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[video] i'll have to suspend my disbelief

[Sans is at his hotdog stand like usual, apparently doing a crossword.]

hey, so this has been bugging me since that event with the pyramid. what's actually the point of suspenders? i mean. a lot of human clothing is kind of baffling to me. but suspenders just seem excessive.

[He fills in a word in his crossword.]

if you're worried about your pants falling down, you could just use a belt. or rope or such. or wear a skirt instead.

[Frankly, he has questions about every article of clothing he was forced to wear during that event, but he's holding back. Plus, talking about weird clothing means not having to talk about weird past lives.]

by the way, anyone ever get that giant diamond that was up at the apex? didja get to keep it?

[He pauses, frowning at his paper and tapping the pen against his teeth. Hell yeah, he uses pen on his crosswords, cause if he makes a mistake it's an excuse to just give up on it.]

these crosswords are all human oriented. what's a six-letter word for "iron deficiency"?
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Don't know. There's something attractive about suspenders. They can come in handy.

[Before he can get too wistful here, he'll continue.]

Didn't manage to get to the diamond. Shame, seemed like it was just right for me. And I guess you got your crossword answer already. Suppose you're more of a calcium expert?
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Yeah, can't imagine those being too tasty.

I'm gonna ask what you eat, just tell me to shove it if you don't wanna answer.

[He doesn't know skeletiquette.]

What do you eat?
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Hey, I got no idea how strong the skeleton lobby is, I don't want to have to crack skulls.

[How does that work? Does he even want to know?

He does not. However...]

What are popato chisps?
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So you go after the funny bone? [Yes, excellent, he can pun all day.] Good choice.

[Now he's intrigued, because how could anyone not be?]

I'll have to try some time. But you only sell hot dogs.
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Hey, some variety might up business. Especially with mystery chisps.
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Bones in a blanket.
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You could say that wordplay is part of my job description.

But you ain't exactly a slacker there.