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[video forever] I am the girl of 100 lists

I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of feeling like we need a group update on, uh. Death and death-like things that've happened to folks.

Anybody wanna help me get up to date?
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You mean a list of how often those that are still around have died so far?
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You mean of having died too often? [He remembers the rather recent talk that he had abotu Alice.]
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[he laughs nervously and shakes his head.] I'm sorry, I dying at all is really more disturbing to people who wouldn't normally come back back home. I apologize.

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If I died in any of the ways that would kill humans, yes, I would ...come back, so to say. I will always be there as long as my people are my people. [Though dying here might still be different (and he does not remember this, but it was pretty traumatic when he died), the prospect of dying to come back is actually reassuring. If he could die for good here, he would worry.]
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Poland told me that there was a man here who did not come back after dying five times, that he knew of anyway. Maybe there were more. [And the tone indicated that the man had deserved it, even though he refused to go into any detail.]
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He didn't say. I don't think that he wanted to talk about him, he ...seemed to tie our future. Or he hurt someone whom Poland loved, or both. Not a pleasant person, most certainly.
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THat should be the best idea. I'm sorry I can't help more.
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All right. Good luck with getting useful answers.
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Isn't that illegal?
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Dating dead people.
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Ohhh... I thought you meant like, a three way. Zombie style.

You should totally try it. Not with zombies, it'd be sad if you went to jail. But Santana and I--

[ She catches a fierce, disapproving look from off screen. Oops. ]

... Nevermind.
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[ She shakes her head. ]

I don't think so?
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Um... Yeah, sure. Totally.
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I didn't know there was someone who keeps track of that.
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Who kicked the bucket?

[Somebody doesn't know how death works here.]
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Re: [video forever]

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Zombies ain't real.
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[You can be revived? His expression remains constant, but his eyes widen. He wants to know more.]

Someone died that much?
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[Interesting. Not that he wants to test it, but this only makes him want to find one of the residents even more.]

Those guys...
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They only come out before one of the 'events' happen, right?
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[You can almost see the wheels turning in his head!]