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[As Blaine walks into view of the camera, he's putting away his keys, giving his hair a smooth over - generally not paying attention to his surroundings. Until he realizes that he definitely didn't walk into a giant mansion. Except that he apparently did. He looks around cautiously for someone to tell him exactly what the hell is going on.]

Ah...hello? Excuse me, I'm looking for directions to William McKinley High School? Is there anyone here?

[He doesn't get an answer for a minute and checks his phone. He's alarmed when he sees that he has no service. He hurriedly tries to call someone but just gets a (rather loud) dial tone. Not even a ring. He's obviously very disappointed and upset that he couldn't get a hold of whoever he was trying to call.]


[And then something dawns on him very quickly. Something that probably should have dawned on him earlier. His eyes are wide and they shift from side to side. He even does a little whirl around.]

If I'm not in Lima, where am I?
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[He gets a nice look a Kurt's well-styled hair before Kurt tilts the screen up better and oh, there's his face.]
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And then you wound up here. Believe me, I've heard that one before.

[He seems pretty understanding though, and it's good to see Blaine too.]

Wait. So you don't...?

[...remember Wonderland. Kurt doesn't finish the thought, because it sounds stupid. Of course he doesn't remember. And it was so long ago anyway. Kurt was a whole year younger!]

...Nevermind. Anyway, this is Wonderland. Make yourself at home, because you're probably going to be here an absurdly long time.
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[Oh look, it's the guy that made out with Rachel last Santana saw him! Fun.]

Hey, Pippin.
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[So lame when this happens.]

I know Kurt.
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Uh-huh. For awhile, anyway. Yeah, welcome to Wonderland, I guess. What's the last thing you remember?
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[Oh now come on. Snicker.]

A personal problem. Sounds way more interesting and potentially dirty than it probably was.

So you don't remember going to a party with him, right?

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[video forever]

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Wonderland, Mr. Anderson.

[Beiste is kind of really pleased she got to say that.]
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You've been here before. We never really met back home, but I did talk to you a bit while you were here. Name's Coach Beiste. I'm the football coach at McKinley.

And yeah, Wonderland. As in the story. We kinda got dumped here and now were stuck with no way home, at least not one we've figured out.
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Sorry, kid.

From what I gather, it's like we never left. The second we go home, we're back to the second we disappeared. And we don't remember this place at all. So it's not like you're gone, exactly. Just. Uh. Paused.
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[She nods.]

Likewise. Anybody give you the spiel, yet?

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Lima is rather far away, unfortunately.

[I'm not sure if he was told about Lima before his reset or after, yay me, but I'll go with after... /sigh]
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You have met others from your home already?
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It's better to not be alone, that's for sure. Though you aren't from a particularely uncommon world or time, at least.

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