

Might be a different Wonderland from the one you know. This place is tricky.