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e x p e r i m e n t #02 (action/text/voice)

[Ford collapses in the gardens with a groan and a thud. He tries to push himself back up and succeeds, rising up to his feet unsteadily. Where is he, what is...

--Wonderland. Everything comes flooding back. Ford tries to run his hands over his hair but lets out a grunt of pain. Without Bill keeping him alive, the injuries hit him full force and he staggers, taking in the memories from Wonderland and the gravity of the situation at home all at once.

Ford is singed from head to toe and his head is pounding, ears are ringing, and electric burns cover him. They're particularly harsh on his neck, ankles and wrists. Bill won't be slowly regenerating him here, will he? Ford is, for a time, out of reach, but he can't quite walk this off like he'd expected.


He finds a spot to sit and rummages around for something... ...ah, there it is. Time to see if anyone is still here. If anyone remembers him.

Who knows how much time has passed?]

[TEXT; private to the Pines Family]

In gardens. If any of you are still here I require some assistance. Bring the first aid kit. I have news from home.

[VOICE; public]

... so... [Ford is out of breath. He tries to keep his breathing even to avoid going into shock. He's in worse shape than he sounds and that's... saying a lot.]

Dr. Pines here. What'd I miss?

[ooc: PINES FAMILY includes Soos, of course. Even though he's in the gardens, he'll be helped by the family. Also, he will answer the rest of his messages a day later after he's received care and watched a robot fight.]
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[Well. That doesn't sound too good. Look, it's not like Alex particularly likes the guy, but he doesn't dislike him either. And he sounds...not good.

Very not good.

So for once, he doesn't jerk around.]

don't know when you disappeared. sorry.
fake memories fell from the sky, the garden grew out, some flowers got out of hand
then a lizard put everything back to normal

not like i care but
you don't sound too hot there brainiac

[Alex DEFINITELY DOESN'T CARE which is why he's DEFINITELY NOT concerned and definitely not actually being semi-civilized for once.]
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everything's back to normal for now
well wonderland's definition of normal anyway

the hell happened to you
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jesus dude
how are you still alive
isn't that like
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[How the hell does he just know that off the top of his -

Right, right. Supergenius.]

and this is i'm guessing home for you?
christ you might be better off here
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think i'd remember if i met something like that
this isn't some illuminati thing is it

also are we talking literal apocalypse
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well tell you what
i'll tip you off if something like that shows up

[That geometric monster can be Ford's problem, as far as he's concerned.]

well shit
at least time's definitely frozen there while your here probably
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[Good thing he can't use video, because Alex's eyes are rolling right about now.]

ok ok i get it your a smartypants

so i'm guessing your asshole brother patched you up yeah
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nothing he's just an asshole
he overcharges

[Yep. That's literally it.]

if you did die do you think it'd count against your wonderland total even if you got beat up at home
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fuck off i didn't even want a tour

[Max did. And she wanted a good time so he went along with it and he especially did not need to see a Sascrotch.]

ten bucks for a disposable camera is an outrage

also wow harsh
wonderland's the one that shot you back home in the first place
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he showed us a sascrotch
i am forever tainted by this experience

this place blows
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yes there called californians and their the worst

[Two different spellings of "they're" and neither of them are the right one. Someone wasn't a fan of English class.]
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well you know what they say about best medicine
don't die or nothing
i guess
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i try