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video; event day four

[The device falls from a slack hand, found in a pocket and puzzled over for only a moment before it's dropped. A smear of dirty water smudges one corner of the camera, and someone stumbles halfway into view on the screen.

That someone is soaked through, wearing a white shirt and a dirty, red tie that stands out almost ghoulishly against the pallor of his skin - just a little too grey to be natural. Maybe it's just the cold. He's shivering and gripping his upper arms, viewing the bloody carnage that surrounds him with the wide-eyed bewilderment of a child.

But no matter how you spin it, there is something visibly off about this man. His colour is one thing, but the bluish veins that stand out against his skin and the pewter-grey shade of his eyes paint a very peculiar picture.

He looks more like the bodies surrounding him than anyone who might be watching.

The backdrop paints a clear picture of just where he is, and takes a few shuffling steps forwards, displaying something that looks like uncertainty. His expression works - confusion, worry - then he moves out of shot.

[[ooc: inviting anyone to come across him in person, or shout at him from the phone! he'll come back and pick it up. all I ask is pls don't shoot him in the head.]]
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[ Some of the areas they managed to clear, not without significant losses. Cullen patrols, briefly, to ensure they stay that way. He hears the sounds of a new fight in the distance, and intends to join it shortly. For now he still walks where it is quiet enough to hear his footsteps, where--

Where one of the creatures is still standing, amidst the fallen. Cullen draws his blade and yet-- Something about it seems off. Not at first glance, but that look. More alert than their eyes ever were, though Cullen blames his imagination. He advances briskly, ready to strike, and yet--

If you can still speak, do it now.
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[ Cullen stops in his tracks, nearly startled. He did not expect an answer, he realises. He lowers his sword without hesitation. It does not yet find its way back into its sheath.

You look dreadful, he doesn't say. Obvious enough. Irrelevant. As opposed to:

Were you infected?
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[ Infected and delirious with fever, he keeps at the back of his mind. But there is another possibility. Cullen takes a step closer, and confirms what he suspected: Not a face he has seen before. A new arrival then? ]

Do you know about Wonderland already?
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Maker's breath.

[ Cullen sheathes the sword with a frown, and approaches briskly. His mind is made up by necessity, and he offers the boy a hand up. ]

This is Wonderland. You were brought here against your will, like myself and many others. By what or why we can only guess. If you have questions, I can try to answer. If you need a healer, then I can take you to one.
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[ He stands, and Cullen takes a step back again. ]

You have to know that Wonderland doesn't always look like this. It changes appearance and more, but- that is better witnessed than explained. [ Especially since the boy doesn't seem all there in the first place. ] What happened here was an attack. Mindless creatures who feast on the flesh of the living, an entire horde of them. [ Many of which look extraordinarily like you. ] Too many are still about, so be on your guard.
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[ Liv is covered in carnage, she smells like the dead, and she's helping to drag people to the burn piles. She's mostly sad for all of these people, and out of respect (and also because she doesn't need to eat), she leaves brains where they should be, in the people who died. It's as she's carrying a detached arm - looks like someone went the amputation route - to the fire pit when she sees another walker. A rogue one, shuffling a little, and she drops the arm to pull out her knife.

None of the walkers advanced on her because she's dead, she guesses. She has scratch marks all over but never got sick. So, it's not surprising that this one doesn't advance on her like she's a walking buffet, and when she gets close enough, she reaches out to grab his shirt and get a grip in order to, well, kill him. But there's something about this one, and she hesitates, looking sad. ]

I'm sorry this happened to you.
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Holy shi-

[ Liv takes one big step back, still holding the knife and looking at him like she just saw...well. A zombie talk to her. ]

Are you...are you alive?
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[It's been a, uh, harrowing time for Sans. The zombies don't come after him, so surviving hasn't been the issue, but there's just...a whole lot of mayhem and a whole lot of death, and a whole lot of people who don't deserve what's happening. He's mostly just been on the roofs, watching, because that's what he does.]

[Right now he's in the streets, though, ostensibly making his way back toward where Wirt left Greg to check on the kid. There's three zombies that he can see, including this one. It doesn't even take a second glance to notice that this one's acting a bit different. And Sans isn't an expert on any of this, but he's gonna take that to mean that this poor asshole just turned or something. For all he knows, there's a few minutes of clarity and awareness while your body starts hunting for brains without your say-so. Which is horrifying.]

[So he's gonna deal with it the best way he knows how--with humor.]

lookin' like death cooled over, champ. well, don't let me decay you from, uh, whatever sorta undead stuff you're gettin' up to.

[He's just gonna scoot on by this one and continue on his merry way.]
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[Zack's not exactly in the mood to be mowing down hordes and hordes of zombies after the clusterfuck yesterday, but if it's just one measly little zombie...]

[He readies his scythe, grinning with a murderous glint in his eyes as he chuckles to himself. He doesn't particularly care if the zombie hears him. It's just one zombie. What damage can it do to an experienced killer?]

Heh heh heh... Looks like I missed one...
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