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3rd Checkpoint [Video]

[After his arrival, Kay's taken the time to change his clothes - the familiar long-sleeved shirt and vest - so that no one sees the blood in this video. His face is still pale from the earlier injury. He drums his fingers against his desk as he talks.]

Hey. I'm Kay, for anyone who hasn't met me. Anyone here got experience with brain imaging? Reading brain activity, any effects it might have, that kinda stuff. Ideally, I'd like someone who could do a basic check up as well.

(OOC note: I won't be able to reply to responses until Monday.)
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Something wrong with your brain?
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No guarantees it'll work, but I can sense when things are off about brains sometimes. It's part of an ability I have. I could check it out if you wanted.
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Wherever. There are some tea rooms to the side of the kitchen, does that work?
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video; -> action

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No worries, I'll be waiting.

[true to his word, he'll be waiting in one of the tea rooms when kay makes his way down. you can tell which one because he left the door wide open and even actually made tea??? like a super legit medical professional. everything's gonna be fine.]
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Um... I-I could give you a check-up, if you wanted.
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I'll head over there right this second!

[Literally, she's started running.]
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Re: Video

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[She bows as he enters.]

I-It is nice to meet you as well. Please have a seat, and I'll begin the examination.
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[...buh??? She stares, then shakes her head, moving to get her supplies.]

Unless you show symptoms of severe blood loss, there shouldn't be a reason to worry. Like dizziness, weakness, paleness.
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[She brings over a tray of standard doctor supplies. First, let's check the pulse - she wraps the velcro around his arm.]

P-Please let me know if you do...
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... Your blood pressure is high. You need to be careful about that.

[Next up, heart beat, followed by reflexes and checking the eyes. But as she goes through the motions...]

Have you been eating and sleeping properly?

[because being SHSL Nurse, naturally she's going to notice the signs of starvation and lack of rest.]
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[She pulls back.]

I... I can get you some food and drink right now, if you want. And you're free to sleep here! You need to get your energy up.
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I-I'll go make you one right now!

[She's already running for the door-]
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[Moments later, she returns, walking very slowly so she won't trip. She's carrying a tray with a big, plain omelette, a glass of water, and a pitcher also full of water in case he'd like a refill.]

Steady... Steady...
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Th-thank you... I'm sorry if I kept you waiting.
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[She fishes out a fork, knife, spoon, even chopsticks in case he's choosy, all out of her apron and neatly puts them on the tray.]

C-Can I get you anything else?
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If there were available facilities I would be able to assist you.
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An electroencephalograph would graph your brain activity.
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We'll need a quiet location in order to conduct this.

( Although, whilst Gideon knows how to read the graph it'd give, she's never actually set one up before )
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Then I will meet you there. Is there anything that concerns you? Or causes you to ask for such a procedure?
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Did he happen to specify what those changes might be, or the effects that they might have upon you?
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Then it's vital that we discover if these changes are occurring. I will be there shortly.
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You're Kay? ( She's checking, though the face in front of her matches the video that she'd seen ) My name is Gideon.