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video } take these broken wings and learn to fly

[There's a girl staring at the camera very intently. She frowns, staring at it very intently, before she notices that it's already recording and scowls.]

I guess this is way more sensitive to touch when you use fingers, huh? Well. I'm not a bird anymore.

[She shrugs a shoulder. She doesn't really feel the need to add more explanation than that.]

If anyone needs me, I'll be eating waffles.

[She squints and frowns again, then presses a few buttons that are definitely wrong before she ends the feed.]

(ooc: Beatrice got a pair of scissors in her stocking that let her clip away her wings and become human again! From now on, I'll be using this journal for her.)
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oh hey its bird girl
how'd you do that
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are you not used to writing with hands
because autocorrect's a bitch
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normal people?

[Welp, time to do a demonstration. Alex briefly switches to voice.

Almost nothing is audible over the shriek of static.]

Totally n- [- KREEEJJGJZZJZJK - ] -initely, y - [ZZZJZJFFF]


[He switches voice off.]
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so you know thats fantastic
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yeah well i'd rather text than have my phone screaming at me
so anyway
how'd you do that
make yourself human i mean
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fine don't tell me
i thought we had a connection after i told you about your freezing gnome friend
how is he by the way
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have it your way
kudos on your new opposable thumbs
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no prob bob
see ya