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An Entry from The Painted Rose

Good morning, my friends.

As you have probably been made aware at this point, infected needles containing the Kellis-Amberlee virus were discovered at the Wonderland Convention Center. The whole place is in a state of panic. Security has become mercilessly vigilant, people are being quarantined left and right, and the politicians are being advised to move the Republican National Convention to a later date. As you might recall, the reason I had even bothered to attend the RNC was to keep up to date on whatever these silly politicians are going to claim next, not prick my finger on a needle and join the ranks of the undead.

Rest assured, I am still alive and well! I've been taking refuge in my hotel room for the past 24 hours or so, and I must say the staff has been doing a decent job of staying calm during these frightening times. Room Service is predictably slow and the random blood tests have markedly increased in frequency, but they're putting a lot of time and effort into making my (somewhat forced) stay a bit more tolerable. Now, if they would just give me a refund for the convention ticket and room I would happily attend the next convention held here.

Besides, there is still some good news in store for you. Since I have nothing better to do for the time being, you can expect the next installment of Romeo and Ophelia to be released earlier than expected.

Yours Truly, D. Gray
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How much earlier?

Also, have you seen how pincushioned the maids and runners for room service are?
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I guess I can be happy with that.

[She's totally happy but not going to admit it.]Yeah but with that they were helping you, right? Not vampiring you in case. Not that in case isn't a good reason though.

Oh, do share a tidbit?
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Okay. One, that's my new nightmare. Two, don't say that too loud or it'll be the next thing Mr Pines has me taking pictures of.

[Not that she isn't considering it on her own, but Stan would run with that.]

All of the months waiting for a letter and all? Ooooh, how heartbreaking and wonderful to make that effort to stay in touch.